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Saturday, August 10, 2013


My husband and I may both seem normal... 


Yes, we may look normal but we both have these hidden obsessions that others may find borderline strange.... 

a) My husband works for Michelin and it started his obsession with tires. When we are stuck in traffic he looks at all the tires of the cars/trucks beside us. He used to point it out to me every time that this car uses this and this truck has this but since I have ADHD (or fake it) he just shared it with the boys. (Tee hee!)

b) I have an obsession with boybands from the cool (BEATLES) to the ULTRA cool (F4). I'm now listening to N' Sync and appreciating their dance moves....

Okay I'll stop before you severe all ties with me.

c)  My husband loves NBA so much that he wanted to name our first born JAMES CARMELO. Figure out why. Good thing I was still conscious while they were writing Mati's name on his birth certificate. 

d) Like I said in an earlier blog, I have "monthly" obsessions and this would not start by what's popular during that time. Sometimes it's just triggered by a chance glance or a momentary encounter at someone/something but I'll stalk like crazy for a month. 3 months ago it was Gerard Butler, 2 months ago it was Swing Out Sister, AND now it's TOM Rodriguez and N'SYNC.

Oh please do not judge me. Ha ha ha ha!

Anywho, it may not directly pertain to THAT but the word HOLDAK has a connection with obsession.

And unlike what I just shamelessly shared above, it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Because if there is one thing that HOLDAK has done for us today is to change my hatred for glazed fried chicken and convert it all to an upcoming obsession...

OBSESSION to one of the most juiciest and tastiest fried chicken fillets that you will get in the metro.

Drooollll.... And if there is going to be one person who'll be the last gal eating in HOLDAK, well you know the answer...

(enter N' SYNC) "IT'S GONNA BE ME"

Har de har har!!! Sorry.


Sorry but everytime I say their name out loud, I do it like Hodor from Game of Thrones... HODOR! HODOR!

By the way, I am in search of a new model for ERICJAZ FOODIES. You should be chinese and look like Mark Anthony Fernandez so that you could stand in for my husband (tee hee!). I told him to do a "pogi" (handsome) pose for this picture and he came up with THIS.

Yes for him, texting or going on FB is "pogi" (handsome). 

Tsk tsk... Call me if you want to apply 63917-IMKIDDING.

HOLDAK started its first branch in Korea on 2003 then soon spread it's "wings" (tee hee) in China and Japan because they serve one mean fillet of chicken! 

Thankfully the heavens saw I needed to experience the better tasting Korean type of chicken so they finally opened a branch here in the Philippines near my workplace in Broadway studio at Aurora boulevard. 

Though that day was the perfect bed weather, I tore my lazy butt out of bed to be at HOLDAK real early. 

Honestly, I was not that enthusiastic with what we will be trying out for that day because the other restaurants serving the similar chicken dish made me lose my faith.  But of course, we were real early for HOLDAK day because I love meeting up with the other blogger peeps which I have come to regular stalk... He he he he he!

If you want to see the FOODIES THAT I (always) STALK click HERE !!!

To veer you off from the same ear worm that I connected HOLDAK with ("Hodor! Hodor!"), this is the beautiful and romantic meaning behind their name.

I guess this goes out to Colonel Sanders and Jollibee as well... Tee hee!

But seriously speaking HOLDAK comes from the Korean phrase "Holdak Ban Hada" which means "to fall deeply and madly in love with someone or something", while the word Dak in their Korean language means "chicken". 

Put it together you get THAT (pointing up there).

My hub was particularly amused with their faux street sign. So we guess if you go THAT way you'll get to Myeongdong. Hmmm... interesting. To think we thought we needed to catch a Cebu Pacific promo to get to Korea. Ha ha ha ha!

The HOLDAK meynuh!

The HOLDAK ladies...

A very colorful mural of the busy streets of Korea.

Check out my husband still interested with the HOLDAK faux street sign. Ha ha ha ha!

First served was HOLDAK's Curry Fries (P55.00) which was good enough for 2. The hot fries were so fragrant with the indian spice that I was momentarily worried my finicky eater (read "arte") of a hubby will gag upon getting a whiff of it.

But hallelujah! He loved it!!! He almost pounced on it after taking a first bite! I think he finished the whole order and did not even leave anything for his pretty wife!!!

Yub : "I'll leave something If I DO have a pretty wife!"


Every order of  HOLDAK's box of 6 chicken gives a free salad but if you want to pair it with your mini meal you may order this ala carte for P55.00.

I loved having veggies along with my main dishes especially if the dressing is creamy as this. I wonder if my finicky chinese stalker will love this the way he strangely went for the HOLDAK curry fries?

Without even trying it he gave the expression that he won't even get a strand of their crunchy cabbage in his system.

Oh well... more for me!!! He he he he!

HOLDAK menu is very simple and straight forward. They only have 4 orders and it's the dishes that truly mattered.

To help you decide what to get, HOLDAK dissected their chicken dishes in a colorful drawing for you. Then after you pick which sauce/flavoring you prefer, you choose how much chicken you could consume:

Mini Meal (2 pc chicken with rice) - P99.00
Solo Meal (3pc chicken with rice) - P145.00
Box 6's (6pcs{duh} with 1 serving of salad ) - P279.00
Box of 12's (with 2 servings of salad and 2 sauces) - P549.00

First on the table was HOLDAK's Yang-Nyam or their original korean fried chicken recipe!

Here it is, the moment of truth. After avoiding such flavored fried chicken after I was turned off by what they sold in other chicken outlets, I will now be trying what HOLDAK has to offer.

First I noticed was how HOLDAK used more dark meat and skin for their fried chicken. Plus, unlike what its main competition offered, the HOLDAK chicken is conveniently boneless so you could go all meat with no bones to accidentally swallow.


First bite of the HOLDAK chicken and wow. I was BLOWN AWAY. The skin was crunchy while the chicken meat was very juicy and flavorful!!! It was like this chicken... this ordinary piece of poultry was created for me to LOVE. Not like... but LOVE. It was SO good!!!

(To get an idea how I do NOT really like the usual fried chicken with sauce, check out how I commented in the HOLDAK review of Tsinoy Foodies a month ago when I did not know that such good korean chicken existed. I'm JG YAP there and I expressed more interest in the ramen than the chicken.. ha ha ha ah!

Check out her wonderful review as well, and my comment, by clicking this link:

Since I love spicy food ("oh yeah I'm sooo hot... tee hee") the HOLDAK Spicy Yang Nyam immediately caught my eye. 

Everyone's favorite was  the HOLDAK Padak with had that asian sweet flavoring and spring onions....

There's also the HOLDAK Jack Daniel's just in case you were craving something that tasted like what they had in TGIFRIDAYS.... 

Just to be clear, this does not have alcohol. Tee hee!

I read somewhere before that unlike the Japanese restaurants that make their noodles from scratch, Koreans would usually serve the instant packs and just add lots of flavorings. (Please correct me if I'm wrong on this).

The same goes for HOLDAK but I did not mind. We got a potful of boiling hot HOLDAK cheese ramen (P95.00) which was like my favorite instant korean noodles but with melted cheese!

Don't be grossed out immediately and try this first like a man!!!

HOLDAK also ordered ordinary ramen (P85.00)...

My chinese stalker knew how much I loved noodles and proceeded to serve me.

Faster my chambermaid! Then prepare the hot water for my bath after!!! 

Kidding. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Awww... this "chambermaid" sure looks good...

Tee hee!

My plate! My wonderful HOLDAK plate!!!!

Finally, my favorite part of everything... EATING!

Oh everything was just sooo good! It was not my cheat day yet and I shoveled food into my mouth like there was no tomorrow.... 

Even though I just learned to appreciate Korean Fried Chicken with sauce a good 5 minutes ago, I had an instant feeling of coming home to "comfort food" while savoring the spoonfuls of goodness from HOLDAK!

I saw dear Spanky Enriquez put some cheese noodles on his rice...

So monkey see, monkey do... Ha ha ha ha!

I remembered how I loved doing this as a kid so since I was committing many diet sins already with my newest "comfort food find", it would not hurt to eat noodles with my rice once again!

My idol THE PICKIEST EATER and MY finicky/fussy eater! Both of them were almost echoing each other at what they will eat and won't eat during that wonderful HOLDAK lunch. I guess they ARE brothers from another mother! Ha ha ha! 

Yes! More for me and THE PICKIEST EATER's lovely wife, Rina!

Check this out... EVERYBODY was already finished with their chicken while I was still going at it!!! 

To think I did not like fried chicken with sauce just 10 minutes ago!!!

Ever the gentleman that he is, dear Spanky ate again with me so I won't be my lonesome! He he he he!

HOLDAK also offers delicious desserts!!!

The hub got HOLDAK's "ENCHO"! 

(Say it like Puss N' Boots!)

I hope the next time my husband poses like this, the wind will blow and his face will get stuck into this ugh of an expression....

Seriously, I need a new model....


This is my new favorite! It was my first time to encounter such a dessert and I found my new coffee ice cream "friend" in HOLDAK!

Yub said I should crush the ice cream inside the pack first then proceed to squeeze/suck it out!

YUMMMM... I had 2 of these!

The lovely ladies in HOLDAK (l-r Rina of RINA'S RAINBOW and wife of THE PICKIEST EATER, Leslie Go of HOLDAK, and ME!)

Come on it's a holiday! Have a good mood and call me lovely! :)

Would this a good new profile pic for ERICJAZ FOODIES?


Maybe this then!

Sorry, we just had such happy tummies from the great food at HOLDAK that we were having a bit of fun afterwards! He he he he!

As I am obsessed with boybands, presenting the "HOLDAKERS" (name from Richie Zamora).

(l-r Vladimir Bunoan - ABS CBN, Richie Zamora - The Pickiest Eater, Spanky Enriquez -, Stonibert Lim - The Food Alphabet and More, MARK ANTHONY FERNANDEZ, Carl Tan - President of HOLDAK)

Look up!

Possibly the cover photo of their upcoming album!

Yub, what are you smiling at???

Class picture at HOLDAK!

By the way, this picture is magic because you may see THIS image....

... but in reality THIS is what I was doing when the picture was taken! He he he he!

Yup... THAT good!!!

Thanks dear Spanky Enriquez of JUICE.PH for organizing this delicious event and inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES!

... and thank you to Mr. Carl Tan and Ms. Leslie Go for having us and bringing HOLDAK to the Philippine shores!!!

YUMMM.... can't wait to bite into that chicken again...


Holdak Chicken
Mezza Residences
Mezza Residences, Aurora Blvd cor Araneta Ave
Doña Imelda, Quezon City
(02) 354-2195

BUT WAIT! Hold the phone... HOLDAK and ERICJAZ FOODIES has something for you!

Mr. Carl Tan was so generous during that day that he gave us not 1 but 2 HOLDAK GC cards (each worth P549.00) which entitles bearer to a FREE Box of 12 of their delicious and juicy chicken!!!

I decided that since I'm sort of generous myself (he he he he) to just share with you the deeelightfulness of HOLDAK chicken and just give it away!

NOW if you want to get a taste of my new chicken fillet favorite, then FOLLOW the directions of the Raffle copter BEELOW for your entries to be eligible !

GOOD LUCK! And once again, may the food gods be EVER in your favor!

By the way, could me and my hubby join you? No? Oh well... >:(



Fellow Foodies.... Just a few reminders :)

- You have to be at least 18 years of age.

- You should be a Metro Manila resident or know someone (even not within Metro Manila) who would like to use the prize. I would be able mail the GC for residents within Metro Manila though. OR you could claim it at my office in TAPE at Xavierville QC. He he he he!

- GC's are not convertible to cash.

- Please do not remove FB status/posts for the giveaway after getting the points so that we may be able to verify when we pick our winners.

- This EricJaz Foodies GC giveaway is by no means connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Google+!


  1. looks so so good! we must try it one of these days :)

    1. Oh yes it was!!! Believe me mareng Chel I don't like this type of chicken before but after one bite of HOLDAKs ang SARAP!!! So juicy and flavorful!!! I want to eat it again!

  2. Glad you finally tried it =) I wanted to try the snow ice coffee too but it wasn't available during my visits =(

    1. Hiya Stacy! We're so glad too! To think that I really had an aversion to this fried chicken with sauce before... but now I'm a convert! Ang sarap talaga niya! I really remembered my comment on your blog post. Ha ha ha! I hope you get the sno ice coffee! It's a perfect ending to the addicting chicken!! Hope to meet you soon!

  3. Hi, haven't tried Holdak Chicken yet, that's why I'm joining your giveaway. Hoping to win too but I can't tag you on mah status every time I'm sharing this blog post. PLease accept my friend request. Thank you! God Bless.. :)

    1. Yey!! Thanks for joining Elie!!!! Here's to a happy foodship!!! God bless you too!!


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