Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It was our 12th Anniversary last April and if memory serves me right, there would not be fireworks nor outrageous surprises. Heck, it would even be a rarity if he remembers it at all!!!

But this year he did and thankfully it is without the help of younger selves  from 12 years ago to greet us!

The Chinese Adonis fetched me from the office and when I got in the car, he proudly (or rather cockily) handed me these bouquet of red roses! My favorite!

Yeyyyy!!! I hope this is a yearly thing!

Some may snort at flowers for special occasions dismissing it as wasteful. But for me it's my one vice. I could never get enough of it! I would always bury my face into a bunch of fresh flowers and take in its fragrant beauty. Even if it would dry up and wither soon flowers would always give me a loving and warm memory!!!!

Yub was supposed to take me to this Italian restaurant as a surprise since he knew how much I loved pasta and salad. (Actually, he could take me ANYWHERE because I'm bound to find something I love there. Even in Jollibee! Yes!) Unfortunately, the restaurant was already closed and I think it's permanent since there's nothing inside.

Screw you online reviews! You could at least mention that the restaurant is closed already!

So we just walked and talked for awhile deciding where our Plan B should be when I mentioned that we could just go to LUSSO since I was planning to have a date with Mati there.

And so LUSSO it is!

LUSSO is headed by Chef Margarita Fores, the khaleesi behind CIBO.

The space for LUSSO was hush, secluded, cozy, and totally chic!

Even if LUSSO is limited in size, there is still a vast chandelier towering over diners for that extra majestic effect. 

Thankfully there were no loud mouths in LUSSO probably because a mere murmur might be heard on all corners with the serenity of the place. 

It's quiet... romantic... and private! Now that is SO fine by me!

We were served by this very kind waiter who was so accommodating and helpful to us. I hate snooty servers in fine dining restaurants who put on such airs when they know that it's your first time there.

I'm sure you know how patient he is when he is serving a customer with THIS face. He he he he he he!

Time to order!

I set my eyes on ordering their specialty -- LUSSO Demi-Pound Burger (P850.00)

Mirror shot!

Hmmm... I was about to delete this one but I just remembered that we have about 5 pictures of this same nature. I wonder why the Chinese Adonis suddenly had a fetish for these kind of mirrors? Hmmmmm...........

For appetizers we got the LUSSO Luxe Truffle Mushroom (P270.00) since I'm very fond now of this pungent ingredient!

When I saw it though I was a bit concerned that the Chinese Adonis won't like it. He hates anything topped with weird tasting sauces. Would you believe that he won't even touch my creamy carbonara which my friends and family love?

He took a small taste of the cream and let out a smile with matching beautiful eyes. The Chinese Adonis liked it! Yey! So that meant I won't have to finish this by my lonesome!

Our anniversary dinner was going off to a good start!

LUSSO also has a wide range of specialty drinks to match your entree!

Since we WERE celebrating our anniversary, my usual Coke zero was replaced with a chilled curvy goblet of  Laxas Albarino wine (P420.00)

The very light wine truly eased down the strong flavors of the creamed truffle topping. I'm really no drinker but I'm starting to appreciate the taste of wine with my food. 

Half way to our fries and we already felt a bit full! Oh no! I also ordered the Chicken Pot Pie but had it cancelled because I'm sure I won't be able to finish it.

Yep. That's aging for you guys. Your tummy will shrink to a size of a prune when you're our age. It's fine really if your curves stay the same. But with just one biteful of pasta it's very likely that your dress size will strike up a notch as well.

DEFINITELY not cool.

So eat whatever you want while you're young. CARPE DIEM that extra rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cancelled that sorry Chicken Pot Pie for a plate of LUSSO's famous burger stuffed with foie gras! Just one look and I'm thankful that I did. No matter how mind-blowingly delicious this may seem I won't be able to finish it with the side salad and extra fries. 

Sorry. We don't believe in doggy (leftover) bags. For us it's a waste of food and money because usually nobody eats it at home. We always order what's just right for us in the resto. That's what my Daddy always taught us!

Will you look at that thick patty????

This is not a mere sandwich -- this seems to be a creation of a hungry Leonardo Da Vinci. A work of gastronomic art!

Happy 12th anniversary to us!

Now, time to attack this sucker!

The LUSSO burger had a crusty brioche bun that I set on the side for awhile lest I wanted to have a locked-jaw. 

Now, ain't that a beautiful sight? The burger was perfectly medium-rare  and encased the creamy and hearty foie gras.

One bite and I was astounded, amazed, shocked, and all the words you could use to describe awe-struck because that was one damn juicy and meaty burger!!!!!

I was told by my friend that I should give my LUSSO burger a generous spread of the Camembert cheese. Being the obedient lady that I am (plus more) I drizzled several spoonfuls of the rich milky topping.

Homer drools...


As much as I wanted to dig in and get a hold of this thick and messy burger, I just used a knife and fork, since I'm lazy to wash my hands.

Har de har har!

But really, that meat was so delicious especially with the fatty bites of foie gras! You would be licking your lips at all the juices that would be flowing while you savor every morsel!


A toast to this wonderful Plan B for our Anniversary!

And we're done.

Our LUSSO bill!

Wow.... That glass of wine pala was much more expensive that the appetizer!

NEXT TIME I'M BACK TO COKE ZERO! He he he he he he!

After our wonderful meal at LUSSO, we had coffee and dessert at BIZU. It's already tradition for us whenever we're at Greenbelt! He he he he he!

Awww... BIZU gave us an anniversary dessert!

NAAAH! I ordered a slice of cake and asked the server if she could pipe on Happy Anniversary on it. 

After 12 years, I have come to FINALLY accept that my husband is not a romantic person. I guess if I want any romance or gimiks, it should really come from me.

Besides, even if I don't get the fireworks nor the outrageous surprises, I always come home to a husband who would rather help the little lords with their homework and help my family out in every way he can.  Plus, he would always stay with me downstairs while I finish my blog in the wee small hours of the morning. Yep even if he has to be very early the next day.

I guess I have my own kind of  surprise by having a husband who always treat me like I'm the hottest lady in all galaxies. Yu-uh! Even if I have all the flab, stretchmarks, and farty gas to prove him otherwise. 

Now THAT'S fireworks for you. ERICJAZ FOODIES style!

Here's to MORE years of craziness ahead Labski, Yubski, Yubhub, Yubiski, The Chinese Adonis, Mark Anthony... and over-all MY ERIC!



Level 1, Greenbelt 5, 
Ayala Center, Makati City
02 7565893

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When we got home the Chinese Adonis offered our flowers to Mama Mary as what we always do. More pogi points for that!!!!!!

And this is why I love flowers too! We always give it to Mama Mary :)


  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusJune 23, 2015 at 8:53 PM

    -Sweet naman ni Eric! I don't think flowers are a waste... they're so beautiful! When we have a house of our own (kahit 1/100th lang ng Hacienda Gatdula, masaya na ako, hehehe), I want to have a garden and plant flowers there.
    -mukhang kilala ko yang nagsarang resto na yan... L'Incontro ba yan? Sa Reposo?
    -ang ganda naman diyan sa LUsso! Di kami bagay diyan... pang-jollibee lang peg namin, hehehe...
    -Uy! You're wearing your Mexican shirt! Peborit mo yata talaga yan. =)
    -ay nako, hate ko din yang mga ganyang klaseng servers. Juzko, kahit nga hindi fine dining na restaurant, may snooty waiters pa din (I'm looking at you f*&%$ng Locash*it!) #hatethemforever
    -JUICE COLORED!!! ANG PRESYO!!! Sabagay, anniversary niyo naman.
    -mirror shot? Yung mirror ba dun sa ibang pics niyo nakakabit sa ceiling? hahahaha... #vhashtush
    -bili ka na ng truffle oil! I saw some sa Pioneer Center, meron less than P500
    -seriously, he doesn't like carbonara? Mukhang may tatalo na kay Richie for being the Pickiest Eater, hahaha
    -P420 for the wine? Hinihimatay talaga ako sa presyo, hahaha
    -ay totoo lahat ng sinabi mo na yan... di na namin kayang kumain ng madami pero tuloy-tuloy ang pag-lobo namin! huhuhu...
    -kami parating may doggie bags, tapos ako ang taga-ubos, hehehe... well, minsan binibigay ko sa talaga sa doggies, hahaha...
    -WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BURGER!!! Inside and out!
    -Kainggit ang barjer!!! Waaaahhhhh...
    -yeah, ang mahal ng wine! Coke Zero forever! hahaha
    -akala ko binigyan talaga kayo ng Bizu ng cake, hahaha
    -yeah, si TP din hindi masyadong romantic, but there are times when he really pulls through, and that's what makes those moments even more specia. Sheesh, naluluha ako... miss ko na siya. Sigh.

    Heniways, have a great Wednesday Idolz! Mwah!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1) CHE! Hacienda Gatdula ka diyan! Ha ha ha ha ha! Pero yeah I love flowers some don 't see it's value and beauty kasi namamatay. As for me I love what it represents and the overall beauty of it. Such an elegant gift everytime!!

      2) I forgot the name ask ko si Eric. He he he he he!

      3) Mas marami pa nga kayong mahal na pinupuntahan!

      4) Ha ha ha ha! Yes I luveeet! Bagay siya sa lahat! Money well spent talaga. He he he he he!

      5) Feeling ko nga e. Mahilig to sa kwarto na may salamin sa taas.

      6) Siguro I'll check it out. Thanks!!!

      7) Yes he doesn't! Samantalang my family and friends love my carbonara. He won't have it.

      8) Ako din nagulat ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh well... Bagay naman siya sa meal.

      9) Di ba? Ngayon we're really watching what we eat. Dati, gusto ko pumuputok lagi sa busog. Ngayon if we do that, ang taba namin agad so we're watching what we eat. Basta busog lang okay na. bilis tumaba e kainis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      10) ay balikan ko yung locavore reference mo ha ha ha ha ha Kakain ako dun to compaere and report to you. Pero di ba kainis ang mga ibang servers na porket we're not celebrities or known billionaires, they're snooty and yabang. This guy was very nice and accommodating. Kaya natuwa ako. He didn't mind that we cancelled one of our orders. He understood.

      12) Ha ha ha ha! Kasi for me and Eri9c parang sayang pera din. tapos paguwi usually di nam in nakakain nor my family. Sobrang rare na mauubos talaga. If ever naman maguuwi ako sa fam I really order a separate dish for them. Kaya we just order what's right for us. Para tipid as well!

      13) Di baaaaaaaaa? It was soooooooooooooo delishessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

      14) Balik na ako sa Coke Zero!

      15) Hindi ha ha ha ha! We paid for that. Libre yung message though.

      16) Korek... Uuuuuuy balik na kasi! Miss ka na namain!



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