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Last week during the Monday holiday, ERICJAZ FOODIES drove on over to Pasig City to try out this new hotspot that's serving up mean plates of Filipino food!


MAMA ROSA RESTAURANT is located along the foodie hub of Barrio Kapitolyo and it has been "rubbing elbows" with neighboring restaurants such as Charlie's Burger and Ramen Cool!

MAMA ROSA RESTAURANT has been serving up delicious Filipino food in Quezon City for many years. After it closed shop, it transferred to its new Barrio Kapitolyo branch last October.

The interiors of MAMA ROSA is not of your usual Filipino restaurant. You might even think it is your favorite coffee house with the warm lighting and minimalist design.

The delightful Ms. Teresa Laurel was there, owner of MAMA ROSA, and she really took care of us. During lunch, she also shared wonderful stories about her Mom, Rosa, to whom the restaurant was named after.

Ms. Teresa said her Mom was such a great cook and she learned everything from her. "Mama Rosa" could've opened a restaurant herself with her delicious dishes but she prioritized taking care of the kids more.

From that love, Ms. Teresa was so inspired to put up a restaurant serving their unique recipes and naming it after her. 

Now me and the Yubhub are excited!!!! Time to stuff ourselves silly again!!!!

Not only that, ERICJAZ FOODIES was with Animetric and hub, The Hefty FoodieBabe Travelling, Ms. Rosa, Dude for Food, and The Last Don in MAMA ROSA RESTAURANT! So fersho we're going to have a great lunch!

Check out the MAMA ROSA menu!

MAMA ROSA menu 1...

MAMA ROSA menu 2...

MAMA ROSA menu 3... 

MAMA ROSA menu 4...

MAMA ROSA menu 5..

First dish on the table was MAMA ROSA Mangga Alique (P210.00)!

For this refreshing salad, you get crispy fried shrimps on a bed of mango slivers that's tossed in rich crab fat.

The saltiness of the crab fat complemented the slight sourness of the mangoes. I imagine this to be a perfect match with the rich and hearty stewed dishes!

For our appetizers we had the MAMA ROSA Kinilaw na Isda (P280.00)!

We got not just one, but three special servings of this fish in vinegar!

Kinilaw with Green Mango, Cucumbers, and Kamias!

Kinilaw with Salted Duck Eggs, Tomatoes, and Black Beans!

Kinilaw with Green Mango and Coco Cream!

I know these are supposed to be an appetizer but I could actually eat these with garlic rice!!!! Yowza!

Even if it was a Monday (he he he he), we got the MAMA ROSA Monggo Soup (P140.00)!

And good thing we did because it was SO deeeelicious!!!!!

The thick soup was rich with the fried and softened mung beans. Each spoonful was so flavorful with the salted fish and shrimps. The extra crunch (and fat) from the pork rinds just made it more glorious!!!!

I was not really a fan of Monggo soup before but DAAAAAYM this is good!!!!!!

MAMA ROSA Sotanghon Puti (P280.00)!

Vermicelli noodles fried with smoked fish and mushrooms!

No complicated sauces here. This light "pansit" is flavored with fresh calamansi juice. :)

Up next are the main dishes!

We had the MAMA ROSA Crispy Tadyang (P380.00)!

Crispy yet tender beef ribs that are well seasoned per bite!

When you're in MAMA ROSA RESTAURANT do check out the Binagoongang Baboy (P280.00)!

You'll get 3 slices of Bacon cut pork belly topped with sweet and salty fish paste with fried tomatoes. This is SO perfect with rice. LOADS of it!

Something you not see everyday in a Filipino restaurant is MAMA ROSA Sinaing na Tulingan in Olive Oil (P160.00)!

Very tender fish that is slow cooked in kamias, capers, oils.  Simple yet packed with salty/spicy flavors!

You might even find yourself eating this with your hands!!!!!

One of my favorites for the day is this bowl of MAMA ROSA Squid Ink Rice!

Well for one, I already love the richness of squid ink in pastas, ramen, and paellas.

But to load it with chorizos, crispy baby squid, garlic, and red bell peppers, this one is already a surefire winner in my book.

Another crowd favorite was the MAMA ROSA Pistahan Rice (P225.00)!

Garlic rice mixed with tomatoes, salty red egg, smokey fish, and chopped spring onions.

What gives MAMA ROSA??? These rice bowls are so good you might make us forget about the main dishes! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haa!

I said "MIGHT" though. He he he he he!

My plate!!!!

My MAMA ROSA plate!

Our table filled with food!

For dessert, we had the MAMA ROSA Saba't Kamote (P60.00).

And my favorite creamy Leche Flan (P85.00)!

It was indeed a delicious and fun lunch with foodies who bring out such "happy vibes"!

Yup! Even if I got "bunny eared" by THE LAST DON!

AHA! 2 could play that game!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

I tried my best to have my "revenge" on him but THE LAST DON was like Roman Reigns (NAKS) that my wee fingers were not seen. Brasong mataba ko lang ang nakita!!!!! >:(

DRATS!!! Next time!!!!

Thank you so much Ms. Teresa (MAMA ROSA) and dear Donny for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!! We had, as expected, a fantabulously sarap time!



9, East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, 
Pasig City, 1603 Metro Manila
(02) 928 5893

If you want to take cook with some of MAMA ROSA's goodness, you could buy some at their little store.

YOO to the HOO!!!!


  1. Okay... ginugutom akoooo waaaaaaaaa!!!!

    1. Namiss ka namin nito Mr.Jeng!!! Sana talaga nakapunta ka!!! :)

  2. hello jaz ganda ng mga feature mo sa blog mo..-kitty

    1. Helloooo Kitty!!! Uy thanks muchos naman dear!!! What a wonderful thing to read on a lazy Monday morning. Ang sarap din kasi ng mga pagkain! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Thanks again for stopping by and hope to hear more from you soon!!!!! :) -- Jaz


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