Monday, February 8, 2016


I think I have mentioned many times in the past how THE YAPPY BUNCH loves eating Chinese food.

Okay! Okay! We LOVE many kinds of food but CHINESE cuisine is definitely in the top ranks.

That is why every now and then (uy parang kanta!) we would answer the call for a Chinese food craving. It doesn't matter if our usual favorite is available at that time: if we're hungry for Chinese, we just HAVE to have it. Pronto.

On one particular night, THE YAPPY BUNCH went to Greenhills shopping center because we were definitely yearning for some dimsum and noodles from our favorite LE CHING. However, much to our hysterical disappointment (if you've tried the Spare Rib rice from LE CHING, you'll know why we felt so), the restaurant ran out of Spare Rib rice. So we were left alone, cold, and hungwy.

(Cue in the most sorrowful music you could think of.)

In Greenhills, there were a lot of restaurants which we claim to be our favorites like KIMPURA, SUN MOON GARDEN, HOUSE OF MINIS, etc. etc. But we were inconsolable. Even if we would drop everything and go to these places on other days, we have already programmed ourselves to savor the greasiness and delicious flavors of what we regularly had in LE CHING.

And so we came upon WON TON!

Did it satisfy our LE CHING craving? Check out and see! 


WON TON is in the same building and was almost across LE CHING.

We came upon WON TON after going to LE CHING TOO (the second branch of the restaurant within Shoppesville) and finding out again that they ran out of Spare Rib Rice. While we were walking in defeat, we saw our Chinese restaurant savior!

WON TON only had a few tables and it was mostly occupied for the night. I'm not sure if these people were also LE CHING rejects but they seem to be happy wolfing down their hot orders.


Naughty Andrei and the Chinese Adonis!

Me and Master Mati!

Hmmm... I think I need a nose job.

Time to order!

WON TON menu 1!!

WON TON menu 2!!!

We were happy to discover that prices were very reasonable like our beloved LE CHING!

While waiting for our WON TON orders, the little lords did some hand games.

I think it involved trying to smash the hands of the "opponent". He he he he he!

First on the table was a plate of WON TON Century Egg (P60.00)!

Egad! Mati and I LOVE Century Eggs! We eat it as a congee topping or with rice! We just can't get enough of the bold flavors of the yolk and the gelatinous "whites" that come with it.

Whenever there's Shrimp Puff, I'm sure to order it. And in WON TON, we got 3 golden fat pieces (P100.00).

What I usually love about Shrimp Puffs are the crunchy fried wrapping and the creamy pieces of shrimp inside. To amp up the bite, I would give it a generous dip in the mayonnaise and cream mixture!


Master Mati was in the mood for some spicy seafood and ordered the WON TON Shrimp Szechuan (P270.00). It was just okay for us because we were used to Szechuan Chicken where there are peanuts and a more appetizing sauce. This one was just okay. Mati still liked this because the dish was wiped out in no time.

Andrei was craving for some noodles so the Chinese Adonis got him the WON TON Bihon Guisado (P180.00). 

The dish was certainly good for 2 or 3 people and for only P180.00, that's a steal! The noodles were saucy and was good with the crunchy vegetables but I would have preferred this to be more salty. Of course, a bit of soy sauce and chili made this slurp worthy for me!

I know what you're thinking. All that drama about missing LE CHING and there's no dimsum right? Well you could say that we suddenly got dazzled with the menu that we somehow forgot what we came here for. But not quite! We still ordered a piping hot basket of Pork Siomai (P90.00).

The WON TON Spare Ribs (P90,00) were not as good as LE CHING but it was still tasty for us! So perfect with rice!

Usually when we're at a Chinese Restaurant, we would just order a cup of plain rice because we cannot finish a whole order of fried rice. But that night in WON TON we decided to live on the edge and order a platter of their Yang Chow (P180.00)!!!!

Yowza! This was more than we could handle!!! But it certainly made the Chinese Adonis happy. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in WON TON!!!!

Augh! Andrei!!!! Let's have one more shot!


Ha ha ha ha ha! He's my ever naughty boy talaga!

Our table filled with WON TON food!

My plate! My carbo-loaded-with-chinese-goodness PLATE!

Check out the Yubhub so concentrated while the Andrei was happily slurping away.

And we're done! Yep! It was too much for us! We're bringing home some more carbo power!

Our WON TON bill!

Overall THE YAPPY BUNCH had an enjoyable dinner at WON TON. Of course it was not like LE CHING but they still had other offerings that would surely answer your Chinese craving. We were glad to have finally tried this restaurant tonight! We had fun!

OH ANDREI! Stop showing your "abs". He he he he he he!

So. There.

GF, Shoppesville Greenhills Shopping Center, 
Ortigas Ave, San Juan, 1503 Metro Manila
(02) 727 6923


  1. Kahit ilang beses ko na try ang century egg di ko pa din ma get over ang taste. But the place looks better than Le Ching or has Le Ching renovated na din?

    1. Kami naman we really love it! Between WON TON and LE CHING, the former looks better and is more presentable. But give me LE CHING anytime even if they haven't changed interiors -- the food will forever be awesome!


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