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Thursday, March 7, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH had to be in Quezon City one Saturday and we were deciding where to have dinner. Of course, we left that choice to our birthday boy Master Mati, since we were still  within his 2 (or is it 3???) week celebrations, that whatever he was craving for that night, we're game!!!

There were a lot of restaurants in that area that making a decision was already giving us all head-aches. The Yub mentioned some places but either my big guy didn't like it OR we had that in Powerplant Mall (which was so near us).

After a few more names, my big guy saw the bright red lights of a familiar restaurant. His face lit up as he declared, "Mommy I like CHILI'S!!!"

Me: "CHILI'S? E we have that in Powerplant Mall! We could go there anytime we like!!"

Master Mati: "Sige na Mommy please. It's one of my favorites. Parang, you can't have a birthday month na walang CHILI'S!!"

With that, I get his point. Yep. CHILI'S has indeed been an integral part of special times in THE YAPPY BUNCH. (Heck, it's where the Yub and I met via a blind date!!!!!) So even if we could eat at CHILI'S anytime we wanted (since it had branches at the usual places we go to), I was so fine with having one of Master Mati's birthday celebrations there. It's like a birthday won't be complete without CHILI'S!!!

And then I heard somebody mumbling/pouting, "Sinabi ko naman na kanina yung CHILI'S...."

Me: "Don't worry Yub, kaw naman ang magbabayad!"

Har de har har!!!!



We're in CHILI'S!!!!!

The CHILI'S in Tomas Morato was so spacious compared to its Powerplant Mall, Greenhills, and Greenbelt counterparts.

We didn't feel like sitting with the crowd and opted for the privacy of a corner booth. He he he he he!

Our server was very friendly and prompt that night. It's great to see a waiter who is quick to answer the calls of every table with a smile. CHILI'S Tomas Morato has a gem in this one.


My super pogi Master Mati!

Me and the Chinese Dimpol who's feeling extra patriotic tonight. 

(Belated) Happy Birthday Master Mati!

If you're looking for the baby Andrei, he said he'd stay home with his Lola. We would always invite her to go with us, but she said she would just watch her Koreanovelas. Ha ha ha ha ha!

My boys are THE SWEETEST -- ever since my Dad went to heaven one of them would always insist on staying with their Lola so that she won't be lonely. Of course, my Mom NEVER imposes and would actually tell them to go ahead and join us. But as much as possible, they don't want her to be left all alone. 

My Mom has many friends and relatives who love her but she would always choose to be with us rather than have night outs with them. I guess that's why I would always choose to be with her too and it rubbed off on the little lords.

Yup! If you choose your family always, they would choose you too!!!!!!!!

Hay I know a Mom talaga who would always go out to gimik and go home late always. In the end, her kids prioritized their friends when they grew up. Ayan bumalik sa kaniya.

Yup! Family should be first. ALWAYS.

OH WELL!!!!!!!

Tama na sermon. LET'S EAT!!!!! 

First on the table is my trusty old CHILI'S Side Salad (P195.00)!!!

I always need to have my veggies and this is sooooo sulit especially with the extra serving of Ranch dressing!

CHILI'S Classic Nachos (P325.00)!!!

8 pieces of crispy  nachos baked with melted cheese. It's also served with salsa and sour cream.

Totally yummers.

Master Mati said he wanted to try the CHILI'S Boneless Buffalo Chicken (P375.00). I told him that the one with bones is better but he's curious with this.

He said it's fine though. My guy just ordered extra rice to go with this.

This plate of spicy chicken nuggets are served with crunchy celery sticks and bleu cheese dip!

Of course, we'll NEVER eat at CHILI'S without having their famous Chicken Crispers (P360.00)! 

One order is more than enough for me and the Yub.

I let the Yub choose the sidings for our Chicken Crispers. Then I just got an extra order of CHILI'S Mashed Potatoes (P95.00).

Wohooo! Let's eat!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the Master Mati!!!!!

My Master Mati normally doesn't like birthday songs in public (HE HATES IT) but since he has kasalanan with me, I told him the only way I'd be "bati" with him is if he agreed to a birthday song (which makes birthdays more memorable for me... he he he he he).

He agreed naman because he knows he did something bad din talaga. Ha ha ha ha! Kaya yay!

I asked the server if he could make their birthday song extra loud. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Baket??? Mati won't get off THAT easy.

Yeah. I'm an evil Mom get over it.

Yun lang the servers didn't sing as loud as I wanted. 

So in my best "Kris Aquino voice" I said "I LOOOOVE YOU SO MUCH MATI!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I wanted to embarrass him actually but he laughed!!!!


Oh well. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I'm glad my big guy's not somebody who gets easily embarrassed and could actually find the humor in any situation. I guess the joke's on me.

Still, THANKS CHILI'S!!!!!!!!!

(Maybe in the end, they sided with Master Mati being guys and all. CHE.)

I was touched though because for somebody who hated getting songs in public, he really thought long and serious for his birthday wish before blowing the candle.

Awwww. My dearest Mati. I pray talaga that all your wishes come true. Basta we are always here for you.


The CHILI'S bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. I love exclamation points. Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dearest! Thank you for reminding us that we don't have to look far and wide to find what really matters. And that's making wonderful memories with your family....

... in places like CHILI'S!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!



199 Tomas Morato Corner Scout Fernandes, Quezon City
(02) 372 5007




  1. Hi there Ms. Ericjaz,

    It seems that your family really loves Chili's...You have featured this restaurant couple of times, but it always makes me hungry reading your post about this family restaurant. It's been a while!...kkk

    More food adventures! Yeah I agree 100% #FamilyIsLove hahahah...ibang station pala yun...

    1. HI DAVEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW ARE YOU???? LONG TIME NO SEE (HEAR)!!!! I thought you have forgotten about us na! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! It's so great to see a comment from you again!!!!!!!!!!! :)

      YUP! SUPER!!! It's our go-to American restaurant. It's also where the Yub and I met via our first date (BLECH) that's why it will always have a special place in my heart (naks). We love how the food is always delicious with servings aplenty. Sulit na sulit siya even it's pricier compared to fast food restaurnts. Would never get tired of eating here.

      Of course!!!!! And you are soooooo right. FAMILY IS LOVE.

      Hala san station yun? HA HA HA HA HA H AHA!

      Take careness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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