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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


When the Yub and I were thinking of how to officially "end" Andrei's birthday celebrations for 2018, we thought that it should be somewhere special that he loved.

We already went to Baguio...
We already had a staycation in Discovery Primea...
We already spent the day in Star City....

Now where to next?

That's when I remembered that KIMPURA in Greenhills had finally opened after being closed for about 2 years. The original restaurant was taken down because of "structural development", and they were able to transfer to a new location that was still within the Greenhills commercial center.

When I asked the Androse if he's game for KIMPURA he gave a very enthusiastic and eager, "YES!!!" Kimpura was, after all, one of our favorite birthday places. Too bad lang that the rest of my family were in London so they missed the "finale" of Andrei's birthday celebrations.

Ok lang because... MORE FOR US! BWA HA HA HA!



KIMPURA had a more sleek design with warm and soothing lighting.

Good thing that we made reservations like a week before because the place was packed that Sunday lunch time!


Master Mati and Kuya Jon!

The Yub, Andrei, and MEEEEEEH!

Ordering up!

Awwww... My cutie patootie birthday boy!

Brace yourselves... Food is here!!!!

First on the table were the complimentary appetizers that came along with the main meal.

This was the Salmon Skin in light soy sauce.

Plus the side salad in Sesame dressing.

In KIMPURA, they always gave us this appetizer of salty dilis with Kimchi. Andrei loved this so much and would order an extra bowl more (P90.00). I think this time though they gave it to us for free.

My bunsoy boy loved Salmon and got the KIMPURA Salmon Temaki (P195.00)!

He happily ate this and finished in a jiffy!

KIMPURA Tekka Maki (P195.00)!

This is a must-have for me whenever I'm in a Japanese restaurant. 

The iron chef is here and ready to cook!!!!!

We got the following for the Teppanyaki Grill:

 Chicken and Prawns (P950.00)!
Beef Usuyaki (P495.00)!
Sukiyaki Beef (P595.00)!
Mixed Fried Rice (P115.00 per cup)!

We also got the KIMPURA Yaki Udon (P495.00)!

Certainly a must-have when celebrating birthdays.

Naaaaaah... It's just THAT good! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We also got an order of KIMPURA Mixed Tempura (P520.00)!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Kuya Jon in KIMPURA!!!!

Yub... YOU GOT SERVED.... with noodles!

Our chicken!

Busy nom-nom-ing!

Uy Mati don't do that when we're in China!

The little lords would always ask for the rice crusties scraped from the grill.

Our prawns!!!!

Yummmm... Fried Rice with Chili powder!

The Beef Usuyaki!

The Beef Sukiyaki!

In between nom-nom-ing, Master Mati watched the iron chef do his thing!

Beef Usuyaki!

It was served with this mixture of Soy Sauce and Mustard. Yum!

When another chef took over, he gave Andrei MORE rice crusties!!!

Then, the other moment that the bunsoy was waiting for!

His birthday song!


Look at how excited and happy he is!!!!!!

The Andrei certainly knows how to appreciate the moment and having fun always.

Time to party party!

(Belated) Happy Birthday dear Andrei!

Hey! Don't get Andrei's ice cream you Chinese panget!


Our bill!

For dessert, Kuya Jon treated us in Tim Hortons.

There was a bit of a walk from Kimpura to Tim Hortons (MY LEGS! MY TIRED LEGS!!!) but I guess it's to burn up all that Teppanyaki goodness that we wolfed down.

While we were having coffee, the Yub posted this picture with a comedy caption in Facebook. Hay naku! Tawang tawa siya sa post niya. As in he kept on giggling and laughing hanggat di na sya makahinga!!! 

It was fun while it lasted. Don't worry baby, next year again!!!!!


THE NEW KIMPURA (Greenhills)
Unit 101 and 102 O-Square 2, 
Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
282-5404 / 822-5308 / 822-5329 /



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