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Saturday, August 22, 2009


If you follow my posts you will notice that TEAM YAP loves Chinese grub. This is very obvious though since 1/2 of Team Yap is.... never mind. Though we are more partial to hole in the wall - binondo type Chinese restos, food is still food and we will eat even in commercialized places as long as prices are not sky high.

We're kuripots y'know! :P

This is why we came upon SUPER BOWL OF CHINA... One night we were in Glorietta and we just HAD to have our Chinese fix.... So off to there we go. 

The reason why I love Chinese food? The free munchies... Plus nobody cares if I look like a panda while eating it!

I love having Beef with Brocolli in ALL chinese restaurants I go to. It's sacrilege if I don't order it... Oh well along with noodles... Fried Rice... All are necessary for a peaceful chinese life...

Told you... we GOTTA have our noodles and Beef with Brocolli! Fortunately, SUPER BOWL OF CHINA does not disappoint! Their crunchy noodles were saucy, flavorful and just oh so right! The beef was also VERY tender and lip smacking. I love that the brocolli were still very crunchy! Yum!

Picture!!! If you look closely at our table... we have extra seats... for you... NAKS!

But since you guys made indian, I just helped myself to ALL of the goodies!

And here is Ericdini loading his plate with food... Now you see it...

Now you don't. I like that he managed to give you an "Adonis" smile while at it. Ha ha ha ha ah!

As for me, I was SO full!! I managed to make my stomach stretch to its fullest. But I was happy... especially my tummy. It won't be eatin until next winter.

My VERY messy plate. Oh well... I can't really lick, shoot, and suck my sauces and leftovers there can I?

I love restos with dishes that could still be mean leftovers for midnight snacks. It just means that their food is of good quality. So SUPERBOWL did just that for me. It gave us some more munchies after a night of dibidi viewing!

Veggies were still crunchy and everything still delicious plus saucy! What more could you ask for?

E di a silly Chinese guy to eat it with!!! :)

Let's EAT!

Super Bowl of ChinaGloriettaG/F Glorietta 4, East Dr.Ayala Center, Makati(02) 757-4231


  1. hi. do you have a copy of their menu. thanks

    1. Hi!!! Unfortunately no :( This was so early into our food documentations that we didn't think about getting copies of menu. Sorry!!!! :( But you could check out their latest menu I'm sur at Zomato :) he he he he he he!


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