Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Sometime last year, my favorite BP GROUP got together for a "family play date"!

Andrei was going to have  birthday party that month and since THE NAVARROS cannot make it due to a prior commitment, Mareng Gem made up for it with a KIDSVILLE treat for ALL of the kids!!!

Wow! Thanks dear Gem!

Of course, after an hour's worth of play for the kids (and chika for us in CINNABON), we were all hungry! We decided to try out the restaurant I see in a lot of blogger reviews.


GINO'S BRICK OVEN PIZZA was very well lit and had that very cozy, comfy feel to it. 

Of course, red bricks and plants in metal pails are always a welcome sight for me!

Would this be the wood for their oven? Tee Hee!

The only thing hustling and bustling that night were the servers!

We often have difficulty in making restaurant reservations for a group our size especially if the room capacity is limited. We were so thankful that even if GINO'S was full that night, their kindly waitress took our name and got our table ready for us. 

I really appreciate restaurants who accept reservations. I guess the other tables were also taken for that night in GINO'S!

Yep! It's a LOOOOONG table always for our BP Group!

We're big, crazy, and noisy!!! So fun as always!


Team Campo!

Dear Gem you're very pretty in this pic ah!
Mareng Gem with the invisible Pareng Jojie! 

Kidding! He he he he! Her hubby, who reminds me of Gene Kelly, is on his way!

Team Virrey with a pouty baby Jelo.


The BP Ladies!

I just realized that I wasn't able to get a picture of the Quitoriano's since baby Tobey was feeling sick that night. 


Best buds Jelo and Andrei!

Super bros Johans and Mati!

Cutie pies Jorgina and Fritz!

Little sweethearts Sasha and Johans!

Andrei and Sky were also playmates that night.

I think my bunsoy wants to have a baby sister PRONTO!

The very friendly Fritz loved airplanes and shared his favorite toy with Sasha!

Time to order!

GINO'S menu!

Mareng Gem ordered the GINO'S Burrata with House Salad (P395.00) -- a very popular appetizer in the restaurant!

The creamy Burrata cheese was very light similar to our Kesong Puti but was more spreadable in texture. 

As I would often see in blog reviews, I put a generous spread of the Burrata cheese on the bread and greens. 

I'm not really a fan of honey but I was "monkey see monkey do" in food so I drizzled the golden syrup over it. 

After one bite I understood how this simple appetizer got raves among the foodies: The cheese was milky and lightly salted for flavor. When you munch on the freshly baked bread with it, you will love the creamy contrast that is not cloying nor tiresome to the taste. I would even go far as describe it to be something refreshing to the palate. Add to that, the slight crunch of the greens and sweet tang of the honey make for a very pleasurable finish for the first meal of the night!

Anne ordered the GINO'S Angelizzas (P150.00) which were 5 pieces of mini pizzas on crispy tortillas. 

It IS similar to my favorite before in Angelino's (whatever happened to that restaurant???) but it was slightly dry and not as tasty as its "ancestor". 

I was in the mood to load up on carbs so I ordered the GINO'S Aglio Olio (P170.00).

I added a LOT of chili flakes to make my dish more exciting!

The boys loved everything cheesy so I got for them a GINO'S carbonara with bacon (P195.00). This was bland to our taste so I just added a few dashes of salt in it. 

To be honest, we were not fans of their pasta so we were looking forward to the much talked about pizzas from GINO'S!

Mareng Gem ordered the GINO'S Bacon Gouda (P380.00) for the kiddies.

An order is good for 2 or 3 people especially if you will be getting a plate of pasta. 

Cutie pie Jorgina chomped happily on her pizza and was able to eat several slices of it!

Mareng Gail had the Bianca Verde (P350.00) which had ricotta, parmesan cheese, and kesong puti. It was then tossed with fresh arugula and basil leaves before serving.

My friend said what you see is what you get with this pizza. The crust was chewy on the inside and managed well with the creamy cheese topping. The basil and arugula added a fresh texture to every bite.

What you see here is our order of GINO'S 4 cheese pizza (P340.00). It's not very evident in the pic but it does have mozzarella, ricotta, blue cheese, and parmesan. My boys were able to finish this!

For the life of me, I have forgotten what this pizza is especially after being stripped of its toppings by the kids. He he he he he! Sorry!

Since Andrei was able to finish his food that night, he ordered a GINO'S hot chocolate (P100.00).

It's very rare that our little picky eater would ask for food as a prize for something. He he he he!

The BP Group!

(Sorry for the blurry pic! I think Mr. Waiter was shaking at the presence of our hotness... HA HA HA HA HA!)

The cutie BP kiddies!


My inaanak Jelo also celebrated his birthday recently and we all sang a song to him. 

GINO'S was so kind to give TEAM VIRREY complimentary birthday mini cakes!

Le bill!

Ay this was in November pa pala! He he he he he!

Another great family Sundate with my BP Group! 

No more bars or night outs for us... THIS makes for an awesome weekend!

Love you all! See you tonight!



Check this out:

3rd Flr of The Podium Mall, ADB Ave., 
Mandaluyong City.


  1. Not a big fan of their pastas as well but love their pizzas

    1. Yup! As they say, great minds think alike! NAKS!

  2. -So sosyal talaga! First sa Podium kayo nagpunta, where only the richest people go; tapos Cafe Breton; the Gino's Brick Oven naman!!! You na talaga!!! hahaha...
    -mukhang malaki ang branch ng Gino's sa Podium
    -ang laki nga ng group niyo!
    -Eeeeee... si Sir Jonah!
    -bilis! assemble na para may baby sis na sina Andrei and Mati, hahaha
    -nakita mo na ba si Chef Jutes? Yung may ari niyang Gino's? Cute siya! At ang sarap, sarap talaga ng Burrata niya! Soooo large, so round, so juicy, at medyo maalat-alat pa! hahaha...
    -Seriously, though, I love their Burrata Caprese =)
    -And I also love their chili honey sauce
    -oooohhhh... chili flakes! The best! I love spicy food! Been eating lots of spicy stuff the past few days
    -their Lemon-Mushroom pasta is good!
    -hahahahaha... yung toppings lang talaga ang kinain ng kids!!! hahaha
    -gusto namin diyan yung SMEGG and BOMB pizza nila
    -Andrei finished his food AND asked for more food as a reward??? Panalo! Sana nga tuloy-tuloy na pag-improve ng appetite niya
    -ANG MAHAL NG BILL!!! EJF LEVEL LANG TALAGA!!! Hahaha..l. (mandatory na ito sa mga comments ko, hahaha...)
    -pero bakit parang kulang ang items sa bill niyo... parang mas madami ang in-order niyo

    Ang saya-saya naman ng BP (Binibining Pilipinas?) Group! Have a wonderful wednesday Jaz! Mwah!

    1. HIYA MR. SNUFFFFF!!! Late ka ngayon ah??? Akala ko nakalimot ka na!!! Huhuhu!!!!

      1) Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Ano ba isang taon ko inipon yon no! Grabers ka!!!!

      2) I haven't been to the other GINO'S branches but yes, the PODIUM branch seems so spacious.

      3) SUPER!!!! I love our group and we always have a blast! As in ang saya! Kulang pa yan, wala si BAP2 and family. Hindi nakasama!

      4) I didn't see the chef sayang magpaphoto op sana....

      5) Yes the burrata caprese was really good. I think it's my favorite among the dishes ordered. He he he he he he!

      6) Will try all of your recommendations when we go back. Thanks!!!

      7) YES!! Minsan lang mangyari yon that's why were so happy that he asked for hot chocolate. It's really rare that he orders something else with his food!

      8) ASUUUUUUUUUUS!!! CHE! Di ko matake nga bill nyo sa ANTONIOS no! Dun ko dapat gusto dalin BP group for my bday kaso ang MAHALLLLLLLLLLLL!

      9) The items in receipt were only the dishes I ordered for my family. The other dishes were from the other families and they let us try it lang. Sharing is caring kami e. Pero we split the bill kasi nahuli ako nagtatake home... JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      super!!! I LOOOOVE MY BP GROUP!!! Hopefully we meet up again asap!!!

      Thanks again dear Mr. Snuff! MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    2. Ikaw??? Makakalimutan ko??? IMPOSIBLE! Kahit na hindi ka nagla-like sa mga food posts ko sa FB, at kahit na hindi mo nila-like mga pics ko sa IG... tuloy pa din ang suporta ko sa iyo dito!!! hahaha... (passive-aggressive din ako! hahaha)

      Hay naku, hindi na-gets yung double entendre ko about Chef Jutes' BURRATa! hahaha...

  3. The food was so so the company was awesome

    1. Agree mare!!! If we come back we'll definitely try the other items in the menu. Always a great time with our BP GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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