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Saturday, October 26, 2013


By Eric John Yap

I work in a company called Michelin and I am required to go around almost all corners of the country to educate/train bus and truck drivers/owners on the proper usage of our tires. While on the road I get hungry so I would stop at nearby restaurants to fuel up my appetite. On some days, I would be satisfied by fast food or msg-filled dishes from eateries. But there are times when I just have to get big ton of meat into my system that would ensure me energy packs to last through the day... or even the week.

I'm glad that the famous steak franchise of OUTBACK has some serious lunch specials in their menu. And of course, since I am a father of 3 (if you count my "special" wife, he he he) I really appreciated that they made these dishes affordable for the working, albeit, growing man.

OUTBACK lunch offerings are perfect for those who want their mid-day food to be on the "full" side without emptying their pockets. So once in a while when I just need that "boost" via a hot plate brimming with food, I could go to OUTBACK and savor the juices of my hard work. And since prices are friendly, at least I would still have money to take out my lovely wife at night.

She asked me to add that by the way.


Great meal... Good deal lunch specials!

ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited to try out their out the new lunch specials of OUTBACK. I remember having dates here with my Yub for dinner and enjoying the food so I was really excited for the meal ahead. 

My wife was still at work so I was left to do this very daunting task of eating steak... munching steak... and chomping on steak.... But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

We started off with OUTBACK's complimentary bread and whipped butter. My wife loves this because the chewy bread has that strong robust almost coffee-like flavor that would be toned down by a creamy slather of the butter. 

When my wife and I have dinner in OUTBACK I always pull my neverending joke that after finishing a serving of this, we could go home. She did not find it funny anymore after the 100th time I said it. 

OUTBACK Marketing Manager Ms. Dona Meg Fernandez suggested to have the special bread with some of their melted chocolate. 

It was so GOOD. I think I'd ask for some complimentary chocolate fudge the next time I'm in OUTBACK.

THAT is my new joke for my wife. He he he he!

When you're in OUTBACK whether it's for lunch or dinner, you should get a hold of their delicious appetizers. 

I know that one of my OUTBACK favorites is their Kookaburra Wings (half P279.00 full P469.00). You could request the spice level of this appetizer from mild to hot. I think we got about 5 orders of these fried birds.

I am also a simple guy who likes fuss free munchies. That's why I can't help picking on the OUTBACK nachos, with Spinach Artichoke dip, until it was an empty plate. The nachos were already tasty that I did not need to put it in the artichoke mix. I don't eat veggies that is why I stayed away from the dip but the other foodies in our group seemed to loved it. 

If my wife was here I'm sure she would swipe one tub away before the others get a chance. Good thing then for the others. He he he.

This OUTBACK Nachos with Artichoke Dip will be out on November for a limited offer. So do watch out for it. 


Remember these are all available from Monday to Friday, 11:00am to 3:00pm.

You could add a cup of soup of the day and a glass of Iced tea/Soda for only P95.00!

OUTBACK's Classic Florentine Pasta (P299.00).

The foodies in our group can't help but rave over this penne pasta in rich tomato marinara sauce. I am not really fond of pasta but I'm sure this would be in my wife's order list when we eat here for lunch.

OUTBACK's Chicken Fried Chicken (P199.00) is a big plate of not one but three fillets of perfectly seasoned meat!

I love gravy and OUTBACK just poured on the rich white sauce everywhere!

There was also a big mound of smooth mashed potatoes. Again, my wife would love this! It's a good thing too since this OUTBACK lunch is enough for 2 hungry people at just P199.00!

OUTBACK Grilled Fish Marsala (P199.00)!

I did mention up there that I don't eat vegetables right? BUT, even if I'm a certified carnivore, I found this lunch plate so appetizing. At just P199.00 you get this soft fish fillet with a mushroom gravy-like sauce and your choice of side. When I feel like going for the healthy road, I'll have this... with lots of rice. He he he he! 

OUTBACK Teriyaki Beef Medallions (P499.00)!

Meat juices were just spurting out of this skewered teriyaki beef  when we were slicing it. 

I hope nobody noticed that I was really trying to get a bigger share. I wonder if I'll get more OUTBACK beef if I say I'm a lonely boy right now and they should pity me. He he he he he! 

OUTBACK Black Peppered Steak (P459.00)!

I know what you're thinking. WOW right? 

You can't go wrong with steak bites with lots of sauce and garlic. This is a true winner in my mouth. 

For the veggie lover, you get a big brocolli. So it's really a win-win situation for everyone. 

Or you could chomp on the fries while I pick on the steak!

There were more Lunch Specials from OUTBACK (see menu up there!) but we were already groaning in ectasy... er... I mean from being too full. 

But, of course, we cannot leave without trying the OUTBACK favorites that's in their regular menu!

OUTBACK Toowoomba Topped Fillet (P1,049.00)!

Plump shrimps fried with mushrooms in tomato cream sauce are served on top of a very thick slab of steak!

My wife likes her steak medium rare... I like it ALL MINE. 

Of course when you're in OUTBACK, you should also try their Fillet of Ribs (P1,299.00)

Tender, meaty, juicy, fall off the bone ribs. 

I may be drooling but I am a man so it's okay. 


While  feasting on your OUTBACK greats, get it all down with their drinks!

Of course, save room for dessert!

We were able to try out OUTBACK's Cinnamon Oblivion which was not yet available in the menu. 

Ice cream with a generous helping of caramel, cinnamon apples and graham cracker cubes. This was so good that my wife, who came in late, finished our leftovers. 

The ladies of WHEN IN MANILA seem to enjoy it too!

My wife was able to catch up and while she eats our leftovers, we all continued to chat away. He he he he!

Don't pity her too much because the generous Ms. Fernandez gave her some delicious OUTBACK ribs and chicken for take home. WOW!

Happy wifey means lucky hubby! He he he he!

Our great group for the OUTBACK night!

Thank you to OUTBACK's Ms. Dona Meg Fernandez for having EricJaz Foodies and for giving my late wife some take home grub for her late dinner. He he he he!

Of course thank you to Manila boy himself, Mr. Spanky Enriquez (JUICE.PH) for inviting us! 


Outback Steakhouse
Glorietta 4
G/F Glorietta 4, Ayala Ave cor Pasay Rd
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 729-8458 to 59


  1. nice blog Eric!! parang gusto ko tuloy i-try....we haven't tried Outback bcoz of bad reviews in the past....we might try it soon :)

  2. Thanks! Yes we should have lunch sometime at Outback! Thanks for the comment!


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