Monday, July 13, 2015


One Friday, I was lonely.

The Chinese Adonis had a getogether with his officemates in Alabang so it's just going to be me that night.

I asked the little lords if they wanted to have a date night with Mommy but the monsters (he he he he) deserted me to go with their Lolo and Lola. Yes they do that to me a LOT especially when my parents are involved. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So I asked my BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and her husband Manong Fred if they wanted to take me out and treat me for dinner that night because....

I was lonely....

Yes I do that in the most pathetic "wawa me" voice. He he he he!

That night I told BGP Marian that anywhere is fine with me as long as we go out. She suggested that we go back to LUGANG CAFE since she just read my blog on our couples night and the pictures looked amazing (naks!).

Anyway, you would know how deep my friendship is with BGP Marian especially that I'm comfortable enough to ask her to take me out and treat me at that. Of course, she knows we would do the same to her and Manong Fred since we looooove them so much! BGP Marian and I are already like sisters from another hot mother and beyond! NAKS!

And just like that, I'm not lonely anymore!

The Chinese Adonis and the little lords could make their own plans, I would be fine with that. Because BGP Marian and Manong Fred are always always there for me, I will be NEVER lonely for all eternity!

Now that deserves an extra big NAKS! :)


LUGANG CAFE in Glorietta, Makati, has a more narrow structure compared to what they have in SM Aura. But still, the lighting and design could pass off for a fine dining Chinese restaurant!


My very pretty BGP Marian and Manong Fred!

Me looking all "wawa" with an invisible Chinese Adonis. Huhuhu!

For LUGANG CAFE menu, check THIS out!

Time to order!

In a few minutes, we braced ourselves...


LUGANG CAFE Honey Garlic Squid (P320.00)!

The breading was crunchy while the squid was crazy tender. We loved the sweet sauce that is very appetizing and perfect with rice!

I don't like sweet glaze but THIS one I loved!

Of course when you're in LUGANG CAFE, you should NEVER fail to order their Xiao Long Bao or soupy dumplings!

I normally eat rice with my dimsum but the Xiao Long Bao of LUGANG CAFE is so good that it is a satisfying entree on its own! 

The soup is already very flavorful but I love putting it on a soup spoon and dipping it generously with soy sauce, vinegar, and ginger strips!

BGP Marian asked what I wanted to order so I requested for the LUGANG CAFE Kung Pao Chicken (P280.00)!

Their Kung Pao Chicken is not as spicy as I hoped it would be but the sauce was still something to write home about.  In fact, after we were done with the juicy chunks of chicken, we still helped ourselves to the vegetables and nuts with the sauce because it is still very savory with the rice!

I'm trying to diet these days that's why I would usually just ask for some plain rice. But in LUGANG CAFE, I cannot help myself remember the meal we had the last time where their Golden Fried Rice (P260.00) complemented everything that we ordered. In fact, it made everything better!

This LUGANG CAFE fried rice had the right amount of crunchy vegetables and meat. It was perfectly sauteed with soy sauce, sesame oil, and other special seasonings to make this so good to be a complete meal in itself!

To wash down all that scrumptious Chinese food, Manong Fred ordered a cold glass of Mango Shake (P160.00). 

____JAZ FOODIES with BGP Marian and Manong Fred in LUGANG CAFE!!!!

See what I did there?

Our table filled with food!


My plate! My beautiful-trying-hard-to-diet plate!


Yeheyyy! The Chinese Adonis is here!!!!!

Supposed to be the original plan was BGP Marian and Manong Fred would take me to their home in Paranaque so that Yub (who would come from Alabang) could pick me up. I was really expecting that he'll get out late since I thought he'll also drink with his friends. 

As it turned out, after dinner he said that he'll go ahead so that he could join us early.



Wanted sana to go to BGP Marian's house e!


And now we are complete!

And we're almost done!

It was just funny because during the meal, I kept on stepping on something that I thought was the base of our table. Turned out, it was manong Fred's foot!


If I'd known, I would've stepped on it harder! Tee hee!

ANOTHER mirror shot!

Manong Fred and BGP Marian's LUGANG CAFE bill!

Thank you so much for the dinner treat!

After our dinner, we had dessert and drinks at COFFEE BEAN AND TEA LEAF. It was fun even if their aircon was busted. 


Tee heee!!!!

So grateful that as usual BGP Marian and Manong Fred were there for me when I was feeling pretty lonely, abandoned, and dramatic (he he he he he!). Even though it was just dinner on a Friday night, I appreciated that I could count on them to cheer me up on my lonely days. This is considering too that they live far from Makati. 

Thank you dear BGP Marian and Manong Fred for the assurance of loving company should I be left alone again by the Chinese Adonis and the little lords. Though I know it won't happen very often, it's very reassuring to know that I have your kindness and friendship to back on.



Ground Floor, Glorietta 2, 
Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, 
Makati City
02 2469069 ext:365


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