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Wednesday, October 21, 2020


One Saturday before the pandemic...

We met up with Team Mina in Paranaque-ness. While deciding where, the BGP suggested we go to SM Sucat. Normally, I was fine there but remembering how the BGP is a cancer survivor and that her health defense system is way, way, way down, I asked if we could go somewhere else. I said that it's better if we just go to a restaurant that's not located in a mall. With that, the BGP recommended INENG'S Special BBQ!!!!!


Turns out, this was their surprise (advance) birthday treat for me!


Initially I thought INENGS was like this Ihaw Ihaw place since it's popular for its barbecue.

It's great to see that the restaurant was clean, spacious, and practiced ample social distancing (even if the pandemic hasn't invaded yet). 

They had an open kitchen for those who wanted to ogle at the barbecued meats.

Orderin time!

And while waiting for the food...

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!

Best Guy Pals andrei and Pao Pao!

Me and my best guy Mati!

BGP Mariane and Manong Fred!

BGPs parents, Ninang Marlene and Tito Jun!


Yahoo! Food is here.

INENGS Hit 6, Pinoy Chicken (P245.00)!

INENGS Hit 1 Barbecue and Ensaladang Talong (P215.00)!

INENGS Hit 4 of 1 pc Barbecue with Sisig (P255.00)!

If you want the basics (which was still so good) there is always the INENGS Hit 2 (P245.00)!

They also got 3 extra pieces of the pork barbecue (P201.00) and Liempo Bbq (P79.00)!

Sarap talaga the barbecue of Inengs!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little guys, Team Mina and Team Redor!

Thank you po for the treat!

Nom... Nom...


Would you guys believe that I got all of the leftover meat and fat to take home to my cat? Tapos when GBF saw me he was like, "Meh. You're here again."

After dinner, we went back to the Mina household for some dessert!

We had a looooooooooooooooooooong chika fest.

Which carried out until we boarded our vehicle. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Thanks again for dinner!!!

Till next kitakits!



Dr Arcadio Santos Ave, 
San Antonio, Parañaque, 
1700 Metro Manila
(02) 7959 6055



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