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Last December, on the day before Christmas in fact, the Chinese Adonis, Andrei, and I were in Edsa Shangrila Plaza to do some last minute shopping. Yep! You may judge me. With regards to shopping for gifts, I'm the chief procrastinator and I don't deny it. With that, I'm thankful that I have a very patient Chinese Adonis willing to accompany me scurrying around the mall and carrying the shopping bags. As for Andrei, he was so naughty at home that his "punishment" was to scurry along with us and carry the other shopping bags which he hated to do. He he he he he!

For lunch we dropped by CRAVINGS because I remembered how much I loved their soup and salad bar. Of course, it never hurt that their prices were so reasonable that it would be give us more means to shop! Other than that, I needed the extra energy to do my "rush-minute" shopping. So I guess I am "required" to have my fill with their healthy soup and salad bar. He he he he he!

I told you. I make reasons just to eat more!


Ms. Josie (my officemate) is that you? He he he he!

CRAVINGS has been at EDSA SHANGRILA since goodness knows when. Of course it had its fair share of renovations to keep up with the times.

It WAS the day before Christmas and we got CRAVINGS all to ourselves!

Hmmm... I wonder if my family will be okay with these as gifts? He he he he!

Yub checking out the menu....

Andrei playing with his fork and knife!

Ordering up!

CRAVINGS menu 1...

CRAVINGS menu 2...

CRAVINGS menu 3...


CRAVINGS menu 5...

I LOVE Mongolian barbecue so I may have to go back to CRAVINGS just for THIS!

What I love about CRAVINGS is that for every order of their main dishes, the soup and salad buffet will be free of charge. Now that's a pretty good deal to me!

Actually THIS is what I came for in CRAVINGS!

Hello Kuya Jay! Is that you?

CRAVINGS Soup and toppings!

Bread and Spreads!

I really miss their boursin cheese spread before. I sure do hope they bring it back.

Salad bar!

They only had 4 available dressings but it's all fine with me. For the price, I'm glad they offered the classic favorites!

Of course, my husband steered clear of the salad bar and went straight for the soup.

We were both partial to the Cream of potato soup because it was tasty and had all the right flavors to it.

Andrei loved the soup too and asked to have his own serving of it. YAY!

The servers at CRAVINGS were very considerate when I asked if Andrei could partake some of the food from the soup and salad buffet even if he's just sharing an entree with me. I really appreciate restaurants who are very "giving" to their diners.

Of course, diners shouldn't abuse this generosity and be PG! Ick!

Getting my fill!

I know I should try to be healthy and omit any sort of carbs in my salad but, thanks to Wendys, when I see macaroni with mayonnaise, I also toss it in! He he he he!

Nanisi pa no?

When you have CRAVINGS Cream of Potato Soup, be very "redundant" and add some crispy potato skins as well! It's mighty good with it!

I was not much of a fan of their soggy bread but I did get a bit to try the spread they have on the buffet.

The spread was good. Hopefully they served the chewy type of baguette with it.

Yub had the CRAVINGS Chicken Ala Pobre (P335.00) which consisted of 3 fat pieces of chicken doused with thick gravy and served on a sizzling plate.

The chicken comes with plain rice but we asked to convert it to garlic rice since we're suckers for it.


Andrei and I will share the CRAVINGS Chicken Cordon Bleu (P455.00) and truth be told, it would have been better if they served the dish in a more appetizing manner. 

Again, I asked mine to be converted to garlic rice! YEAAAH!

Oh well... No matter how it is served, as my friend Albert would say, the proof of the pudding is in the TASTE!

The chicken was indeed fresh from the fryer and was very moist. I always fancied cheese even on my main dishes so the oozing sharp cheddar really made me smile. 

The dish could have used more salt though but I guess it will be perfect for those watching their diet.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with little lord Andrei!

Sorry I know I may be biased but ain't he the CUTEST BOY EVER??? I just can't get enough of kissing his cheeks and biting his chin!!!!

And my boy is eating.

Doubly happy!!!

Almost done!

Le bill!!!

LET'S... shop.... este LET'S EAT!


Shangri-la Plaza Mall
5th Level, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Shangri-la Mall
Shaw Blvd. cor. EDSA
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines 

Phone Number
(+63 2) 635-6672, (+63 2) 635-6087, (+63 917) 866-9710)


  1. Homaygollygulay! So early naman your blog post! I can make comment na agad! yahoo!
    -Grabe! Shangrila Plaza Mall! So sosyal talaga! Nung minsan nag-tangka akong pumasok diyan, binugbog ako ng mga guwardiya... nagpapanggap daw kse ako na ka-level ko ang YAPsters! hahaha...
    -December 24 ka lang nag-shopping??? Well, at least may pang-shopping ka. Di katulad ko, huhuhu...
    -wala ngang katao-tao sa cravings!
    -yikes! medyo mahal na pala ang pagkain diyan ano?
    -they have mongolian? I'd be tempted to get that, kaso lang medyo mahal na
    -aaaaahhhh, kaya naman pala mahal ang entrees, may kasama nang soup and salad buffet
    -yey! kumain si Andrei!!!
    -bait naman sa cravings, they allowed you to share the soup with Andrei
    -ako PG ako, huhuhu...
    -oooohhhh crispy potato skins with the potato soup... looks delish!
    -CA's chicken looks GOOOOOD!!!
    -medyo chaka nga ang plating ng cordon bleu, kahit na mas mahal siya dun sa chicken ni CA
    -yey! Ang daming kinain ni Andrei!'
    -Ay!!! Ang bill! Hindi ko kinaya! Ang mahaaaaalllllllllllll!!! hehehe...

    Prosperity, happiness, and long life be with the YAPsters this new Year of the Goat! (punta ba kayo Binondo mamaya? nandun daw sina Jane later)

    1. Huloooo Mr. Snuff!!!!! Utang ko to kagabi kaya napaaga! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yey napacomment ka agad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      2) Yes! Ha ha ha ha! For my family and Yub's family. O di ba? That's cramming for you. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! CHE! Tigilan ang false humility!

      3) I was surprised that the mall was empty! Konti lang ang tao! I thought that like me, maraming last minute shoppers!

      4) It's expensive if you don't partake in the soup and salad buffet, pero as a whole, I think it's very reasonable.


      6) Yes! He ate a lot! Yeyyyy!!!!

      7) It was! It may be a potato overkill pero it worked together... soup and something crispy. Sarap!


      9) Yes!!! Mas masarap yung order niya kesa sa amin. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! But the cordon bleu was okay naman. I loved the cheese!!!!!

      10) I really appreciated that Cravings let me share the soup and salad buffet with Andrei. I remember before naman, only yub ordered an entree tapos they allowed me to get HIS soup and salad buffet (kasi he doesn't eat veggies). I asked first of course and they said yes. I like restaurants na hindi madamot and are very considerate with guests. He he he he he!!!!

      11) ISA PANG CHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank you so much dear Mr. Snuff! KUNG HEI FAT CHOI to you too!!!!!! We'll be in Binondo tomorrow sa mismong day he he he he he! Watch out for it!!!!



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