Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I think this day was meant to be. Really.

For many days now I have been craving for a BIG HOTDOG that is loaded with toppings. Like REALLY loaded.

In fact, I even sent my best friend the text below because I was so craving for it.

Sorry. I could get a bit disgusting when it comes to food. He he he he he he he!

That's why when we received an invite to try out the hotdog greats of MUNCHTOWN in UPTOWN PLACE MALL, OH. I. AM. SO. THERE.

Ahem.... WE pala... WE... (Kailangan ko driver. Ha ha ha h aha!)

We were actually having a double feature with YUMI EXPRESS and have MUNCHTOWN hotdogs for "dessert" and yes, it was still fine with me. Because even if I know that I'll be bulging at the seams (after eating another favorite) I would still stuff my face with my deep longing for the week.

You did read my text message where the MALAKING HOTDOGS are in all caps right?

With that, I'm glad how whenever I'm at the Fort area and craving for big, juicy, hotdogs, I could head over to MUNCHTOWN to chomp on their big, thick, and juicy offerings. Because believe me, after finally taking in several bites of their MALAKING HOTDOGS, my weeklong craving has finally been cured!

And it's soooo good that yours will probably be too!




It's just besides the kiddie play area Kidzoona! But if you're wanting to order your MUNCHTOWN favorites as snacks for your movie, you could do that too since it is also nearby the theatre!


And THIS is what you came here for!!!!

We were with the KTG at the UPTOWN PLACE MALL to try out the delicious hotdogs of MUNCHTOWN!

And here we are!


Isn't this beautiful???

MUNCHTOWN's Chicago Style (single P140 / double P250.00)!

This may be my early favorite because of the Banana Pepper! A bite of it made the hotdog sandwich so exciting!

MUNCHTOWN'S BLT dog (P140/P250.00)!

Their signature beef hotdog wrapped in salty bacon with slices of juicy tomatoes and fresh lettuce!


MUNCHTOWN'S Seattle Dog (P170.00 / P300.00)!

Egad! Why are you doing this to me MUNCHTOWN?? Now I cannot decide if I want THIS or the CHICAGO STYLE! Those jalapenos with cream cheese seem to be an awesome combination! Not to mention, the sweetness of the caramelized onions.

MUNCHTOWN Chili Cheese Dog (P170.00/P300.00)!

I love messy chilidogs. But adding cheese to add something creamy to the hotness of my hotdog bite is just genius.

MUNCHTOWN's Good Morning Dog (P150.00/P270.00) has an egg, YES AN EGG on top of the hotdog. And just in case you don't see it, there's also the awesome addition of cream sauce AND bacon.

Oh dear me. I hope I don't look for garlic rice after this. H aha ha h ah ah aha!

Though you'll already be VERY satisfied with the greatness of these MUNCHTOWN dogs, you could still add some fries just because you can. And they taste good!


I'm sure you'd agree by the looks of these two!

MUNCHTOWN Chili and Cheese Fries (P140.00)!

You get crunchy fries with a generous dollop of chili and gooey cheese! Yowza! It's just a lovely and delicious mess waiting to happen!

Another delicious choice would be the MUNCHTOWN Fries (P130.00) where it is topped with bacon bits, sour cream, and cream cheese, among others!

Are you drooling now? Don't forget about the hotdogs. He he he he he he!

Just kidding! I'm sure you won't. I know that there are American franchises of hotdogs and artisan hotdogs, but you would definitely enjoy MUNCHTOWN'S dogs because they just hit the spot of whatever you're in the mood for.  

Oh and yes I'm now so happy at finally being able to indulge myself in a very MALAKING HOTDOG!!!!

Isn't it so nice when things happen because it's meant to be?



Thank you dears DUDE FOR FOOD and Donny Elvina (Head of Marketing, Part Owner but pure awesomeness) for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!

We really had a fun, delicious, and FULL time!

Third Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 
36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 7856931

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