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Monday, March 24, 2014


We knew it was going to be another great weekend when we received an invite to be with our favorite foodie family, the KTG. The venue was going to be YANAGI restaurant in Midas Hotel (which was formerly Hyatt Regency Manila) and I felt it was a perfect jump start to my Saturday because I L-O-V-E Japanese cuisine!

KTG and a Japanese buffet.... now what could be more glorious than that?

Having it with Benedict Cumberbatch? Kidding! THAT is another story. Tee hee! 


YANAGI is at the second floor of Midas Hotel and we were welcomed by cheerful smiles of their maitre d'!

We eyed this recognition from Philippine Tatler declaring that YANAGI was one of the best restaurants in 2013! Now that got us MORE excited!

When you enter YANAGI, you would get that voguish Japanese vibe that certainly promises you of an authentic and fun meal ahead. 

According to Mr. Erwin Dona, Associate PR and Brand Director of Midas Hotel, YANAGI is somewhat the revival of  Tempura Misono, the popular Japanese restaurant from Hyatt Regency Manila before. They launched YANAGI last 2012 of February and it has been also drawing the crowds which loved the popular Japanese hub at that time. 

After we settled to our tables, my favorite foodie family KTG and I got down to business... GABBIN' and GRUBBING! He he he he!

Just in case we are in YANAGI when you eat, you could always get their function rooms for your special events or if you just want some privacy from other guests (like us). H aha ha ha! Kidding!

YANAGI has Japanese buffet tables that may not be as long as the other casual restaurants sprouting about anywhere but their selection is of high quality and would definitely satisfy you to the fullest!

YANAGI Japanese buffet rates:

Adults P1,088++ (lunch and dinner/ Mondays to Sundays)
Children 6-12 years old (50% off)
Children below 6 years (free!)

You should call for reservations because they really get full especially during weekends!

Rev up your tummy with YANAGI's salad selection!

YANAGI's Kurage salad (jellyfish and cucumber with sesame dressing).

YANAGI's potato salad!

I especially loved the YANAGI Wafu Salad which had fresh tuna in wasabi goma dressing! 

YANAGI Sake Salad (Salmon with sliced onions!)

Or how about YANAGI's simple salad served with your choice of sesame and miso dressing!

Of course, as much as I loved the YANAGI salads, I saved a LOT of room for their fresh sushi and sashimi selection!

YANAGI's Assorted Sashimi!

I immediately set my eye on this fatty Salmon sashimi! Oh wow!

These are all just mouth watering! What should I choose???

My first YANAGI Sushi and Sashimi plate!

YANAGI also has ready made Japanese grub from the buffet!

YANAGI's Grilled spearfish with teriyaki sauce!


YANAGI Grilled beef roll with teriyaki sauce!

YANAGI fried salmon with oil and vinegar!

YANAGI lapu lapu roll with vinegar miso sauce!

YANAGI's fried prawns with almonds!

YANAGI's salmon balls in ginger sauce!

YANAGI fried vegetables!

Don't forget the YANAGI fried rice!

But please when you're in YANAGI, take advantage of their Teppanyaki buffet!

I think you would really get your money's worth just with a few plates of YANAGI's juicy and ultra delicious all-you-can eat Teppanyaki meat and seafood!!!

Chicken and US beef!

Wow! Will you look at that? I will definitely get many YANAGI teppanyaki plates of THIS.

Raw squid, fish, and shrimp ready for cooking!

Just choose what you like and the YANAGI chef will fry it all up for you!

It will just be a short wait because the YANAGI chef will fry it up at lightning speed!!!

Oh WOW! Our very delectable seafood YANAGI teppanyaki plate!

They provided 2 dipping sauces for their teppanyakis but I found these fresh babies perfectly seasoned already!

YANAGI's beef teppanyaki certainly blew my mind!!!! These were just hysterically GOOD!

Each beef chunk was perfectly stir fried and flavored! The result was so juicy, buttery, and truly a melt in my mouth experience. EGAD! I want more of this ASAP! We must've had 3 plates of this!!!! SARAP!


Along with the delicious YANAGI teppanyaki, you could also slurp on something hot and oh so flavorful from their Sukiyaki table!

YANAGI thinly sliced sukiyaki beef with the perfect marbling for that melt-in-your-mouth goodness with the sweet soup!

Crunchy vegetables for your sukiyaki!

The YANAGI sukiyaki broth was not too sweet and was just right to slurp on with the tender beef!


Besides exceptional buffet, YANAGI also has a very special ala carte menu. Mr. Dona introduced the key people who sees to the quality of their delicious food.... 

(l-r) Executive Chef/Yanagi Mr. Kimito Katagiro, Executive Chef/International Food Mr. Arnold Guevarra, and Food and Beverage Manager, Mr. Hernan Rodriguez. 

Chef Katagiro was very warm and funny. Even if he has been gracing the Filipino people with his wonderful Japanese food for 32 years, he was still very enthusiastic when describing the next course.  He prepared for us a special 5 course lunch (that was in their ala carte menu) that got us oohing and aahing at every bite!

The first course was YANAGI's Aburi Sushi!

These are YANAGI's slightly burned sushi tuna, salmon, eel, hamachi, and lapu lapu then topped with either strawberries, grapes, or kobiko roe!

So delicious! You can't stop at just one!

Up next were YANAGI's Tempura Maki! Crunchy and jam packed with everything glorious! The kobiko roe added a salty layer of flavor which complemented the sweet shrimps and sushi rice!!!

Mop it up in the Japanese mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce and wow, you will certainly have a heavenly mouthful! 

Don't talk! Just chew it! 

The clear favorite discovery for the day was YANAGI's Kaki Papaya Yaki! Please, don't forget to order this one!

This YANAGI appetizer was served piping hot that when you dig your teaspoon into the steaming boat of papaya, you will get a perfectly sweet oyster with creamy cheese and Japanese mayonnaise.  OH MY GOSH! THIS WAS SO CRAZY DELICIOUS!

I was not really fond of papaya but this might just change my mind!!!!

My husband strongly agrees with me and really savored this one!

Hmmm... that explains the "non-action" for the night...

KIDDING! h aha ha ha ha ha! 

Of course, what's a Japanese meal without Ebi Tempura?

YANAGI also has an extensive selection of drinks which you could enjoy with their savory food!

When you've had your fill of the "Everything Is Awesome" meals of YANAGI, head over to their dessert buffet table!

My favorite from the YANAGI dessert selection was their chocolate mousse! It was light but still full with fudgy flavor!

Chef Katagiro served us some of their special Wasabi Ice Cream which got everyone in the table raving and scooping up their bowls till it was empty! 

I for one, liked the distinct Wasabi flavor which was not spicy but went down my tongue very creamy and comforting!

I especially loved the YANAGI Black Bean Ice Cream which had that nutty and sweet flavors that got me scraping up till the last savory drop!

Coffee, ice cream, and a very tart mango mousse cup! WOW!

That just got me oh so fat and happy! HA HA HA HA!

My favorite FOODIE family, the KTG!!!!

(l-r) Jay Altea and Len de Guzman-Altea (THE MOMMIST), Gerry San Miguel (DUDE FOR FOOD), Guia Bautista-Obsum (FOOD REVIEWS MANILA), PRINCESS ELSA OF ARENDELLE, Mr. Dona, Vladimir Bunoan (ABS CBN), OLAF THE OTHER REINDEER, Jericho San Miguel (TASTY PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY), Spanky Enriquez (THE DAILY SPANKS), Kathi Raneses (MUCKING AROUND MANILA), and Eugene Constantino (HEFTY FOODIE)!!!!

Thank you so much to Mr. Dona and YANAGI, MIDAS HOTEL for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!

And thank you to dear Spanky Enriquez (THE DAILY SPANKS) for inviting us! WOHOO!


Midas Hotel, 2702 Roxas Boulevard, San Rafael, Pasay City
632 9020100



  1. Hahaha! Natawa ako sa Princess Elsa and Olaf the other reindeer. :D

    1. Weh he he he he! The kids were watching FROZEN while I was doing the blog... Tee hee buti di ko nailagay ang DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SUKIYAKI? Ha ha ha ha!

  2. Naku another japanese resto that i MUST include in my bucket list! <3 Everything looks SO yummy!!

    1. Hiya dear Jane! Yes it was!!! Very DEEELICIOUS and sulit!


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