Thursday, January 22, 2015


Sometime last year in 2014 B.H. (Before Haircut), I received free tickets to watch a concert in Music Museum.  For the 3 tickets, I thought of inviting my Mom since like me, she loved watching musical concerts, AND I asked Yub to tag along with us because we needed a driver (he he he he he!).

Even if we are not performing in the show, we needed to make pre-concert preparations (aka DINNER) so Yub and I thought of going somewhere my Mom would like to eat in but can't because she's always with Dad (he he he he he!) who was VERY particular with having the "usuals" for dinner. With that, I thought of going to CPK (CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN) because there was this particular salad dish there that I know my Mom would like. And, like I predicted, my Dad didn't want to join us even just for dinner because he was not overly fond of salads and fatty pizzas now. 

Anywho, so we all met up in CPK for bite before the show and I know I made the right choice when my Mom loved the salad that we got for her. Once again, CPK ruled our tummies that night!

I think I have mentioned already before how CPK holds a special place in ERICJAZ FOODIES' tiny hearts because it is where we had our official first date (blech). I could still remember like it was yesterday when Yub, all handsome and looking like Kenneth Peralta, claimed that the pasta I was eating looked like chami.

Tsk... tsk... How we ended up together is still beyond me!


CPK in Promenade Greenhills has limited space but they do have tables outside and a mezzanine area.

The interiors of CPK are casual but with some warm touches here and there.

They also have a semi-open kitchen so you could somehow see the action going on while they prepare your food.

Too bad I didn't see any Gordon Ramsey wannabes here. I would've loved to hear somebody hysterically screaming!


Me and Mommy!

Me and the Chinese Adonis!

Ordering up!

And telling my life story to the CPK server. Ha ha ha ha!

First on our table is CPK's Pepporoni pizza for the Chinese Adonis!

My husband is a definite carnivore and would never dream of having veggies in his pizza. He was quite happy with the slightly sweet sauce plus cheesy and gooey slice that he hungrily bit into .

As for me a definite deal breaker for a pizza is the crust. I'm not really for the wafer thin hard ones. I like it crunchy but will give you a chewy morsel to enjoy later on. 

Of course, I find pizza more enjoyable with generous drops of chili sauce!!!!

I've been reading about the famous CPK salad and how it would truly satisfy even those who dislike vegetables (cough Yub!) so I ordered one for me and the mother.

For the first time in the 13 years that we've been going out, I will finally get a taste of CPK's famous Barbecue Chicken Salad!!! Let's just say as much as I wanted to order this when we have our date nights here, I would lose all excitement because somebody almost gags at the thought of having veggies.

At least tonight, I will be getting this with my Mom so he has no choice but to stay quiet and let us veggie-lovers do our thang!

And WOHOO! The wait was truly worth it! I LOOOOOVED the barbecue salad! The greens were generously coated in this creamy ranch dressing but got a different surprise tangy flavor from the barbecue sauce. The crunchy tortilla chips also added a delightful texture in every bite that you won't stop helping yourself to this healthy appetizer. 

Me want more! And I will get it definitely again and again from now on!

It has been weeks since our last meal in MAMOU TOO so I am deeply craving for their famous truffle cream pasta. When I saw that CPK had a dish similar to it, I ordered myself one and promised to share (if it was not good... tee hee).

While the truffle flavors were there, it was definitely NOT like my MAMOU TOO favorite by a long shot. The fettuccine noodles were somewhat soft and the cream sauce was very bland save for the truffle oil flavoring.

This CPK pasta dish is just okay for me. I might try something else the next time we're here.

Of course, I will watch it all down with a tall glass of iced tea!


Our full table!

My plate!!! My very disorganized and sorry looking plate!!!!

Le CPK bill!!!

With dinner over it was time to watch the show! 

As usual we were on time but the show wasn't! Grrrr! Nevertheless! Still thankful for the tickets and the great night with my Mom and the Chinese driver.

He he he he!

So. There.

Check it out :

Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan
Metro Manila, Philippines 
(+63 2) 725-7377


  1. Sunod-sunod ang posts! Woooohooo!!!
    -ah madami na palang dietary restrictions dad mo?
    -CHAMI!!! Bwahahahahaha... I'm assuming that's the Charlie Chan pasta you're referring to?
    -awwwww... sweet naman, CPK pala first date niyo. Kami sa Starbucks, Greenhills
    -(after backreading) Wow! You both looked so young dun sa first post mo dito sa blog mo
    -ganda talaga ng mom mo... Susan Roces!!!
    -hanggang ngayon pala pepperoni pa din ang preference ni Eric
    -ooooohhh yeah! Chili flakes/sauce is the only way to go! Pizza isn't the same without it, hahaha
    -that barbecue salad looks good! Ma-order nga yan, and soon!
    -ay, major fail pala ang truffle pasta nila? Have you tried the one from La Nuova Pastelleria sa Forbes Park? That's our favorite here in the Metro. Pero the best para sa akin yung sa Breakfast at Antonio's!!! Super bitin kasi maliit ang serving, pero ang saraaaap!
    -iced tea monster ka talaga! hahaha...
    -Eeeeekkk! Ang bill! Ang mahal! Di ko kinaya!!! EricJazFoodies ang peg! hehehe...
    -How was the show? I read Barbra on the ticket - mga Streisand songs ba ang kinanta?

    Have a fantastic Friday Jaz!

    1. Hiya Mr.Snuff!!! ha ha ha ha ha! I try my best na everyday! I have a lot to write about! Dati nga when I had a diary talagang everyday entries ko along with something that made the day memorable (chopstick... receipt.... ipin... joke! ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

      1) Not really but he does have a tendency to eat a lot! Ha ha ha ha! Naku up to now he eats burgers and fried chicken everyday! Anubayan!!!! He's the original foodie in the family and he introduced us to a lot of cuisines. Kaso syempre he's a senior na and should watch his diet. Most of the time, he opts out na lang in buffets or other restaurants that he likes kasi mapapadami kain niya. He he he he he he! My very devoted Mom naman, wouldn't go to places na wala siya. Buti this time napilit namin. He he he he he!

      2) Tumpak!!! It's their Kung Pao Chicken Pasta! Hay nako! Buti na lang noon pogi siya!

      3) Uuuuy!!! Kaya dapat pala magcelebrate din tayo sa STARBUCKS!

      4) hA HA HA HA HA! That is actually the first entry for my ERICJAZ FOODIES FB SITE. Officially, ERICJAZFOODIES blog started 2013.... Kasi napraning ako baka mawala FB ha ha ha ha ha! Anyway... yes pacute pa kami nun. Kadiri.

      5) Thanks! Sabihin ko! And she's really a lady!!! Super bait and very simple. No flashy signature bags for her. Sa kaniya namin nakuha na less is more. Everybody loves her. Suki sa Ninang sa kasal. Kung di ko siya nanay, malamang kinuha ko siya ninang! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      6) Korek! Pepperoni lang lagi... borng. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


      8) Yes you should try their chicken barbecue salad. I'm craving it right now. I asked for extra dressing though kasi I love extra creamy. He he he he he!!!!

      9) Oo! I did not like their truffle pasta. I just found it medyo bland. Naku di ako napapapdpad sa FORBES at sosy yon no! Para lang yun sa mga katulad mo!!!! O HA?

      10) Yessss! I could have 4 or 5 iced tea refills! He he he he he he!!!!

      11) ASUSSSSSSSS nakaka ANTONIOS ka nga!!! Che!

      12) The show was like a tribute to Direk Fritz... performers were Pops F, Martin N. Ariel Rivera... and many more singers na hiwakan niya dati. It was fun kaso it started 9pm. I was just peeved because minadali namin dinner to be on time. Haaaaaay!!!!!!

      Thanks!!! You too and the pogi Partner! YIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  2. -ah okey... uu nga, dapat na ngang mag-ingat sa kinakain, although ang galing naman na siya ang original foodie sa family niyo at tinuruan niya kayo to appreciate different cuisines
    -celebrate sa starbucks??? eeeeekkkk... it's soooo second wave! hahahaha
    -tawa ako ng tawa sa sinabi mo na kung di mo siya nanay, kinuha mo siyang ninang, hahaha
    -oist, linya ko yang "para lang yan sa mga katulad mo" - dapat magbayad ka sa akin for copyright infringement, hahahaha
    -Antonio's kami kagabi kasi birthday ni Tha Partner, hehehe... dapat nga mag-overnight kami sa Verbena/Discovery Country Suites, kaso lang past 4 na siya natapos sa charity cases niya sa pgh, eh sayang yung oras na di namin na-occupy sana, so umuwi na lang kami. Nakita ko na sana si Sir Jonah Lloyd Cruz kung natuloy kami, hehehe
    -di on time nag-start? Azar!!! hehehe...

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!

      Yes! Daddy ko yung bawat event (kahit simple lang like last day of school) we're going to eat something special. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Sya din si Mr. Medium Rare of the family!!!! AND as much as he loves food, he doesn't eat dogs or cats. Basta yung talagang kinakain lang. Hilig niya super to take us out and food trip kaya we have alot of great memories as kids na I'm doing so with my own little family na. He he he he he he he!

      1) YABANG MO!!! Ako Starbucks all the way! Mas love ko toffee nut latte nila at caramel macchiatto! Palibhasa you're alta!! alta level! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      2) My sister and I would often joke about it. Promise! You should meet her. Super ladylike pa siya. She's a doctor but didn't pursue a career to take care of us.

      3) He he he he he he!!!! Sige ibahin ko... PARALANG YAN SA MGA ALTA NA KATULAD MO... o different yan ah!

      4) Ay wala na si John Lloyd sa Discovery sayang nga e.... Uy BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR GOOD LOOKING PARTNER! Yihiiiii kiligations na!!!!!!!

      5) YES! Asar na asar ako! E ako I'm always on time. So minadali namin dinner para to be there 8pm on the dot... e since empty pa most of the chairs, they started mga 9pm na! HAY! Ireally hate that!

    2. Mr. SnuffenduffersJanuary 23, 2015 at 4:24 PM

      -MEDIUM RARE! A man of excellent taste indeed! =)
      -flavored coffee??? eeeeeekkkkk!!!! hahahahaha... alta nga ako... as in may alta-presyon, kaya naka-maintenance meds na, hahaha...
      -I do hope to meet her one day, I'm sure she's everything you say and more! =)
      -ginamit ko na din yang phrase na yan, at lahat ng phrases like that, na sa iyo ko dapat ginagamit because you are the very high up there... langit ka, llupa ako... hahaha...
      -WALA NA SIYA??? Oh no!!! (affected??? hahaha...) San na siya? Dun na lang kami mag-check in, hahaha
      -ako din I'm a stickler for punctuality, kaya azar ako sa mga late... although medyo nag-mellow na ako ngayon dahil kay The Partner =)

    3. Hiya Mr. Snuff (ano ba yan bago na naman ang pangalan!!!!!!!!!!! BW HA HA HA HA HA!)

      1) CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He surely knows his meats!
      2) BOO!!! Yabang mong makapanlait sa mga katulad kong mang mang!
      3) Yes!! Everyone who knows and have met her will agree.
      4) Kung ang lupa ay nakakakain sa ANTONIOS at dun sa italian resto sa Forbes park, aba... don na ako! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      5) Yes nagresign na siya He he he he he!!!!
      6) Me din.... although I still get asar pero iniintindi ko na lang.


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