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Friday, August 21, 2009


Saturday nights are always DATENIGHTS for us and it's also an excuse to eat at a resto and pig out. Last Saturday, the victim was this japanese resto ZAIFU... It was an enjoyable dinner for us and I think I ate more than what is good for me. :)

ZAIFU... in POWERPLANT MALL.... It has been in that place since the days of yore... kidding.

It's SATURDAY NIGHT DATE NIGHT and we are in the mood for something Japanese!


My usual Japanese default order is TEKKAMAKI... and if a resto cannot do this simple dish right then they have to close their doors. Luckily ZAIFU's tekkamaki is sweet, fresh, and succulent! You do not need the wasabi to enjoy the flavors of the delectable tuna!

I felt I won't be full with just an order of TEKKAMAKI so I had an additional bowl of OYAKUDON or chicken with egg on flavorful rice!

One can't go wrong with veggies so I had also an order of me fave, KANI SALAD. I've had better salads in other Japanese restos but Zaifu's version is not all bad. Just had a lot of cucumbers for my taste. So maybe that's just me being a little queenly on you. Ha ha ha!

Yub, the one who loves anything cooked, orders for himself some teppanyaki chicken... Here he is trying it out...

Our spread... LET'S EAT!


     I LOOOOVE everything spicy so I dashed LOTS of chili on my Oyakudon for more EXCITEMENT! 

Here's Yub picking at his chicken... He's talking while going at it. So it's a wonder he does not choke on his food.


Isn't this sight just... BEAUTIFUL?

Yub's chicken... Looked boring but it is actually very good with their fried rice!

Would you believe that I could finish 6 glasses of Iced tea? So give me bottomless drinks ANYTIME!

Here's me enjoying dinner...


Now that's more like it... ( a bit)


Yub was not THAT happy that it was his turn to pay the bill. He ripped it like the HULK would. Kidding! We only paid P700 that time... so NOT bad right? We've been coming back ever since!

Power Plant
G/F Power Plant Mall, Estrella St. cor Rockwell Drive
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 898-1331

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