Monday, March 7, 2016


I recently attended the marriage ceremony of two people I work with and let me just say, that it was so different. Pleasantly different if I may say so!

Well for one, their wedding was very, very, very simple. There were no games, no super long speeches, and no ultimo extended picture taking sessions. You would think that for the status of the bride and groom, everything would be over the top shows and performances. NOOOOH! In fact, besides the laughter and the love, I felt that the newly weds just wanted to get it over with so they could proceed to their honeymoon. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Well that's what the
 groom DID say!

Attending this wedding is a relief because it felt like going to a traditional wedding that I was so used to before. Save for a few song numbers, everything went by so fast. There was definitely not a boring moment. Everybody was just laughing and having fun all the way.

And of course, since this is really a food blog, I'm sure you are wondering what the food was all about?



It was a Saturday and I went to TAPE INC. to meet up with my other office mates.


Tita Flory!

Mam Zen!

Tita Grace!!!!

AND ME!!!!

Tita Josie is coming later! He he he he he!

We call ourselves "LOLA BAES" because we formed a certain fan's club for Alden even before the ALDUB hullabaloo started. He he he he he!

Since it was like a ladies' night, we all decided to rent a van and ride together to the venue.

Tita Flory graciously took care of our transpo! Thanks Tita Flory!

Lo and behold, the person whom Tita Flory contacted rented a van BUT forgot to get a driver!!!! 


Good thing the usual driver assigned to that rental van lived nearby.

While waiting for the van, Tita Grace took care of my eye make up!

While going to the church, we painfully discovered that the van didn't have a head-rest nor handle bars. Since it was such a bumpy ride all the way, we were banging on each other like ping pongs. He he he he he!

FINALLY we're inside the church!

Group shot! Don't we all look good???

We picked up Tita Josie before going to church. So now we're complete!

After their beautiful marches, the bride and groom, Pauleen and Bossing, were standing solemnly at the altar.

Direk Bert goes on the podium for a reading.

Then Wahoo Sotto!

Bossing and Pauleen were later joined by their Principal Sponsors and parents.

Selfie with Kuya Allan and Ms. Oying!

Presenting, MR. AND MRS. VIC SOTTO!

When it was time to "kiss the bride" there was a lot of laughs. Bossing initially had a "taste" of his bride by wiping his finger on her cheek. 


It was a long and romantic kiss!

The loving kiss was followed by a long and tight hug.


Bossing and Pauleen with their 3 sets of Principal Sponsors!

Somebody from our group said we should head out to the reception in FILINVEST since we might get stuck with the other wedding attendees. So we may be early at the venue BUT we missed having a picture with Bossing and Pauleen when they called out their EAT BULAGA friends.

Oh well! At least we're first in the photobooth. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

When we got to FILINVEST TENT, we were approached by BIZU servers who offered drinks and appetizers!

There may be wine but I opted for some ice cold cucumber juice first. So good!

The canapes were all yum! Loved the mini-mushroom quiches and these fish with bacon skewers.

I'm sure my friends agreed.

When we entered the reception hall, it was like going inside a midsummer night's dream!

Everything was so beautiful!

I loved the warm lights!

The hanging chandeliers with tivoli lights added more romance to the whole room!

The VIP tables were simple yet very elegant!

The wedding cake stood mighty proud too!

We asked the receptionist if we could enter because our heels were killing us. We're thankful that she understood our painful plight!

Here we are!

We were reserved at table number 9!

The colors that ruled for Bossing and Pauleen's wedding were the subtle yet stylish gold and white combo.

After a short while, the bride and groom arrives!

We were all looking at the door when lo and behold, the stage doors opened. He he he he he!

After the opening prayers, it's time to eat!

Yup! We were all surprised that there was no "catch" before going to the buffet table. It's just go forth and pig out!

For Bossing and Pauleen's wedding, the food was served buffet style and it had many stations around the venue.

While I was getting food, our waiter served these dinner necessities...

BIZU's Herbed Soft Rolls!!

Another serving of the cucumber juice!

Salad bar! YUMMERS!

The friendly staff of BIZU prepared it for us.

With BIZU catering, they would mix the pasta in a huge bowl made of parmesan cheese!

There were 2 pasta bowls per table.

One had Creamy Truffle in Linguine.

The other one served the Puttanesca Aglio Olio which I loved more!

For the buffet, we started off with BIZU Rice Pilaf!

Fluffy and lightly seasoned. Hmmm... I think I'll do some carbo doubling tonight!

Grilled Vegetable Brouchettes!

Sorry for some of the poor quality of the pictures. I just asked a favor from one of the BIZU waiters and he was so kind in taking these quick shots. He he he he he he he!

Crunchy, light, and tasty!!!

BIZU Creamy Mashed Potatoes!

BIZU Baked Sole Provencal!

Moist fish with cherry tomatoes and sweet tomato salsa with capers.!

BIZU Barbecue Chicken with Mango Salsa!

The sauce was so tasty to mop with bread!

BIZU Tiger Prawns!

BIZU 10 hour US Roast Beef Belly...



BIZU Szechuan Calamari!

Plus Prawn Tempura!

Cebu Lechon!

(Bossing's favorite!)

Yehesss! Come to mama!

I started off with a bowl of BIZU's Zucchini and Pistou Cream Soup!

Even if it was a cream-based soup, it was light and not cloying as a first course!

My first plate of appetizers -- salad and pasta!

My second plate of Truffle Pasta!

My 3rd plate of main entrees!

Table number 9!!!!

There was a dessert buffet for the wedding but I cannot stand up because my feet were hurting me. Good thing the waiter was very nice in getting us a plate of the goodies!

All my BIZU favorites in one plate!

BIZU is famous for its desserts so a second serving was definitely in order!

Of course, the meal became more enjoyable with chilled white wine and beautiful friends!


(Chura! Che!)

I looked across me and I saw the Bride and Groom sharing a table with their principal sponsors, AND good friends Tito Sen, Joey de Leon, and Mr.Tuviera. There was no separate table for them to be the highlight on stage. They joined the ones who are special to them!

Truly a happy bride and groom!

While we were eating, Aiza Seguerra sang a touching song!

My idol Sharon Cuneta followed afterwards!

After the song numbers, the bride and groom went onstage to say their vows.

I did not expect to be so touched with Pauleen's message to Bossing that I found myself choking up.

Bossing also gave a very meaningful yet funny vow of declaration for his bride.


Afterwards, the couple had their first dance.

At first it was so romantic but later on things went hilarious when they danced "Cellphone" and "Dessert"!

JoWaPao SO wanted to join in!

The bride and groom sat down for the speeches. First up was Best Man Vico! Ain't he a cutie???

The ones that followed were Matron and Maid of Honor.

After the speeches, the bride and groom had a taste of their wedding cake!

And drank some sweet wine!

Like I said, Bossing was raring to end the reception so they could proceed to their honeymoon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! To officially end the program, he gave a thank you speech which included mentioning how he is now in the same ranks of his married best friends, Joey and Tito Sen!

Of course, there was more to the speech that kept his best friends in stitches!

He also got everyone laughing by confessing how he didn't know what to call his new father in law because, as he said, "Mas matanda pa ako sa kaniya e!".

That was so funny and VERY sweet at the same time!!!!

They concluded the program with the onsite video!

I was really hoping to see myself in the video and I was so happy that I was there! Do you see that small ball of pink to the left side of Pauleen???

THAT'S ME!!!!!!!!

Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the video.


Double AWWWWWWWWWW........


Besides the delicious food, it was great seeing with my fellow EAT BULAGA mates!

Paolo and Wally!

Aiza and her lovely wife!

Sam Yg!!!

Bossing's baby brother, Maru!!!!!!!

Kuya Anjo taking care of my camera! He he he he he!

Jewel, Francis, and Ms. Jeny!!

More of everyone!

With Tito Jimmy and Ms. Universe 2016, Pia Wutzbach!

Yaya Dub!

Jowapao again!

When it was time to say good bye, we went to the Bride and Groom for a picture. Normally I would get shy of Bossing but for that night, I really said "Congratulations Bossing! Pa-kiss!"

WOHOO! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And maybe that was why I was cut from the picture.


See my pink dress besides Pauleen????

Oh well! I have other pictures of the bride and groom in other parties anyway!

This'll do until I have copies of the "uncropped" one!

I hope it will not take forever though.


Givaways for the Vic and Pauleen wedding were aromatic diffusers that are so elegantly fragrant!!! It's doing so well at home!

No, thank YOU for inviting little ol' me!

Congratulations to dear Pauleen and Bossing!!! I'm sure you will have a long, loving, and laughing life together!!!! God bless you both!




  1. Aww you are invited!!! bakit walang picture with Sharon! Idol mo pa naman hehe. so touching their wedding. Same church kami kinasal same hotel din na pinagstayan (may common na samin!!!hehe) syempre di na same sa reception mahal e haha

    ps. ang puti ng kilikili mo!!!! haha!

    1. Hiya Erika! Naku! I'm so so so so so so so superkaduper sorry for my late response. Something is wrong with my PC na everytime I'm hitting enter, nabubura message ko. It did so mga 3 times! Sayang ang haba pa naman! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Anyway! Yes! We're invited! And nakakatuwa because would you believe that bossing only had 300 guests that night. We thought it would really be a big affair pero tlagang close family, friends, and workers ang ininvite nila. Awwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

      Oo nga for some reason I didn't get to ask for a picture with Sharon. Parang nahiya ako na di maintindihan ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Awww really??? Uuuuy I love the church! Ang laki niya ah!

      Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks! Pero magaling lang ako magtago ng shade ng kilikili ko ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah!

      Thanks and sorry again!


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