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Tuesday, September 5, 2017


For the Chinese Dimpol's 40th birthday getogether with my family, we decided to go for HOUSE OF WAGYU, our steak favorite. I know that we just had lunch there with THE YAPPY BUNCH the previous week, but the HOUSE OF WAGYU experience is so awesome that when you have a chance/occasion to do so, you just grab it.

And that is just what we did -- with hungry appetites and wine on the side.


HOUSE OF WAGYU had a promo for Citibank users that month so it was really advisable to make advance reservations. I made mine a week early because I really want to share this favorite with the family!


Karen and Kuya Jay!

MARY CRAWLEY, my Mommy, Ate Jojit, and her hub Anthony!

(Yup! Re-watching Downton Abbey again!)

Kuya Jon, Rocio, and Master Mati!

Red wine!

(So prominent for that Sunday!)

My bunsoy Andrei (who asked to sit at the head of the table), and the Chinese Dimpols!!!!!!!!


(My Mom is texting Daddy (RIP :( ) asking him what he wanted. He he he he he he!)

When in HOUSE OF WAGYU, I always look forward to their complimentary bread basket not only because it's free but it's really darn good!

The bread is toasty-hot, and crusty on the outside but soft on the inside. I could never stop at 2. Yes 2!!!!!!!!!! We love this so much that it's most likely we'll ask for more! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

The soup at HOUSE OF WAGYU is always a winner. For today, we got my favorite cream of mushroom!!! No trace of canned or instant here. Just pure fresh goodness!

The crusty bread was so perfect to dip into this rich and thick soup!!! You might find yourself using it to scrape every last drop from the bowl! He he he he he! 

Next up is a plate of chilled Caesar's Salad! 

This was so light and had that fresh crunch the last time. For this Sunday, the dressing overpowered the greens too much. 

Hmmm... Nothing that a piece of crusty bread could handle!

And the piece de resistance...

Wagyu Beef on a stone grill!!!!

Cooked just the way YOU'LL like it!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my Gatdula family at HOUSE OF WAGYU!!!

Master Mati loved his steak medium rare and planned to just give his meat a light sear!

Kuya Jay and Karen were quite happy with their steaks as the meat was not cloying like the other fatty and oily alternatives out there.

The lookalikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My bunsoy is not much a meat lover (since he's lazy to chew) but he loved HOUSE OF WAGYU! The steak was always tender and he's very "ganado" with adding a dash of salt to his beef!

Galit galit muna!!!!!

I think we ordered one more set just to make sure nobody got bitin. But with the big and fat cuts, not only were we so full but we got some extra for take home!

After that delicious lunch, Kuya Jay asked Anthony to make a toast for Yub!

"Happy birthday na lang Eric!"


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Dessert were ramekins of creme brulee!!!


So perfect with coffee!

While we were enjoying dessert...

The Chinese Dimpol got a birthday song!

It may be corny to some but I think it's a lot of fun! You're never too old to get birthday songs! He he he he he he!

Thanks HOUSE OF WAGYU!!!!!

The youth gods loved the Yub because when I was about to take a picture of his cheesecake, it fell a bit then covering the 40!!!!

After my Mom left (to join Daddy), it was a fun sibling kwentuhan to cap off our HOUSE OF WAGYU lunch!

One of the funny parts was when the kiddies (little lords and Cio) told my sister she looked like a 30 year old... 

...they got rewarded REAL fast.


Our HOUSE OF WAGYU bill!!!!

Don't worry, I made a much bigger share than Yub because we're with my family. He he he he he!!!!

(Just in case some are feeling sorry for Yub. HELOOOOOOOOOO!)

He got a sosy birthday gift naman from the Gatdula-Endrenals! He he he he he!

The Chinese Dimpol and I were so happy with our choice to treat my family at HOUSE OF WAGYU. Not only did everyone enjoy the steak, but we all had a wonderful experience with the service and vibe of the restaurant. Hopefully they'll have another promo so that we could treat our families again!!!

Or they could treat us -- whichever comes first. He he he he he he he!

Club Filipino Avenue, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila
(02) 725 2811

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