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In celebration of their MADRID FUSION MANILA 2016, THE CORNICHE at the DIAMOND HOTEL will be serving up "Fiesta de Sabores Espanoles" cooked up by their guest chef Edgard Sanuy Barahona. This mouth-watering festival of hot and colorful Spanish food will only run from April 4 to 10, 2016, and as luck would have it, ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited to bask in its sumptuous glory!

Photo from DIAMOND HOTEL PHILIPPINES Facebook page.
There will DEFINITELY be a festival in my tummy tonight!

Here we are entering the brightly colored archways of THE CORNICHE and anticipating the gastronomic night ahead.

The Chinese Dimpol and I were actually a bit full from munching junk food the whole day but we were raring to dig in to these hot platters of Spanish goodies!


Appetizer Station!

The appetizer station certainly called out to me with an instant craving of my senses!

Rich cheeses that is so full to the bite!

I particularly enjoyed the sharp taste of the various cheeses with the condiments served with it.... 

Seleccion de Embutidos Españoles! 

You may be tempted to stuff yourself silly at such an early part of the meal but you could slow your pace down a bit with shots of their Sopa de Ajo and Ajo Blanco. It was light and refreshing! You could amp up the flavor factor a bit by adding the minced ingredients that would definitely complement the subtle flavors of your soup shot.

Do make room for your appetizer plate with their ensaladas!

Lentil Salad and Bleu Cheese!

Chicken Escabeche!

Spanish Cojodongo Salad!

I love bruschetta with so much passion (YEHESSSSS!) that I naturally veered towards helping myself to slices of baguette bread with generous slathers of the tomato spread.

The pickled mussels were nice and slurp worthy! The briny taste was made more delightful with the sweet salty marinade.

You'll be PLEASANTLY surprised to find that the "Fiesta de Sabores Espanoles" had a ceviche station. Take a pick from the chilled steamed seafoods ready to be doused with your choice of dressing and toppings.

Of course, I always go my classic vinegar, sugar, and chopped white onions, but I could always switch it up a bit for variety!

I don't know about you but my appetizers will always have bread as a side kick so I could mop up the juice and oils that dripped from my delicious selection!

Now time to look at the MAINS!

The CORNICHE buffet night offered a grilled station to fire up your desired meats.

Now isn't that kick you in the crotch spit in your neck fantastic?????

If you're a FRIENDS fan you would know where THAT came from.

The pasta station certainly answered my craving by cooking up savory sauces with their al dente noodles!

I think I had 2 plates of these!

BUT, as we're enjoying the beauty of Spain, let's go for the delicious dishes that the beautiful country was known for!

Pollo Al Chilindron!

Marinated Lamb Skewers!

Hearty and rich Callos!

Gambas Al Jillo!

EGAD! You know how much I loved my garlic and oils rights??? Now pair it up with fresh plump shrimps and we got ourselves a knock-out. This was crazy delicious! I loved it with rice, I loved it with pasta, I loved with bread, HECK. I loved it even with just my fork!!!!

I definitely got seconds of this.

And thirds.

My other favorite was this Clams in Salsa Verde!

It may look unassuming but try scooping up the shell and slurping on the meat with all its garlicky and herby juices.



I think I got myself a small bowl of these itty bitty clams and enjoyed dipping my crusty bread into the super flavorful sauce.

Mushroom Croquettes!

Drunken Chicken!

Frito Misto de Mare!

A Spanish dinner without a big plate of Paella is just sacrilege and as expected, we were all treated to this beautiful creation by Chef Barahona that was loaded with shrimps, clams, squids, mussels, and much much more!

I scooped meself a heaping serving of this Paella and the aroma was just damning! It would certainly be a treat to wolf down the flavorful rice along with the fresh seafoods.

It was good that the Chinese Dimpol and I lingered at the Paella platter because the piece de resistance suddenly arrived!

Crispy and succulent Cochinillo!!!! 

I know it may be so politically incorrect to ravage this piglet but I just can't help it!!!!!!

The skin was insanely crispy with soft slivers of fat and the meat was so moist, tender, and just so perfect. The herbs and spices stuffed into it just made every bite so flavorful that you could just eat it on its own without any condiment!

Of course, even it may sound like the most overused cliche in the world, I will still use it:

Please! Leave room for DESSERT!

Pan Fried Bread Pudding!

Churros with Chocolate Dip!

MY SUPERKADUPER favorite dessert for the night!

Crema Catalana!

Luscious cakes galore!

My favorite would always be the chocolate!

Some of my KTG friends raved over this sticky ricke pudding!

Oooh! Leche flan!

Now it's time for us to FINALLY eat!

My main plate!

Another main plate!

MORE appetizers please!

If there's a choice to have baked mussels, I would usually grab it!

My second plate of pasta!

My first bites of dessert!

Aaaaaah! I want some MORE.

WELL, I could DEFINITELY help myself with MORE of these delicious Spanish food only up to April 10, 2016!!!!

Let's clamor for an extension now could we???


Yes. Something like that.

Sorry. I just watched LES MISERABLES. He he he he he he he!

It was indeed a delicious Spanish invasion and pig out session with the Kain Tulog Gang at the CORNICHE in DIAMOND HOTEL!!!!

Thank you sooo much dear Melanie and Chel for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!

It was also a bittersweet meeting with dear Chel as she will be leaving us! We will miss you so much sexy senorita!!! Hope to see you again SOONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Corniche's Fiesta de Sabores Espanoles is only P2,580 net per pax (lunch and dinner rate). From April 4-10, 2016 only!!!

Try out Chef Barahana's 7-course degustacion menu paired with wine at the Diamond Ballroom on April 6, 2016 for P 4,500 net person. 

Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street, Manila
(632) 528-3000 extension 1121 

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