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I think it's no secret how much I love Ramen -- the lure of chewy noodles in a fatty and rich broth is just too irresistible!!! I don't care if the weather is chilly or sunny. As long as I'm craving for the piping hot bowl of ramen, I will do what I can to have it. If I wasn't watching my carb intake, I'll have it everyday... with rice!!! He he he he he!

That's why when my kumareng Gail strongly recommended MENDOKORO RAMENBA, I made a mental note that the Yub and I will try it VERY soon. We have actually tried its sister company YUSHOKEN in Molito, Alabang, but we were still uber curious about this branch in Makati City.

One night, the Yub and I were finally able to make our way to Makati to have a taste of this popular Ramen joint.

Now were we happy or was it all just a waste of time?

Read on and find out!!!!

Dan... dan... DAN!


It was a Thursday night when we decided to go to MENDOKORO RAMENBA thinking that since it's a weekday, the diners would not be as many.


In MENDOKORO RAMENBA, they have an order system a bit similar to what they have in Japan.

Instead of a vendor machine though, you order and pay from their counter by the entrance. Although vendor machines are technically faster, the staff of MENDOKORO RAMENBA are efficient, friendly, and very helpful. Yup! Even if there's a crowd outside who would constantly ask what number they're going to call out na. He he he he he he! Now THAT'S friendly!

Take THAT vendor machine!!!!!

Vendor Machine:  :( 


You might say it's limited. I say it's JUSSSSST RIGHT!!! You don't need anything else to leave happy because these are the only essentials in this Ramen Bar.

Once you've paid for your order, they'll give a stub with your slot number. This is what you have to watch (or hear??) out for, for your place in the 21 seater restaurant. 

Decided to make an additional order even after you've been given a slot number? It's okay! Just inform the cashier that it's an additional order (they take down how many seats are needed per party).

Don't worry. They have a step by step post on their seating process.

The attendants informed us there was about a 1 to 2 hour wait. That's fine with us. We'll just line outside and keep each other company.

Since we know Master Mati might get hungry, we told him to eat something before we picked him up. We knew that there was going to be line.

As for me and the Yub, we'll look into each other's eyes the whole time -- mabubusog na kami nun sa pag-ibig!!!


Like I mentioned above, MENDOKORO RAMENBA could only seat 21 diners in their oblong shaped community style table. 

I'm sure this style of serving customers is not to set up a fad or what. It's more on to efficiently serve each diner super hot bowls of Ramen at once.

True enough. The waiting time may be long but once you're seated, it'll only take minutes for your Ramen to be served. 

The extra treat here too is that you'll see your food being cooked.

Wait. Either that is an extra treat or another means of masochism! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


My "hunger" will still have to wait though.

And wait some more!!!!!

When we saw available seats inside, we went for it para aircon. He he he he he he!

Look at Master Mati, tulala!


And now we've been officially waiting for 2 hours!!!! He he he he he he!



The server promptly got our stubs so that our Ramen will be served in a jiffy!

I cannot contain my happiness that we're already seated.

As for Master Mati, he's just embarrassed of me.

Condiments and utensils section!

Our Gyozas getting cooked.

Wohoo! Our food is here!

MENDOKORO RAMENBA Gyoza (P200.00)!!!

The perfect appetizer and side dish for Ramen!

I'm sure there are other more delicious Gyozas out there but after 2 hours of waiting, my first bite of this juicy and flavorful dumpling just made me swoon like how Sharon does for Gabby!

(Tee heee!!!!)

Now you see it...

Now you don't!!!

YUP! It was gone SO FAST.

FINALLY! The moment we've all been waiting for.

Our Ramen!

Master Mati got the MENDOKORO RAMENBA Tan Tan Men (P440.00) because he heard that's their bestseller.

Oh wow! Just look at how rich and oily that looks!

My Handsome Teenager is so excited to dig in.

As for the Yub? Nangangarap pa.

MY Tan Tan Men Ramen!

What I like about MENDOKORO RAMENBA is that they provide siling labuyo to diners who want their noodles to be very hot. I like this more than the spicy sauce they add in RAMEN NAGI because it doesn't change the taste of the broth at all -- it just makes it spicy.

I made it a point to have a taste of the broth first before adding anything else, ERMIGAAAAD it's sooooo good!!!!! The broth was creamy and had that rich pork taste infused with "peanuty" flavors  of the Tan Tan Men.

SARAAAAAAAAAP to the bones!!!!

When served with your Ramen though you better eat it fast because once it gets cold, the fat will coagulate.  Yup! It's that fatty. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! MENDOKORO RAMENBA I'm sure is aware of this that's why they serve their Ramen in hot bowls too!

As for the Yub, he got the MENDOKORO RAMENBA Shio Ramen (P380.00)!

Based on the Yub's "happy-chinoy-yipee-kiyay" smile, he was happy with his Ramen.

He especially loved the grilled Chasyu Pork. He just didn't fancy the fat noodles and preferred the thin ones.

Of course, what's Ramen without their Aji-Tamago (P90.00)? The Yub is a new fan of these salty and runny eggs that he would always get the other half na.



My beautiful Ramen!

I am so drooling just looking at this picture!

I don't really mind the fat noodles because it is still able to hold up the soup when I slurp on it.

My happy (soon-to-be) mouthful of Ramen!

Noodle lovers UNITE!

At this point, Master Mati wanted to be left in peace with his bowl of Ramen. He he he he he!


Inangkupushness, we were all so full but happy afterwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



In the weeks afterwards, we returned this time with the Andrei bunsoy!!!!!

The attendant said there might be a 3 to 4 hour wait to which the Yub looked at me expecting a "Never mind na lang."

Imagine his surprise (and inis ) when I said "YES!!!!"

HELLOOO! It's what we traveled for from Quezon City and Andrei was excited for this. Of course, go kami!

We just had some drinks in Toby's Estate nearby.

The Androse already ate something at home and did not want anything when I asked him if he wanted some munchies.

As for me, I got a cup of coffee!

All for the love of Ramen!

See? This is why I wasn't so bored!

When our number's near to be called the guys waited in the lobby of a nearby hotel.

As for me, I sat by the pavement near the restaurant because I wanted to make sure when our number's called.

Galing ng Yub ko no? Dapat siya gumagawa nito.

When the hotel closed (buti nga) the guys waited right out with me.

FINALLY! We're here!

Again we got a plate of Gyoza...

If Master Mati's not with us, I'll pass on this because the Yub and I can't finish one order. Yup we're so lame.

Andrei with his Ramen!!! Yayyy!

My bunsoy got the MENDOKORO RAMENBA Shoyu Ramen (P410.00) with veggies on the side.

The Yubhub got the same MENDOKORO RAMENBA Shio (P380.00) like last time.

I also had the Shoyu Ramen because I wanted to check out this type of broth from MENDOKORO RAMENBA.

Yummmmm... There's nothing like going back to the basics nga naman!!!!! 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the happy Andrei in MENDOKORO RAMENBA!!!!

Time to dig in to my wonderful creation.

And when I said "creation" it meant adding chili and Tamago. He he he he he!

It may not look like it but Andrei happily slurped on his noodles and was able to finish his whole bowl!

Even though I was so hungry, I took my time and savored each spoonful of the hearty pork broth that was so satisfying on many levels.


We all walked to our car drunk (from the noodles) and happy!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

And guess what???

YUP! So true!



V. Corporate Center, Soliman Street, 
Salcedo Village, Makati City
02 4789625



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