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Sunday, August 4, 2013


Oh we are SO excited!

Words cannot express how excited we are!

We are so excited with what is coming up that we forgot to do our usual routine and just proceeded on typing, calculating, copy pasting.

I forgot to comb my hair and have my morning cup of coffee

While my husband did not take a bath and forgot to brush his teeth!

(Tee hee! Sorry! I'm the one typing right now so I am entitled to a few meanness to my unknowing stalker!)

ANYWHO, presenting the first and hopefully not last, special event of ERICJAZ FOODIES!

Drumroll.............. with a cute TING in the end!





And just in case you need to me to take your arm for a sweety sweety trip down memory lane, the BISTRO GROUP brought us these restaurants that graced the silliness of ERICJAZ FOODIES... 


Now who has NOT eaten a plate of T.G.I.Fridays famous chicken fingers? Burgers?

... who has NOT been sung a birthday song at T.G.I.Fridays????

If you want see the riot we caused at the restaurant, click out this link and check out our 


The BISTRO GROUP also has a new Chinese baby and it is NOT the guy that I am waving to down below..

HELLO! You no like what you see noh?

Remember the awesomeness that me and my husband experienced in MODERN SHANGHAI??

FOOD! FOOD! Everywhere and not a calorie to spare!
 Yes! MODERN SHANGHAI is the BISTRO GROUP's Chinese specialty restaurant that will you a new definition of comfort food!

If you still have trouble remembering, here's a wonderful chunk of braised for you to chew and swallow.... 

MODERN SHANGHAI truly gave us a different kind of Chinese high (even if I'm already married to one!). Their food is "new" and utterly delicious! Take my word for it and once have a taste of it, you'll find yourselves drooling from time to time!

Check out our amazing pig-out Chinese session at 


And what about the greatness of WATAMI? If you have trouble remembering put your nose and ears near the monitors and take a load of 


Oh eat me! EAT ME kind lady! I'm so tender and sweet and buttery!

WATAMI got Andrei's finicky thumb of approval!!! It is just a great Japanese family restaurant for you to take the kids to... 

... or you could just enjoy everything and be wacky like a kid!!!

All that wonderful food will do that to you!!! Click on the link and check out our meal at the


And without further adieu-ness, you may eat at T.G.I.FRIDAYS, WATAMI, MODERN SHANGHAI or all the other BISTRO GROUP restaurant of your choice when you join the ERICJAZ FOODIES Bistro Group GC giveaway!

There will be 2 friggin, amazing, and wonderful GIFT CERTIFICATES worth P1,500 each to be given to 2 lucky winners!!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Foodies reposting the following terms and conditions:

You have to be at least 18 years of age and residing in Metro Manila.
GC's are not convertible to cash.
The GC is worth P1,500 and may be used up in one transaction. There are no cashbacks :)
GC's will be given via pick up at my office OR we could do meet up on our date night... he he he he!
This EricJaz Foodies GC giveaway is by no means connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Google+!

And like they say, MAY THE food gods be ever in your favor!


If I'm not too shy, I might join you in your meal if you let us. Ha ha ha ha!

By the way, were just new at this so blogger friends if you see something that I should change, please give me a heads up via comment or pm in FB! THANKS!

Special thanks to the very nice Ms. Lisa Ronquillo (AVP - Marketing for The Bistro Group)! Believe me when I say that you gave us the excitement of a lifetime!! Having this contest is truly a great deal for ERICJAZ FOODIES and were so happy to share it with everyone!!!  



  1. Hi, just a question. :) In the fb status, should we tag your fb page? Been trying to tag it but I can't. hihi. Thanks! :)

    1. Hiyaa Sam! Yey thanks for joining! You may or may not tag us :) better if yes but if you can't ok lang. What's important is for you to tag a friend hehehe :) thanks again! Good luck and God bless! Wohoo!!

    2. i was about to ask the same Q .. can't tag the FB page because of its privacy. :)

    3. Hiya Agnes! I set everything to public... I wonder if followers could tag us in post? If you know how to, please do share. I'm computer illiterate. Ha ha ha ha!

    4. Hi Eric Jaz I think naka set on private yung FB page, pwedeng I follow but all friend request needs to be approved by you. Check the account profile settings? :) I cast in another FB entry and still my friend request is pending. :)

    5. Hiya Agnes! Our FB site kasi is not a like or fan page. It's really our account. Ha ha ha! Anyway, I added you already so here's to a long and fruitful foodship!

    6. thanks for the add! cheers! 🍻🍸

  2. I've been intending to tag you but after I put the "@" sign and then try to type ur name, it's really not appearing. But thank God for the option to not tag you. Hehe! Thanks for replying & God bless too. Hope to win! :D

    1. Ha ha ha! I knew it! My husband and I are defective even on the net!! Kidding! You're welcome!! Good luck!! :) Thanks again :) Yipeee!

  3. yipee!!! cool giveaway hoping to win hahah !

    1. Yey! I'm so glad you think so! I agree 100%!! Bistro Group restaurants are so cool talaga! Thanks for joining! Kung kaya ko lang, I hope everyone wins! Ha ha ha ha! You guys make our day complete already just by doing the promo! Good luck and God Bless!!! Wohoo! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Yey! Thank you so much for joining good luck and God bless! Wohooo!

  5. woah! Those foods makes me drool! MAY THE ODDS(or shoud I say Food :p) BE EVER IN MY FAVOR

    1. Ha ha ha! Like I said in my comment above, if I just had it in my power I hope everyone wins!!! Tee hee!!! Yes, good luck and God bless!!! Hope to meet you when you win!! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Looking forward to meet you if you win!!! Good luck and God bless :)

  7. hi! awesome giveaway! thanks for the chance. hope i win. this is for hubby's birthday in September. ^^

    1. Hiya Mhoie!! Awww that is so sweet!!! Good luck and God bless to you!!! Check ERICJAZ FOODIES!! Will be announcing the winners tonight or tomorrow... depending how I am able to fix my rafflecopter! Ha ha ha!

  8. Mr. SnuffleupagusMarch 24, 2015 at 9:11 AM

    Paano ba sumali dito? Gusto ko ng GC!!! hehehe...


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