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Monday, March 10, 2014


When I was single, oh how I LOATHED weddings!

I hated that at every turn, I will be cornered by somebody who will ask "When is YOUR turn to get married young lady??" (like  THAT is the only topic they could think of for small talk).

I also hated that my sister was always chosen over me to be part of the entourage. And when I DO get picked to be a flower girl or a secondary sponsor, I will be wearing such a hideous marshmallow chiffon dress in dreadful colors!

Then, there's also that omigad throwing of bouquet for single ladies. I mean, I'm sure it's fun but I was already oh so comfy  on my chair and enjoying the food. Now why do I want to break that?

To change everything, I got married myself (yup that's the REAL reason he he he). And EVERYTHING was different from then on. I now ENJOYED weddings! I loved the celebration... the food... the mingling and jingling. Now when they call out the single ladies for the game, I would feign disappointment and show my wedding ring while mouthing "Sorry".

So when we received an invitation to attend the wedding of Yub's cousin from his father's side of the family, gone were my usual trivial rantings and I was actually excited to attend. If I was immaturely focused on avoiding the cliches for single ladies before, now I was there to celebrate the bride and groom's love proudly with my significant other.

This time though, there's no worry of ripping my secondary sponsor gown if I enjoy the food TOO much (actually happened). I will eat to my heart's content with my guy who wouldn't have it any other way.


We were in the Grand Ballroom of MANDARIN ORIENTAL for the reception. 


We shared the table with my husband's brother Allan and his very nice wife, Ivy!

There were simple place settings per person... 

... plus beautiful flower center pieces!

But what caught my eye of course was the chili sauce and spicy mustard! Now what will I dip there?

Each of us got a glass of refreshing iced tea!

On the table, there were already thank you cards from the bride and groom! Awww how sweet!

Beside that, are menu cards for the Chinese Lauriat dinner ahead!

After the glorious entrance of the bride and groom... 

The MANDARIN ORIENTAL servers presented the first course for the night in an impressive manner!

It's like a parade of lights!

Except that THESE lights carry our appetizers! YUM!

Our MANDARIN ORIENTAL waiter Arnold was so enthusiastic and accommodating. He was also very considerate in showing me the food first to take pictures before serving it.

MANDARIN ORIENTAL's Three Treasure Appetizer Platter!

Oh yum! I had two pieces of the Peking Duck!

MANDARIN ORIENTAL'S Braised Fish Maw and Assorted Treasure Soup!

Soup was light and perfect to further whet our appetites for the lauriat dinner ahead!

I wouldn't mind another bowl except that I don't want to be too full for the other courses!

MANDARIN ORIENTAL's Deep Fried Shrimps with Mayonnaise and Corn Flakes!

I love shrimps and I love mayonnaise... So this IS a sure winner for me. 

MANDARIN ORIENTAL's Steamed Live Green Garoupa with Superior Soy Sauce!

The fish was sweet and very fresh!

I loved spoonfulls of the Green Garoupa with lots of sauce and leeks!

MANDARIN ORIENTAL's Wok Fried Assorted Seafood with Rainbow Vegetable and Oatmeal Buns!

Mine was jampacked with all the tasty seafood!

Come to me.... 

MANDARIN ORIENTAL's Deep Fried Crispy Chicken with Taro Paste!

That sauce was phenomenal!

MANDARIN ORIENTAL's Braised Seashell on Green Vegetables and Oyster Sauce!

I was looking for the rice at this point! He he he he!

And here it comes!!!

MANDARIN ORIENTAL'S Fragrant Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage and Chicken wrapped in Lotus Leaf!

Oh wow... this was SOOOO good! I must have had 2 cupfuls of this saucy rice! 

Now it's time for DESSERT!


(ahem... had two... ahem.... )

MANDARIN ORIENTAL's Chilled Almond Jelly with Lychees!

That wonderful meal was perfectly capped with hot mugs of coffee!

ERICJAZ FOODIES at MANDARIN ORIENTAL with the very much in love Imon and Ziena!

Tee hee.... besides having a blast with dinner, we also had fun in the photobooth!

"Four scores and seven years ago... "

Serious couple pic!

Can't resist the... finger!

Okay here's our THOOTN!

(Trying Hard Outfit of the Night!)

Congratulations again dear Imon and Ziena! Now go make lots of babies!

My husband will be offering flowers for that.


Our finished product... ha ha ha!

Makati Ave, Makati 1226
+63 2 750 8888


  1. Ang cute niuo ni Eric. Lovin' your forever happy vibes! :-* And I like your "long gown competition"! Simple but very elegant. :)

    1. Wow thanks so muchos dear Sugar and Spice! Coming from you, that is such a grand compliment! And yes, like what I always say, happy people are happy for others too!!! Please lets meet up soon! Miss you!


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