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Friday, April 26, 2013


Up to now I still remember my first official date with my husband Eric, aka the Yubhub, aka the Chinese Stalker:

We had dinner at Glorietta's California Pizza Kitchen (see our first blog about that restaurant HERE) and I remember trying my best to be all prim and proper plus applying all that I have learned on table manners. 

I think I should have realized I got for meself a keeper which I did not need to impress anymore when he made these comments while we were enjoying dinner :

a. While I was raving about my pasta, he remarked "Para lang yang pansit habhab sa Lucena ah!" (That seems like the "habhab" noodles from Lucena!)

b. When I complimented that he looks a bit like Kenneth Peralta, he answered "Actually, mas madaming nagsasabing kamukha ko si Mark Anthony Fernandez" (Actually people say I look like Mark Anthony Fernandez more).

By the way if you want to see whats pansit habhab and who Mark Anthony Fernandez is click HERE).

Yeah... I know... !!!

I seriously think he put something in my drink then because based on that first date, I don't know what possessed me to marry that guy afterwards! Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

Anyway, my hub and I heard a lot about these special burgers at this new restaurant hub which we haven't tried yet. Being the burger lovers that we are, my guy and I decided to forego the usual mall or fast food outlets to have dinner after he picked me up from work.

Did we enjoy the food? Well yes, because the burger was indeed an experience to try.  Let me just say though that I am thankful for 2 things after our dinner there :

  1. At least when we had our  messy meal in D' Amburger, where I almost forgot all that I learned in "etiquette" school, we are already married and Yub did not have a choice but to stay with sloppy me.
  2. Remembering his very cocky remarks during our first date, got me thanking the internet that I could post some pictures of him making a mess of his food. 
Revenge may be sloppy but TRULY sweet. :)

Har de har har!


D' AMBURGER meynuh!

D' AMBURGER meynuh two!

My yub was helping me transfer contacts to a cellphone that would work in Hong Kong (as I was flying out there with my officemates the next day). Don't you just love it when guys smile sweetly while they are transferring contacts to another phone book? Doesn't it look SO convincing? :)

(Jaz - See our meal in BUTAO RAMEN in HK HERE !!!)

Besides serving their special burgers, D' AMBURGER is also a gastro pub at night. While we were eating there, the restaurant was empty because most of the patrons were outside drinking and smoking. 

I have always been a fan of high ceilings and I marveled at the simple idea D' AMBURGER had for their light bulbs. It worked on the look don't you think? I'm not sure though if it WAS working since it was just not turned on.

Me channeling John Lennon : "I'd love to turrnnnn.... You..... On......"

Check it out! The guy outside was busy with his beer bottles while my guy inside was busy acting like a technician from Greenhills tiangge for my neanderthal cellphone.

Life is really good :)

Yub ordered the D' AMBURGER Juicy Lucy (P200.00) for himself. 

It was all nice and warm! I cannot wait to get my bigger half piece (tee hee) from my chinese guy.

If you think that it just looks plain and meeh, it is because my hub, being his usual finicky self requested EVERYTHING on the side again.

And I am impressed that D' AMBURGER peeps plated everything oh so nicely for me! he he he he!

My hub and I were so clueless as to what type of burgers they served at D' AMBURGER that when we sliced the burger in half to share....

... HELLO! THIS greeted us! Ha ha ha ha! We did not know that D' AMBURGER made their burgers EXTRA special by nummy gooey cheese inside their patties!!! This was such a mouth-watering surprise!

The cheese from the D' AMBURGER was almost bubblin' hot. You would think they ladled it from a fondue pot then piped it into their burgers (like a meaty twinky!!!)

I ordered a D' AMBURGER chili dog (P137.00) and was again extra delighted with the hot cheese oozing from my hotdog bun!

HELLO! Can I lick you now??


My chinese stalker got his naked D' AMBURGER half and scraped the cheese that sludged on the plate...

D' AMBURGER cheese was extra milky gooey... I could just imagine how messy this would be to eat if we were to bite it...

Like so... Ha ha ha ha! 

I opened my big mouth for my D' AMBURGER dog!

My husband struggled with his D' AMBURGER greasy burger and got cheese plus meat juices everywhere on his fingers!

I love how he looks like a cross between Quasimodo and Ken Jeong here eating a messy burger. 

So where's Mark Anthony now huh? 

Here's another one with extra zoom...

A face only a mother could love. 

The picture may not be much but THIS is for being all cocky on our first date!

Ha ha ha!

Kidding! Love you Yub! I guess he did not mind how unflattering he looked while savoring the burger because it was all good!


D' Amburger Gastro Pub
Greehills Town Center
Greehills Town Center, 2 Granada St
Valencia, Quezon City
(02) 654-1395

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