Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I remember when I was still single (with no one to mingle) my family would have occasional lunches at CAFE ADRIATICO in its Greenhills branch. I always have fond memories of our meals there because the place had that classical old Manila ambience while the food was indeed something to go back to for.

Fast forward to decades later (ugh it's true) when I'm already married, with two kids, and having birthday staycations to appease the fact that I'm getting older. During our birthday weekend in DIAMOND HOTEL, the Chinese Dimpol and I were deciding where to have our Saturday dinner that we could dress up for. Of course, we're still on a budget so SPIRAL is out of the question, and we want someplace more special than our usual LAU CHAN when we're in the Manila area.

It was then that I suggested to go to CAFE ADRIATICO since I remembered my family's wonderful meals there. The Chinese Dimpol strongly agreed and stuck to my recommendation even if we saw other possible restaurants for us to try. Naks! I guess he trusted my family's good times!

And what a great dinner we had! We may have had other options to eat in Manila but we were all so happy for a chance to go down memory lane with the delicious food at CAFE ADRIATICO. I'm glad that my Yap guys were able to get a taste of why this cafe is so memorable to me. What makes it more special is that we were all treated to the Filipino/Spansh goodness that CAFE ADRIATICO is famous for during our birthday celebrations!

So Yipeeekeeyey! There is really nothing like food because not only does it make you reminisce about GOOD times, but it also taste so damn GOOD as well!

CAFE ADRIATICO in Malate Manila!

When I called to make reservations, the lady said I didn't really need to since they don't usually have a lot of diners.

When we got there, the place was packed that even their second floor area was full. See? Like I always say, better be safe than sorry!

We were in front of their open kitchen so we could see (and smell) the delicious food coming out to be served.

Ordering time!

Sorry I wasn't able to take pictures of the menu since the place was so dark!

 ROLL CALL!!!!!!

Kuya Jay and Master Mati!

My eldest brother was in the area attending the launch of an American Battleship (I think he he he he).

Me and little lord Andrei!


(I'm binge watching THE TUDORS now... Tee hee!)

My brother and Mati shared an order of CAFE ADRIATICO French Onion Soup (P180.00). I had a taste of it and it was just okay with me. I would have loved it more if the bread didn't get soggy and if the soup was richer. But maybe that's just me. I have a primeval taste in food anyway. Tee hee!

For Andrei I ordered the CAFE ADRIATICO Spaghetti Carbonara (P280.00) since it's usually his default favorite in a restaurant. 

He was able to finish the whole thing by himself because it was creamy, well-seasoned, and cheesy!

My brother was looking for his Bangus dish favorite in CAFE ADRIATICO but was dismayed that they don't offer it anymore in the restaurant. He just ordered the CAFE ADRIATICO  Akuwa (P575.00) and loved every spoonful of it!

The meat was buttery tender and so juicy. The hearty tomato sauce and crunchy veggies made the dish more appetizing and so perfect with a cupful of steamed rice or crusty bread.

The Chinese Dimpol wanted to try something light that night and had the CAFE ADRIATICO Pancit Palabok (P255.00).

After a spritz of the calamansi and a drizzle of fish sauce, the Chinese Dimpol slurped on his palabok happily. He loved the peanuty and salty taste of his noodles that got another layer of flavor with the bite of the calamansi.

The hungry Chinese Dimpol!

As for me, I got the CAFE ADRIATICO Pollo Ala Pobre (P365.00) to share.

The Chicken breast was juicy and was so good with the oils and garlic bits. This was so yum with my garlic rice!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Kuya Jay in CAFE ADRIATICO!

Our table filled with food!


For dessert, my brother and I remembered how much we LOVED the Coup Adriatico! Imagine vanilla ice cream laced with caramelized mangoes and bananas.

SO YUM! I remembered before how I finished 2 orders of this by myself!

We ordered 2 and shared it among ourselves.

The creamy and sweet flavors that I loved are still there. Too bad that they lessened the fruits. I remember before that they also have blueberries and strawberries in the mix.


With feelings.


We all had a great time for dinner that night and everybody enjoyed the food. As much as I miss CAFE ADRIATICO in Greenhills, I'm glad that they are still located in the heart of Manila with the same old look and feel to boot!



1790 Adriatico St, Malate, Manila, 
1004 Metro Manila
(02) 738 8220


  1. My favorite at Cafe Adriatico is Lola Ising's Adobo which is, in my opinion, THE BEST ADOBO in the world. :-)

    1. Ooohhhh!!! Something to try out Matthias when we go back!! I wonder if it's also available in Abe or its other restaurants? Anyway, thanks for sharing!!!! Cheers!!!!

  2. Ay hindi ko po alam, Ms. Jaz. Sori po. I'll try to research po kung meron dun sa mga restaurants na sinabi niyo.

    1. Ay no no Matthias! No need to apologize! Ha ha ha ha! It's just me thinking aloud. Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry din. I'll check it out na lang. Chaka huy, don't call me Ms. Jaz, hindi bagay promise. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks again! Mmmwah!!!!


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