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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Chinese New Year is coming and never before in the history of my sweet little life have I seen many promotions left and right on how to properly celebrate this Asian tradition. I mean yes, I have been married to my Chinese Adonis for 10 years now (blech :P) but hearing different "musts" and "shoulds" to be assured of an abundant year ahead still gives me a bit of a surprise.

Well for one, I should fill my table with 12 round fruits so that we could also have 12 months of good fortune.

Another is that if we have Chinese New Year Cake (or "tikoy") our year will be filled with togetherness and unity since the round dessert is very sticky to the touch.

The latest one that I have heard of is that if I wear red underwear and a new pair of pajamas to bed, I will have a very "lucky" year.  Hmmmm... It may sound like something my sneaky (and naughty) husband might say but yes it's true. I googled it and erased all my suspicions on what my husband meant by "lucky".

Anywho, like I said, we all have our practices and beliefs but sometimes something non-traditional comes along that will just blow away our "routine" with its awesomeness.

I'm talking about OUTBACK steakhouse. And yes, your "friend" from down under will be celebrating the Year of the Horse with you with grilled meats, pasta, and a whole lot of delicious fortune for you to enjoy!


Since my little fambam picked me up from work, we decided to drop by at OUTBACK steakhouse in Libis, Quezon City. 

OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE in Libis was all about space and it was just perfect for my little fam with 2 monsters... este... angels... he he he he!

There is a also smoking area and bar at a special room in OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE.

My TEAM YAP was actually in OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE because we were raring to try their new Chinese New Year promo! Imagine, for only P1,995.00 you get 4 dishes that is enough for 3-4 diners!!!

This special deal is available for dine in only in ALL branches of OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE so don't you agree with me that it is worth a try?

That is a seriously, freakishly good deal if you ask me considering the normal prices of their grub!

It is enough for my Chinese Adonis to spare a day from his favorite dimsum, noodles, congee, and tikoy of the Chinese New Year season and have some steaks at OUTBACK!!!

According to Mr. Mark Santiago, Manager on duty for OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE Libis branch, they decided to offer this promo in time for the Chinese New Year because they wanted to treat their diners to this special "fortune".

And by fortune they really meant "discount" because you get OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE's 4 popular dishes at an unbelievable price that you'd want to embrace the year of the horse and gallop to your nearest branch!

The OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE Chinese New Year promo will only run from January 24 to February 2, 2014. But if it becomes too popular for the diners, they could extend this deal for 3 more months!!!

Let's hope that happens now shall we?

After we got settled in our booths, OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE immediately served their complimentary bread with whipped butter. My husband and I loved this bread because it had that slight cocoa flavor which goes very well with the creaminess of the butter. 

We were really planning to eat this but the little lords Mati and Andrei immediately brought it to the "dark" side.... So we won't be able to get any. Ha ha ha!

My little Andrei finds fascination in just about anything. He was particularly amused that the whipped butter of the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE bread stayed put no matter how hard he tried to pop it out. Ha ha ha ha! Simple joys! I love seeing him laugh like that!

I know I shouldn't let them have this at the start of the meal but Mati ordered some Royal....

... while little Andrei begged for bottomless iced tea!

We were not really planning on having anything else save from OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE's Chinese New Year special but their Kookaburra Wings seem to be so inviting!

We requested this OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE appetizer to be just mildly spicy for the kids and when this fried hot dish landed on the table, we regretted that decision because once more, the little lords shouted their "ownership" on the wings and attacked it hungrily. 

Hmmm... mental note. Next time request the wings to be EXTRA spicy so that it will only be for the adults...


Hmmm... jokes are half meant!

Tee hee! Just joking!

Me and little lord Andrei!

My husband was able to snatch an OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE wing from the kids without them seeing... He he he he he!

Of course, boys will be boys, after the 6th Kookaburra Wing, they gave us their "leftovers" and wanted something else. It's okay! Us beggars cannot be choosers because their wings are THAT good! Ha ha ha ha ha! 

Of course when you're at OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE, you should never forget to order their most famous appetizer... The Typhoon Bloom!!! 

The OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE Typhoon Bloom are ultra seasoned strips of Onions that are so perfect to munch on its own!

But it's also very savory with their spicy mayo dip!!! The combination could be lethal on your diet but don't mind it!! This is soooo delicious for you to worry about (scoff) calories!

My husband likes his Typhoon Bloom long!!!


OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE New Year's Special really starts you off with a cold plate of Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad!

The chicken was grilled perfectly and still juicy to the bite!

Unfortunately, my boys won't have anything to do with vegetables (and by "boys" I meant "including my husband") so I was left by my lonesome to enjoy this usual favorite. 

Wait... "unfortunately"?

First entree for the OUTBACK Chinese New Year deal is their half slab of baby back ribs!

My husband is not particularly fond of the usual barbecue sauce used for ribs but this one from OUTBACK he loved because of its sweet and lip-smacking seasonings.

These OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE ribs were fall off the bone tender that even lazy chewer Andrei was able to enjoy a serving.

Dish came with fries!

My favorite would be the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE Victoria's Fillet!

Don't let the portion fool you... 

When my husband sliced it in half it was a thick cut of meat which was perfectly pink in the middle!

Isn't that beautiful?

The OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE Victoria's fillet comes with these buttery mashed potatoes and steamed veggies! Nummy yummy!!!!

The OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE Chinese New Year Special also came with Seafood Pasta!

This fettucine with tangy tomato sauce was just okay for us. 

However, Mati decided to grab the whole plate and declared it his "territory". I was able to get a bit though for Andrei because we did not want Mati to be very full at night time!


Notice how we are all wearing green or brown tops? That's because both are said to be the lucky colors for the year of the horse!!!!

A long table filled with OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE food!

The Chinese cutie lookalikes happily eating!!!

Andrei and Mommy being happy and wacky!!!!

My plate! My beautiful OUTBACK plate!!!

While my Chinese Adonis stuffed himself like crazy (hmmmm did that sound right?) resulting in meat sweats... 

... my little Andrei played with his Power Rangers and got a bit "romantic".... 


What the....

We were so full from the wonderful OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE meats but Mr. Santiago said that the Chinese New Year deal gives a special discount to one of my favorite desserts there!

Instead of P319.00 for the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE Cinnamon Oblivion, you'll get it only for P256.00!!!

Now since this is our favorite dessert, that special price IS indeed the cherry on top!

At first my husband was telling Mr. Santiago that he was too full to even for just a teaspoon of this dessert... 

... but after a few seconds...

So you're "full" eh???

While Mommy and Daddy were eating, Andrei did not want to have any dessert (good!) and just played with his Power Rangers. 

By the way, the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE Chinese New Year deal comes with your surprise red envelope or "ampao" at the end containing more discounts for future meals here!

So with the P564.00 that you will save from their Chinese New Year special, OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE gives you about P2,000.00 plus worth of discount!!!!

That's GONG XI FA CAI for you!!!! 


Anyway, if OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE has those cool "ampaos", I still have MY 3 ultimate "fortunes" for the Chinese New Year!

Tee hee!

We truly enjoyed our Chinese New Year Celebration at OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE and we will surely be back to avail this cool deal again! Now we are not saying that you should forego your usual beliefs when celebrating the Chinese New Year but just in case you want to try out something different for one day in this season, then you may want to head over at OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE! We loved the steak and ribs!

 If there's one thing I wish to point out is that I think the serving for the Chinese New Year deal is really good only for 2 hungry diners or 3 pax. But then, if you are planning to order the OUTBACK necessities (Kookaburra wings and Typhoon Bloom) then everything is JUST right!

ERICJAZ FOODIES sends out special thanks to Ms. Dona Meg Fernandez and Mr. Mark Santiago of OUTBACK! Thanks for accommodating and giving us an early celebration of the Chinese New Year!!!


Outback Steak House
35 E. Rodriguez Jr Avenue, Acropolis, Libis, Quezon City
02 6343801

Outback Steak House 
Ground Floor, Glorietta 4, Glorietta Complex, Makati City
02 7298458

Outback Steak House 
Alabang Town Centre, Lot 6, Commercial Avenue Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City

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