Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Last December 21, 2014, I treated the boys to watch a HI 5 concert as part of Andrei's week-long birthday celebration. AND, as our standard "pre-concert practice", we needed some "fuel" to energize ourselves up before the show. I don't really go to Resorts World often so I was clueless where to eat there. After checking out the restaurants in the vicinity and choosing where to eat, we were shocked when lo and behold, EVERYTHING was jam packed that Sunday! Oh well, I should've expected something like that already especially on a weekend. But my hungry tummy believed that food will always prevail, except of course, in that instance, it won for the other diners.

Blast you RECIPES!!! Why is your chicharon bulaklak so good that you coveted many more customers before me?!!!!

Anywho, the hungry Yub and I walked around like Sisa searching for her lost children. Although we looked nothing like the crazed woman, we still appeared pathetic because we were drooling all over ourselves. Tee Heee!!!!!

So we came upon this restaurant which was a floor above the venue for our HI 5 concert. At first I was hesitant to step inside because although there were available seats, I saw some customers getting impatient with their "delayed" orders. BUT, we didn't have a choice anymore because even our trusty MCDONALD's had lines extending to kingdom come.   So we went inside, settled our bums on their wooden chairs and just hoped for the best.

Of course, upon getting a whiff of the hot and sizzling food beside us, all hesitations vanished. And for that short moment I actually forgot about the show and started looking forward for the grub to come.

Yep! That's what I love about food. It has that magic of making everything alright. PLUS, it smells good, looks good, and tastes good.... even more than my husband!

Tee Hee!

THAT'S what you get for snoring too loud last night!!!!


I wonder what RS means....

"Real Super restaurant?

The servers in OLD PENANG were actually quite nice. They were very helpful in explaining the dishes and really promised that they would get our food out in time for the show. I hate waiters in other restaurants who don't make their diners feel welcome with words like "food will come out late" or "there is a long wait". It's almost saying "Go somewhere else, we're too busy/popular to serve you here!" 

Me and the boys!

The Chinese Adonis, who just had an oversized wart/mole/pimple/creature removed, felt that nobody would notice it if he covered his nose up with a Garfield band-aid.

Me!!! Using the pearl necklace my Yub gave me for Christmas!!!!

Enough with the YAPPERING.... Let's EAT!

The reason why I also wanted to try out OLD PENANG was because I saw they had LAKSA in the menu. We ordered a hot bowl and it did not disappoint!!

One order of the OLD PENANG Laksa (P300) was good for 2 hungry people. My son Mati shared my love for this spicy dish and said he'll have the other half.

I loved that the broth was milky and bursting with coconut milk and other herbs. However, I would've liked the soup to be thicker. But that's just MY preference. Mati loved it and almost asked for the whole bowl. 

OLD PENANG'S 3 cup Chicken (P350.00)!

I was quite apprehensive with the look of this dish because I'm not a fan of brown sauce like what they have in patatim. But one taste of this glazed chicken and I was glad to discover that it was NOTHING like that! The brown gravy had the base of an oyster sauce but infused with lots of garlic and other spices! So perfect with rice!!! 

My son Mati, who was only supposed to eat his laksa, asked for 2 servings of the chicken!!

Yang Chow Fried Rice (P300.00)!

We all loved the fried rice we ordered from OLD PENANG because it was well seasoned and sauteed in the wok. One tablespoonful got us all relishing the appetizing mixture of egg, slices of ham, vegetables, special sauce, and sesame oil. Super sarap!!! This went so well too with the 3 cup chicken! My husband swore he could finish this on his own!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in OLD PENANG!


I CAN'T stop looking at that Garfield band aid!

Like I said, Mati was only supposed to have the Laksa (since the chicken and rice were for Yub and Andrei) BUT, he found it so good that he zoinked some for him. 

If Mati had all the appetite in the world, the same could not be said for Andrei. We always need to force feed him!!! Good thing that he loved his rice and chicken from OLD PENANG. He only requested to remove the vegetables and to not put sauce on anything.

Yum! Soup and carbs!!! My favorite!

After this picture was taken, we put the leftover greens, sauce, and braised garlic on our rice. Still soooo good!

He he he he... Our messy plates!

Still eating!!!

Check out the plate beside me. Yup! No chicken for the mother. Just got the leftover garlic and leafy greens for my rice! Loved it still!

Almost done!

Guess who are still eating?

Our OLD PENANG bill!

After we were all stuffed and happy we went to the theater for the show.

It was Andrei's birthday wish to watch HI 5 live (again) and he forced his Kuya to join. 

One thing's for sure, we enjoyed the show MORE because we were so high and energized from OLD PENANG!!! 

He he he he he!


4th Level, The Newport Mall, 
Newport Boulevard, Resorts World Manila, 
Pasay City, Metro Manila
63 9178929299
02 8466063


  1. Didn't they have a branch at Shangrila Mall?

    1. Hiya Bap2! That's PENANG HILL but I'm not sure if it's the same company. They do look the same.

  2. -hope you're feeling better Jaz! Kung masakit ang ulo, huwag na munang piliting sumagot sa comment ko, hahaha...
    -Crispin? Basilio? hahahaha... katawa ang Sisa comment mo =D
    -RS probably means Rasa Sayang
    -hahaha... bakit yun ang ginamit na band aid ni CA? May nabibili naman na round, flesh colored ones di ba?
    -Oooooohhhh... nice pearl necklace! Iba na talaga ang mga alta na kachokaran ang SOS, hahaha
    -AYAW MO NG PATA TIM???? HUWAAAAAAYYYY???? hehehehe.... (imper, ayaw din ni TP niyan)
    -TP and I love three cup chicken! You should try the one in MU Noodle Bar, one of the best we've tasted
    -pinag-aagawan namin ni TP yung whole roasted garlic ng three cup chicken, hehehe
    -OMG! ANG BILL! Ang mahal! Hindi ko kinaya! EJF ang level! hahaha... (siyempre kailangan may ganitong comment, hahaha)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Jaz! Sana wala ka nang headache. =)

    1. HIya Mr. Snuff!!!! Kasi naman minsan lang ako maligo, sasakit agad ang ulo! Ha ha ha ha ha! But seriously its more on allergy. When I get sinus, I have a bad head ache na agad afterwards. Kainis.....

      1) He he he he! Si "Sisa" naloloka kapag gutom.

      2) AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH What does Rasa Sayang mean? Tao ba siya? Lugar? Hayop?

      3) I KNOW! Even I was so peeved by it. He got it from the kids' bag. E nacute-an sa sarili niya (at least somebody felt so) so inulit ng inulit.

      4) Ngek! Greenhills lang yan sa tyangge I think. But I still loved it! He lost kasi the pearl necklace that Mati gave me 2 years ago. Yan ang kapalit.

      5) Okay sana sakin ang PATATIM if I have sili and patis with me kaso since I'm controlling my salt intake, I don't eat with patis na din. Yun! Kapag walang patis, I don't like sweet dishes for ulam.

      6) Sige will try it in MU! Why is it called 3 cup again?

      7) ANG SARAP NGA!!! Especially if we mixed it in the rice!

      8) CHE!! Lapit na birthday ko. Magpa SPIRAL ka! TIME SPACE WARP! Ngayon din!

      HA HA HA HA! mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    2. Oh no! May allergy ka din pala! Ako din meron, pero clogged nose lang... pinainom nga ako kagabi ni TP ng neozep.

      -alam mo, may place yata na Rasa Sayang, pero madami din akong restos na nakita na Rasa Sayang ang pangalan. Maybe Old Penang is part of a chain of restos.

      -three cups yata dahil dun sa three sauces (one cup each) na ginagamit sa pagluto nito: soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice wine.

      -wala na, di na effective ang "spiral spiel" mo kasi nakakain ka na naman dun e, hahaha...

    3. HIya Mr. Snuff!!! Yes!!! Konting allergy lang I get clogged nose and head tapos yun! Sakit na ulo! Kainis. I'm loaded na tuloy with Neozep and Tempra.

      1) Aaaah kaya pala R.S.!!!

      2) He he he he! It doesn't have oyster sauce pala. But it's so good ah. I want to try the one in MU din.

      3) Pwede pa din naman second time ah! Tara lets bagets!


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