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Tuesday, October 22, 2019


It was a very hectic day for me and the Yub but we're thankful that it ended on a delicious (and "romantic") note.... He he he he he!

First, we got our passports renewed in the VIP department... Ahem ahem...

And we met up with our realtor to confirm some things.

(This almost took the whole day... He he he he)

At night, we were all famished and hungry. With that, we all went for something that would satisfy our dangerously hungry selves...


ROMANTIC BABOY was ultra-full that night that we were not expecting our group of 7 to be seated.

Good thing that some kind diners in ROMANTIC  BABOY agreed to switch tables so that we could all sit together.

Awwww... Thank you!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!

The bunsoy Andrei and Master Mati!

The very hungry Yub and Mommy!

Ate Jojit and Anthony!

Me and the hungry panget!

Service was fast, friendly, and very efficient in ROMANTIC BABOY San Juan.

They immediately gave us the menu for ordering and we all decided to go for the Unilimited Pork and Beef!

ROMANTIC BABOY used charcoal for their grill. I'm sure the smokiness will also go into the meat.

Ooooh... Egg and Cheese!

Korean condiments!

We started off with the Romantic Bulgogi -- sweet, marinated, korean style beef!

And some marinated pork ribs!

The beef and pork cooked in no time! Perfect for hungry people like us! He he he he!

Tee heee... Here's a picture of my sister eating...

THAT'S what you get for not reading my blog! BWA HA HA HA HA HA!

We went for another round of the marinated beef. This time we added a serving of thinly sliced pork belly!

More pork!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family!

Si Mati sleepy na? He he he he!

Ate Jit decided to try out the soju since she would always see it in koreanovelas.

Don't even think about it, Mati!


Ayan! Sprite ka muna.

The beef in ROMANTIC BABOY was flavorful that it's so good with both rice or wrapped in lettuce leaves!

Nom... Nom...


I was supposed to sit at my Mommy's left while ate Jojit and Anthony were to be at another table when the kind lady of this section said she'll just transfer so that we could all be together.

Nice no? I really like it when I meet unselfish and considerate people. That's why one should spread goodness.

And we kept on grillin'!!!!!

We tried out the spicy beef and more of the marinated ones!

The spicy beef was not really super hot. It's just meat with a bite!


Egad... I can't eat one more bite. I'm so bondat.

At the end of your meal, ROMANTIC BABOY will give roses to the ladies. 

FINALLY! I never get roses EVER.

Thanks Ate Jojit and Anthony for the treat!

It was a great dinner in ROMANTIC BABOY! We all enjoyed the flavorful meats and korean munchies.

For dessert, the Yub and I treated naman at Istarbaks!!!

It was indeed a blessed and wonderful day!

YAYYYY! Thanks Mommy (secret) for EVERYTHING!

Second Floor, G Square, Wilson Street, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
+63 9672069570




  1. Hi Ms. Jaz! :)

    Wuuuy, kakaintriga yung may picture ng realtor kemer. Hehehe :)

    Nice nga sa Romantic Baboy, kaso laging blockbuster ang pila :) We had to eat lunch time ng Monday para lang may seating. Sulit talaga ang bayad for the food :)

    Sorry Master Mati, di pa qualified ang bigote mo for soju :D

    Also huhu, dun sa amin, ang binigyan lang ng rose eh yung nagbayad ng bill namin, which is my sister hahaha.

    Forever lurker mo pa rin ako Ms. Jaz, kahit minsan lang ako magcomment. Always waiting for your blog posts :)

    1. Hulooooooooooooooooo dear Yanna!!!!!!!!!!

      AY! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      I agree! Super haba lagi! I guess we got lucky that night.

      Yes, naku itong si Mati he wants to drink na agad. Bahala siya. Nope... Nope... Nope. Buti naman that he's a very obedient kid and would follow. (And he knows papainumin siya ng brothers ko.... grrrrr).

      Ay really??? I didn't know na ganon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Baka mukha din kasi kaming matandang sister ko ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Alam mo yun, yung parang gifts for senior. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      YAYYYYY thank you din soooo much. Me I get excited when I see your comments kaya thank you thank you thank you. Mwah mwah!

    2. Nakoooo wag muna magdrink, Mati! Sakit lang sa sikmura yan. Haha pero if he really insists, it's better he does it with family in small amounts kesa with other people na ippeer pressure lang siya na uminom ng bongga.

      Nako Ms. Jaz, mas bata saken sister ko. Siguro nung time namin, ang bibigyan lang ng rose eh yung nagbabayad ng bill, yung may datung. Pag nilibre lang, walang rose. Hahaha :D Timog branch kami :)

      Forever fan lang akong nakaabang sa posts <3 <3

    3. Hulooooo dear Yanna!!!!

      DI BA? My husband kasi being the usual guy is like "Hayaan mo na!" Pero iba kasi for me ang drinking eh. Besides being dangerous for their young livers (that's why may recommended age sa drinking) yun nga, mas maprone siya sa peer pressure. I'm teaching him to learn how to say NO palagi. At least he'll see it with me. Yun lang pag mga kuya ko na ang nagpapainom ay alanganamang sabihan ko, takot ko lang ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kaya HAY. Pero but din not much naman and they give him wine or sake. Yung mga experience drinks. He he he he he!

      Siguro nagkukuripot sila. Hayaan mo bigyan kita rose na may kape pa when we see each other.

      YAAAAAAAAAAY THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! Alam mo I've had offers before na to promote products or become commercialized para kumita. I did some as favors to my friends pero parang if just for the sake of, ayoko talaga. I really want my blog to be as personal as can be. Kaya I'm thankful to readers like you whom I know na there talaga and not just for scrolling for info purposes. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Thanks again mwaaaaaaaaaah!


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