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Just in case you're wondering how ERICJAZ FOODIES manage our "imaginary" social life, would you believe we  have this "forever habit" that we are  following right now? I'm not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing but I have these bits of OC tendencies that I have etched in stone. One of them is how I have made up this "social" schedule to keep in touch with everyone who is special in my life. Yup. I have a schedule. It may be weird but it does help me stick true to it.

Unless there is no special occasion (like birthdays, anniversaries, or BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH inviting me out for dinner), this is usually ERICJAZ FOODIES schedule:

1) Mondays to Thursdays -- we don't go out since we usually stay with the little lords when there's school the next day. Sometimes though we sneak in a blogger meet up but that's limited to just once or twice a month at the most.

2) Fridays - meet up with Couple Friends. Yup! We love meeting up with other "Teams" over dinner and sometimes we bring along the kiddies.

3) Saturday Night - ALWAYS date night with my Chinese Adonis. We agreed that we wouldn't meet up with other people  here because we want it to be just US. My husband is not my default date just because I don't have plans with friends. For many years now, we have made it sacred that every Saturday night is reserved just for each other!

4) Sunday Morning - Mass and breakfast with THE YAPPY BUNCH!

5) Sunday Lunch - Lunch with my family.

6) Sunday Night - Early dinner with either family or friends.

Weird? Well at least you'll be thankful you'll only get to see US just once a week. Ha ha ha ha!

Another OC tendency for me? I love meeting with couple friends now. I don't know. I'm not really one to make late night outs with just the girls. Though we do allow the other to go out and have fun with our other friends, we both choose to still go out together. Too much co-depency? Maybe! He's my driver sweet lover, while I'm the one who makes him laugh always. He he he he! Oh well!

So for Friday night, our schedule was to meet with couple friends, and that time it was the BP Group. I got out of the office late so I missed having dinner with them but at least, I was still able to catch up for chika AND dessert.

Venue that late night out was at CAFE BRETON, our usual hang out at Podium since it's near Ann's office. Yes. I may be bummed about missing dinner, but I was consoled with the fact that our "couple gossip" will be joined by coffee and crepes.

Yuuummmm! Nothing like delicious coffee and crepes to make my weird way of thinking go into a frenzy!


It was a good thing that CAFE BRETON closed at 12:00 midnight on weekends. We got to Podium around 10:00pm already due to the horrible Metro Manila traffic!

CAFE BRETON has 2 floors but I prefer staying at the second floor. 

It may be nice to sit at the first floor of CAFE BRETON because you'll see the ladies cooking up the creamy crepes. However, it could get quite hot in there so I like it more outside or the dining area or upstairs.

Crowded? Not so! There is actually more space to dance the tango at the second floor of CAFE BRETON.

When we got there, we just saw the poor husbands since the wives were out shopping. Ha ha ha ha!

If you need to call the servers downstairs, CAFE BRETON has this school bell for you to use. 


Mareng Gem and Pareng Joji!

Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun!

Mareng Ann and invisible Jonahs... H ah aha ha ha!

ERICJAZ FOODIES (with props)!

Our lovely server that night at CAFE BRETON!


CAFE BRETON menu 1.... 

CAFE BRETON menu 2.... 

CAFE BRETON menu 3... 

CAFE BRETON menu 4... 

CAFE BRETON menu 5... 

CAFE BRETON menu 6.... 


Mareng Gem's CAFE BRETON Cafe Caramel (P110.00)

I wouldn't mind getting fat for THIS one.

It's not available in CAFE BRETON but Mareng Gem generously shared with us a serving of Rodilla's Yema cake they bought from Podium. He he he he!

My husband's CAFE BRETON Mango Smoothie (P110.00). 

Mareng Ann's CAFE BRETON Cafe Mocha Decaf (P115.00)

My CAFE BRETON double cappuccino (P115.00).

My favorite at CAFE BRETON! Le Delice Crepe (P220.00)!

Creamy crepe filled topped with nutella, chopped almonds, and vanilla ice cream!!! Yowza from CAFE BRETON!

I think that's just beautiful.

Well done CAFE BRETON. Well done.

Mareng Gem ordered CAFE BRETON's Deja Vu (P228.00).

They let us have a taste of this and it was such a knock out!!! The sweet mangoes went very well with the whipped cream and caramel! Truly heaven in a plate!

Mareng Gail's CAFE BRETON Banana Split (P195.00)!

What's not to love with 3 fat scoops of ice cream then drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream???


ERICJAZ FOODIES with our BP Group!

Yub, do you need lip balm or something? I think you have puckered WAAAAY too much!

While we were enjoying dessert, Mareng Gem started her talk for their small group. It was something the Yub and I thought of trying and we learned a lot from Friday's topic about child caring.

We had fun sharing and discussing how we each raised and disciplined our kiddies. It made me feel not so bad at how naughty my boys could be. I'm thankful that the little lords are more behaved now.

Like I said above. The reason why we love meeting up with couple friends is because we don't only have the greatest of times, we pick up something that would benefit our little families as well! 

Of course, "learning" was made more sweeter with spoonfuls of our CAFE BRETON crepe!

I'm sure Mareng Gail and Jun agrees with this! He he he he!

And we're done!

Oops... The shy bite!

Wiped that off with the last gulp of my coffee!!


My BP Group! Missing Mareng Chel here! 

I'm so thankful that I have ladies who share our same values for family and togetherness. We are all at an age where we have more fun with the husband and kiddies that we don't look for single "gimmicks" anymore. I'm glad that I have found these wonderful gals who support my weird schedule and even practice it themselves. 

Come to think of it, I may have an OC schedule, but they are special enough for me to "change" it from time to time. I'm sure they would do the same because I also consider these gals and their "Teams" as 

After Mareng Gail left, I got another round of coffee.

Yes! Our discussion was so fun that it was hard for us to say good bye!

Schedule Shmedule!! I'm still having my delicious coffee after a super kaduper fun night with my BP Group! I wonder what would happen if I ditch the Yub for our date night tomorrow for a night out with them?

DUH! I'm kidding! Yeah. Good food does that sometimes.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

The Podium
G/F The Poduim, 18 ADB Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 687-5971


  1. -Pareho ulit tayo! Medyo ObC din ako sa mga scheds ko... pero when The Partner came along, and since he's a doctor, nagbabago talaga ang mga plans namin at the last minute, kaya after eight years of us being together (that's like 40 in gay years, hahaha) nasanay na din ako to just go with the flow, although my inner ObC-ness is still lurking there inside, hahaha...
    -ahhhhhh Cafe Breton! Madalas kami diyan sa branch na yan ng The Podium, pero I go there usually when they open at 7am. =) sarap ng mga savory crepes nila! Peborit ko yung Galette Breton tsaka yung ham, cheese, tomato and egg crepe nila.
    -uy Rodilla's! kaka-ubos ko lang ng isang buo niyan, hahaha... pero not at one sitting naman. Mahigit isang linggo ko nang panghimagas yan. =)
    -OH WOW! BANANA SPLIT!!! I love banana split!
    -bakit nga ba naka-pucker si CA sa mga pics niyo? hahaha
    -Hello Mareng Gail! =) Gorgeous talaga!
    -where is Sir Jonah????? huhuhu... (arte! hahaha)


    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!! Sorry for very late comment. Please don't get mad at me. You know me... I don't go on PC during weekends kasi bawal. Ha ha ha ha ha! No I mean, I don't blog din kasi since Saturdays and Sundays are my time with the boys/family. Sorry! I hope you understand. E ang hirap magcomment ng nobela kapag sa mobile lang. He he he he he! Soweeeeeee.... :(

      1) Di ba??? Ako I'm all about schedule! And pareho tayo. I saw your comment sa post ni Jane. It's my thing too. Ayoko ng biglaan. Kasi in my case, buti sana if I was single and I have my own time. E kaso I'm a Mommy na. I don't just go out. I fix everything at home and make paalam to the kids pa. I "iron out" everything before I go and I make sure I do it within a timetable because I HATE BEING LATE. Punctuality is so important for me. Kaya yes, a schedule is very important. Buti si Yub is able to catch up with me. Yun lang, kung ano ang ibinilis ko sa galaw, GANON AKO KABAGAL KUMAIN! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I talk a lot kasi e. Si Yub he inhales his food. Ako bagal talaga! I savor every moment. Bakit ba. Syempre, when you're with people you love, you won't rush the moment di ba? NAKS!

      2) Yes! I loooove their crepes! I haven';t tried yung mga hindi dessert. Hindi ko pa kaya. Ha ha ha ha ha! Maybe soon. I tried their spaghetti once. It was good naman.

      3) When we're going to meet up, I'll give you Rodillas Yema cake kapag manggaling kami Lucena! Or! I'll treat you some tapos pick it up from my office?

      4) Si Yub nakapucker? Ewan ko ba dun. Baka may singaw. Lagi may singaw yun e. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      5) KOREK! As always!

      6) Wala may meeting si John Lloyd! Sayang nga e!!!

      Thanks sooo much for the comments my dear Mr. Snuff!!!!! Have an awesome week ahead naman! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWAH!

    2. Okey lang yun ano! Bakit naman ako magagalit kung late ka mag-reply? Tsaka medyo alam ko naman na wiz ka masyado nag-blog pag weekend. =)

      Hay naku, kahit mag-meet-yup lang tayong dalawa, oks ba? Mahirap ispelingin ang sched ni TP kse. Saang banda ba ang opis mo? Kahit walang Rodillas oks lang... nagbebenta din kasi nun ang pinsan ko e... magkano ba yun sa Lucena? Sa pinsan ko kse P220 ang kuha ko.

    3. He he he he! Baka kasi you'll think your comments are not important to me e! Because obviously IT IS!!!! Wala lang ako load for internet during weekends. JOKE! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Game!!! Pero sasama daw si CA! Alam mo naman yun. Originally I refer to him as Chinese Stalker. Pano lahat ng lakad ko gusto niya nakasabit siya. Wala kasi siyang friends...ako lang. Kidding! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Napromote lang kaya naging CHINESE ADONIS. Ha ha ha ha ha! I'll check with him sa price. Alam ko less than P200 yung half...

    4. Uy nice! Sige, sana matuloy na... hehehe... pwede din bang lunchtime? hahaha...

    5. Sige treat mo kami sa BLACK OLIVE...... JOKE HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H AH AH AH AH AH HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two year's salary worth ko ang one entree dun!

    6. Magsitigil ka! Script ko yan, may copyright yan... hahahaha...

    7. I knew it! Isa siyang SCRIPT! Kasing richness mo si Bill Gates! Ito yung parang sa pelikula na nagpapanggap ang isang Prinsipe na kunwari Pauper!!!!

    8. ahhh... hindi.. ang ibig kong sabihin... ay... subalit... ngunit... ang pakiwari ko'y...

      (bilis Mr. Snuff... deflect mo agad sa kanya!)

      Ahem... ikaw nga itong may order sa Pink Wasabi e! Siguro dose-dosenang cakes at kahon ng kashi maki yun! Ikaw ang richness! hahaha...

      Seriously, wala akong trabaho, kung hindi dahil kay The Partner di ako makakakain sa mga masasarap na resto na katulad ng kinakainan niyo.

    9. Ha ha ha ha! If you ask Chef Anna, one of my PM's to her was "Chef Anna ito lang budget ko e... sorry kuripot"... HA HA HA HA HA HA AH HA!

      Ang sarap mo naman! Di mo na kailangan magwork! Tapos the PARTNER is a doctor pa!! Alam mo ba I have a thing for Doctors? As in crush na crush ko sila. When I was a kid, I wanted to marry a doctor.

      Kaso walang nanligaw sa akin na doctor eh. H aha ha h ah ha!

    10. hahahahaha... kung gusto mong makita pic ni TP tignan mo yung Pink Egg Episodes Part 2 post ni Jin, yung dun sa Yardstick ginawa. Nandun kme.

      Atsaka, kailangan kong mag work ano! hahaha... di na lang nga pwede kasi wala nang tatanggap sa katulad ko. Medyo not fit for work na kse ang peg ko dahil sa mga sakit ko. =)

    11. I can't find it :( Ang tagal na ata nung post na yon :( What date?

      Magblog ka na bilis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Oo nga e! We should set up something asap!


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