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Sunday, January 26, 2014


I don't know if there is a weird weather phenomenon or everybody's wishes came true for Christmas but the Philippines has been extra nippy chilly these days. It became so cold that I HAD to wear a jacket almost everyday and there was even a morning where I turned off all the electric fans because I was already shivering up to my little wee toes!

Now when it is cold, what is the best thing to do besides, ahem, cuddling cuddling up with your equally cold significant other?

Well you could slurp some hot soup of course!

And there is a new SHABU SHABU restaurant to give you just THAT (plus a lot more) at the San Juan side of the metro.

HUAT POT restaurant!   

It gets even better -- HUAT POT restaurant is ALL you can eat!!

And for P688.00++ per person, believe me. IT'S WORTH IT.

Read on to find out why!

HUAT POT is all about space and passionate colors!

If you want a little bit of privacy, I feel that this comfortable booth will give you just that!

But when you get further inside HUAT POT, this very wide section of the restaurant will certainly surprise little unsuspecting you!

Not too shabby don't you think?

If you want to do a bit of people (or traffic ) seeing then sit on the HUAT POT red couches next to the window.

I would love to go back here during the rainy season and slurp on their hot soup while it is drizzling outside!

If you want a place to yourselves you could call ahead and reserve HUAT POT's function rooms!

You would surely love to treat your family and friends here! Prices are so reasonable compared to what they serve!

Adults: P688++
Kids 3 feet below: Free
Kids 4 feet above: 50% off from the adult price!

HUAT POT is the latest from foodie friends Mike Tayag and Chef Jonas Ng. 

According to Chef Jonas, who is also the head chef of HUAT POT, they just love to eat anytime and everywhere that when they were at Taiwan with friends, they wanted to bring home the delicious Shabu Shabu experience that they enjoyed!

But they will make sure that they will not just offer the same old same old Shabu Shabu experience for us. HUAT POT is going to happily fill you up AND more!

Yes. You BETTER believe it!

When you sit down at HUAT POT, they provide you with simple (but humorous) directions on how to go about  your Shabu Shabu meal!

Hmmm... somebody did not proof - read "deserts"... 

Don't worry. It was not me. This time.

Ha ha ha ha!

So my Chinese Adonis happily stood up to do a little bit of Shabu Shabu "shopping".

Did I say that HUAT POT is buffet style? Well yessiree! AND HOW!

HUAT POT charges 50% more to your bill if you waste food. But I find that having leftovers will be impossible. 

If you're a huge carnivore like my hubby, then go for the refrigerated meat section!

At HUAT POT you get to choose and pig out (pun intended) from 3 types of meat!

After you get your fill of beef, pork, or whatever, head over to HUAT POT's seafood, vegetable, and noodle section!

Oh myy.... lots and lots to choose from!

HUAT POT's special balls, dimsums, etc are all flown in from Taiwan!

When I saw a whole rack of HUAT POT crab stick, I suddenly missed Mati. These are his favorite!

Don't forget the vegetables!

Oooh! Noodles! MY favorite!

You cook all of your food at HUAT POT to your liking but if you're already hungry and can't wait for the broth to boil (too much watching the pot??) they have something special for you. 

If you loved the famous street food in Taiwan where they give you a cupful of white rice topped with a teeny tiny serving of sweet, saucy pork, you'll surely do the dance of joy when you see that in HUAT POT, they offer ALL YOU CAN EAT braised pork!


Wait! Hold the phone. Now THIS would make drinkers faint. He he he he!

Yup! Drinks are bottomless at HUAT POT! And it is already included in the buffet price!

If you're not a beer drinker (like me) then head over to their soda section! HUAT POT also has chilled ripe mango juice!

After you have taken a few gulps of your drinks to cool you off from the excitement of the meal ahead (hehehe), it's time to make your special sauce for your Shabu Shabu in HUAT POT!

Now you don't get wee sauce plates here! In fact, you will get tired from choosing what to put in your bowl! Good thing that Chef Jonas helped us out!

For ERICJAZ FOODIES, Chef Jonas put some garlic, coriander, chilis, sesame paste, peanut paste, and sate sauce!

Now that lovely concoction was topped off with an egg yolk for extra added creaminess to your dipping sauce! Wow! Now I got MORE excited to get my lunch going at HUAT POT!

Now in the wise words of Mr. Walter White in BREAKING BAD...


Even if HUAT POT is buffet style where you are expected to get off your butt to fill up your plate, their servers are very helpful and would immediately offer to pour your chosen soup base in your hot pots!

All HUAT POT broths have NO msg! Yup! You get the healthy real deal here. AND you have 4 to choose from... 

HUAT POT sate (bbq based) and oden (for veggie lovers). We especially loved the Oden broth for that slight sweet taste (similar to sukiyaki). It truly complemented cooked vegetables!

HUAT POT Mala (spicy soup) and Huat Pot (original broth)!

Do try the Mala for that savory kick in your Shabu Shabu!

My Chinese Adonis got a plate each of the HUAT POT specialty meats!

... and stacked them up under his balls.

Wait. That didn't sound right.


The HUAT POT soup was boiling so it was time to dump everything in.

Okay you are NOT supposed to do that. We are just hungry. Ha ha ha ha! You must put in the veggies that take longer to cook like the corn, taro balls, etc. Next would be the noodles then the vegetables. For the meats, since it is cut in thin strips you could just give it a short 20 second dip into the boiling broth.

There is a fine art to cooking your HUAT POT shabu shabu to fully enjoy your soupy experience. But being the hungry ogres that we are, we just threw everything in. Ha ha ha ha! 

EVERYTHING still tasted wonderful anyway!

I'm sure by now you know how much I am in love with carbs. So in HUAT POT I ate my Shabu Shabu meats, vegetables, and noodles with the Braised Pork rice! 

Ultimate YUM!

Next to of course my Chinese Adonis, but HUAT POT IS a close second!

He he he he!

The HUAT POT of happiness!

Now that's my giddy smile over there!

Tee hee! I'm such a messy eater I know!

Now isn't this a wonderful sight when it's just cold outside?

I'm sure the handsome DUDE FOR FOOD will agree as he was onto his 10th bowl (I kid you not!!!) when this picture was taken!

He washed everything down with cold chugs of beer! 

While he was having his nth bowl of HUAT POT, it was time for dessert!

You could choose to be healthy since you filled yourself up silly with all the Shabu Shabu goodness... 

OR you could still continue the grubfest and indulge in ALL YOU CAN EAT Magnum!

Yup! You read that right.


While enjoying that MAGNUM, you could pair it up with bottomless coffee and hot tea!

Yup! The perfect sweet ending to an unforgettable Shabu Shabu meal!

I must have enjoyed about 3 cups of their coffee with THE MOMMIST

It may also have something to do with talking about our favorites Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt! He he he he!

Wait. Let me correct myself. I did not END it yet with the Magnum because the HUAT POT All You Can Eat Taho seem so inviting!

And yes. It was as delectable as it looked!

After all that Magnum, coffee, and taho at HUAT POT, our table was a mess. AND the DUDE FOR FOOD was still eating. Where he puts that in is beyond me. He is just fit as a fiddle!

BURP! That was really a great meal!

Thank you so much to Ms. Kate Sangco (Marketing), Ms. Ria Barreto-Villanueva (Marketing), Chef Jonas Ng, and Mr. Mike Tayag of HUAT POT, for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!

We will DEFINITELY bring Mati and Andrei, our shabu shabu connoisseurs (hehehe), here!

Special thanks of course to Mr. Richard Co (TALES FROM THE TUMMY) for inviting us! We had a lot of fun!

Lunch was DEFINITELY more enjoyable with my favorite foodie family!
l-r Richard Co (TALES FROM THE TUMMY), Irene Co (INDULGENCE BY IRENE), Stonibert Lim (THE FOOD ALPHABET), Vlad Bunoan (ABS CBN), MEH, Len Altea (THE MOMMIST), Kathi Raneses and Jericho San Miguel (MUCKING AROUND MANILA), THE CHINESE ADONIS, Lynne Reyes (EN ROUTE), Eugene Constantino (HEFTY FOODIE), and Yedy Calaguas (YEDYLICIOUS).


2nd Flr Metropoint Ctr. 
P. Guevarra cor Wilson Sts., 
San Juan, Philippines
+639154805500; (02) 6593091

Check them out!

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed with the presentation of the selections. Nice rhyme with the name too.

    p.s. geek explantion to the weird phenomenon (coldness). The moon's gravity affects the temperature by tides, wind (sea breeze) etc. so it's usually cold nearing Chinese New Year which abides by the Lunar calendar.

    1. Ha ha ha! Thanks for the "geek explanation"! I love it! Keep em coming! At least I learned something new today! Yes you should try HUAT POT Stacy! For me it's truly worth the price especially with the shabu shabu selection, drinks and desserts all in. Did I mention, eat all you can Magnum? ha ha ha ha!

      Thanks for check us out! :)

    2. Wow eat all you can magnum =) Not a bad deal but I'm not sure if the family would wanna travel far for it hmm

  2. This post made me regret that I failed to join you as per Richard's invitation. Nice too see happy and satisfied smiles over a sumptuous buffet meal.

    I had my share of this kind of dining when I was in Penang; they call it there, "steamboat" with a wide variety of ingredients and desserts but unlike Huat Pot, the ones I sampled in Malaysia only offer 2 types of stock -spicy and otherwise (nagdadala pa kami ng Sinigang Mix just to suit the broth to our taste). Good to know that Huat Pot has choices of soup base. Plus those unlimited Magnum, nice!

    1. Hi Doc Gelo! Sayang we would've loved to see you there and yes, you missed out some pretty good stuff! Not to worry! Join my giveaway na lang OR you could drop by HUAT POT! Food is mighty delicious and very sulit for the price!

      Yes! The unlimited Magnum is a one of a kind deal!!!

  3. how much is the buffet. is there a big parking space? do we need to make reservation?

    1. HI Margaret! It's P688++ for adults. Yup there's ample parking space in the basement and they accept reservations. :)


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