Monday, June 8, 2015


After THE YAPPY BUNCH's weekend staycation at HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS, we drove over to San Juan to meet with my family as I will be giving them a birthday treat. There was really no other place we had in mind than MR. SUN MOON (formerly SUN MOON GARDEN) because it has been and always be my family's favorite when it comes to Chinese food. My siblings and I practically grew up there because we celebrated all our special occasions over hot bowls of lomi and sizzling saucy grub.

So for my special 40th lunch, since we were running late, I told my sister to go ahead and order what they liked. I guess they took my "advise" deep into their hearts and stomachs because they really ordered EVERYTHING that they have been craving for in MR. SUN MOON even if we have all "old age" tummy capacity. He he he he he he!

Not to worry though because if there's take home leftover food that we don't mind having the next day, it's MR. SUN MOON dishes. Every spoonful is indeed a trip down our family memory lane. And now, my 40th birthday celebrations will be a part of it! 

I know, I know, that your eyes (and brain) are already be fed up with my 40th bday yaddah yaddah, but this is the last I promise. 

Until of course, the Chinese Adonis' birthday celebrations which is coming right up! Tee Hee!!!



MR. SUNMOON is located in front of Wagyu Stone House grill in Greenhills shopping centre and is beside a gas station.

The restaurant has a limited space and with several tables. Good thing that I haven't slapped butts with other diners when it is a full house. 

NOT that I mind if it's WWF Champion Roman Reigns. Har de har har!

We're finally here!


Le muhMAH and le puhPAH!

Kuya Jon and Ate Jit!

Karen and Kuya Jay!

Mati and Rocio...

Now you know who she takes after...

Me and the Yubkers!

Andrei and his new favorite Minecraft book!

menu grabbed from ZOMATO

When I arrived, they were already attacking a plate of MR. SUNMOON seaweeds with century egg (P250.00). This may look like a pitiful dish but I happily scraped it clean before my brothers and sister got more.

I've long wanted to try MR. SUNMOON's Buddha soup since TVJ love this dish so much. My family was in the mood for something else so I just ordered a cup of it (P300.00) to try.

My family passed on the expensive Buddha soup to fill their tummies with this!

MR. SUNMOON Lomi (P210.00)!

MR. SUNMOON clams in Spicy Sauce (P230.00)!

Mati got the most of this platter. I wouldn't be surprised if soon he'll be ordering it for himself alone.

Whenever we're in MR. SUNMOON, I make it a point to order a sizzling plate of Pork Tenderloin (P350.00)! It has been one of my favorites the first time I took a bite on its very tender meat. The aroma of the sizzling sweet/spicy sauce is enough to make even the most dedicated dieter, drool! Scoop that hot, thick sauce over your rice and you've (almost) got yourself a complete meal! He he he he he he he!

Whenever we're at MR. SUNMOON, we never fail to order our favorite Salt and Pepper Fried Squid! Every time we have it, the squid is still very soft to the bite. I also eat it with the fried garlic and peppers for that much needed ooomph! We would never get tired of this!!! Very addicting if you ask me.

For my extra long life, my sister ordered the MR. SUNMOON Miki Bihon (P230.00). This was saucy, savory, and slurp-worthy! I loved the strips of liver that added more meatiness to the noodles!

My brother ordered a bowl of his favorite MR. SUNMOON Patatim (P350.00) to taste and take out. Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm not really fond of sweet entrees so this is my least favorite dish in MR. SUNMOON. My brother loves it though and would marry it if he can. Hee he he he he!

Of course, we would never forget an order of MR. SUNMOON Crab Foo Yong (P320.00)!

Unlike other foo yongs, MR. SUNMOON's version has a lot of crab meat, egg, and other meaty goodness. In other restaurants you would get more veggies than what you paid for.

The sauce for this Foo Yong is too awesome to ignore too!

Some people would prefer plain rice to better complement the rich and succulent sauces. But not us! Our motto is BRING ON THE FLAVORS baby! So we got the medium Shanghai Fried Rice (P280.00)!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with family in MR. SUNMOON seafood house!

Me first of MANY plates!!


Yep! We got a lot of leftovers. Unfortunately, we don't eat as much as we used to. Even if I wanted to gobble some more food, my very tight belt (and stretch marks) won't let me.


As for Andrei, he immediately finished his food so he could go back to reading. Such a welcome change from his usual Minecraft videos!

BURP! That was such a delicious lunch! I'm so happy to end my birthday week with my family and awesome comfort food. MR. SUNMOON never fails to satisfy us in so many levels!

Now let's wrap those leftovers for take out! Lunch tomorrow is again "on me". He he he he he he!


Ground Floor, One Kennedy Place, 
Ortigas Corner Club Filipino Road, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
02 4701257

Check these out:

On our way home, guess who asked to pass by NATHANIELS  for some of his favorite leche flan? He he he he he! He finished that whole container by the way.



  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusJune 8, 2015 at 7:39 PM

    Hindi pa tapos ang bday posts mo, may Japan trip ka pa! hahaha... Pero I, for one, enjoy everything you're posting. Mas lalo na ngayon na nasa subic ako.

    -waaaahhh... Chinese Food! Nami-miss ko ito!
    -Wow! Sunmoon pala kayo kumakain kahit dati! Sobrang sosi! Kami masaya na kung nakakabili kami ng singkong gulaman at dalawa-singkong chokolate sa tindahan na malapit sa amin.
    -uy buti nakarating sina Kuya mo
    -grabe! ang mahal pala ng items diyan! di ko kinaya ang meyuh!!! hahaha
    -uy century egg and jellyfish! perfect combination!
    -ang mahal pala niyang buddha soup ano? pero gusto kong makatikim niyan!
    -Lomi! mukhang malaki ang servings nila
    -that pork tenderloin looks goooood!
    -ANG SARAP KAYA NG PATA TIM! hahahahahaha... Imperness, ayaw din ni TP niyan, hehehe...
    -I love crab foo yong! Extra sauce please, hehehe
    -hay naku, kami din thunders na ang tiyan, di na talaga kayang kumain ng madami
    -katuwa naman makakita ng batang nagbabasa ng libro =)
    -uy Nathaniel's! Tukayo! hahaha... Masarap talaga diyan, mas lalo na ang buko salad nila.


    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Hindi ko na icocount ang Japan trip ko as birthday post malamang iblock na ako ng ibang tao na sawang sawa na!!!! HA HA AH AH AH!

      OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO Subic time ka nga pala!!! Wala na yung aabangan ko sa madaling araw pag gising ko for Mati and Andrei. This is the moments na pala!

      1) Agad agad??? Madami naman Chinese food diyan. Magpakasawa ka din sa Subic food he he he he he he he he!

      2) Mura lang diyan ano ba no! HELLERRRRR!

      3) Yes pag birthday on Sundays pwede siya. Pero usually pag fam gathering mas prefer niya Sats. He he he he he he!

      4) CHE!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      5) super love century egg and jelly fish!

      6) Sa EMERALD GARDEN is P8,000 an order! I don't know why ang mahal mahal niya.

      7) Yes! Malaki. Lumiit na nga servings nila compared before. Pero mura pa din.

      8) He he he he esame talaga kami ni TP ng taste!!!!!

      9) I AGREE! Extra sauce for now and take home please.

      10) Di ba??? Inggit na inggit ako sa kabataan na extra rice tapos walang itinataba!!! Haaaaaaay!!!!!

      11) Ako din natutuwa when I see the kids read books.

      12) Bwa ha ha ha ha! Super! Yun lang naglilihi si Andrei for leche flan.Ha ha ha ha!

      You too! OH NO MISS NA KITA AGAD!!! Huhuhu! Enjoy ah!!! Different time zone na muna tayo!MWAAAAH idol! Instagram king! He he he he he he he he!

    2. -Pwede pa din naman na sa hapon dito ako mag-comment sa posts mo, para madaling araw diyan, hahaha...
      -siyempre drama ko lang yung chinese food ek-ek ko, hahaha... first meal ko nga dito chinese agad, hahaha... pero pabayaan mo na ako mag-emote, para talagang feel ko na OFW ang peg ko, hahaha...
      -Miss you toooooo!!!! Mwah!

    3. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Chinese food agad??? Ano baaa? Sabagay puro naman talaga MAMAHALIN na AMERICAN or ITALIAN food ang sanay ka dito!!!!!!!

      MISHOOO MORE! NEXT time bawal ka na umalis ah????


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