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For as long as I could remember, whenever I talk to my friend, Mareng Gail, she would always make it a point to mention how delicious the carbonara is in VIVERE HOTEL:

"Oh you had a raise? We should have the carbonara in VIVERE to celebrate!"
"This truffle pasta may be good but the one they have in VIVERE is a hundred times better!!!"
"Guess what? I heard they're putting more cheese in the VIVERE carbonara! We should go there now!!!!"


Tee hee!


Actually I'm just kidding. But yes, she does rave about it ENDLESSLY that when the time came for us to actually have a taste of this much talked about carbonara, she suddenly became scared. What if we traveled all the way from Mandaluyong and did not like it? I swear I would be reimbursing the amount of that Carbonara TEN-FOLD!

So what was our verdict? Read on and find out!




It's actually my first time to dine in THE NEST and I must say that I was quite impressed!


The view in THE NEST was breath taking and dining here at night time would prove to be very romantic. 


THE NEST was very dark and was only illuminated by tivoli lights. Hmmm. This would be perfect if you don't want to be seen with someone.



Even before we took our seats, best friends (turned lovers?) Andrei and Sasha already chose a spot for themselves. 


We already had a light dinner prior to THE NEST that's why we're just really there to have the notorious carbonara. So I just let the little love birds play with just a watchful eye. They were not far away anyway from our secluded room. He he he he he!


Master Mati, ANT WOMAN and AN-AN MAN!



Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun!!


Baby Sky! 

Andrei and Sasha!!!

The lovebirds transferred to a more romantic table with a wonderful view.

Good job Andrei!



Uuuuy... Type ako ni yaya!!!!!


Good thing that we were in a separate room from the other NEST diners. At least, we were all able to joke around and laugh out loud all we want without being annoying...

More than usual of course.


First on the table from NEST is a board of complimentary bread with butter and liver pate. The warm bread was nice and crusty! I look forward to mopping the leftover cream from my pasta with it.


Even if he already ate, we got THE NEST Chicken Fingers (P290.00) for Mati. 


Mati loved munching on the Chicken fingers because it was very tender and juicy while the breading added the right amout of crisp. The strips of perfectly cooked chicken were already very tasty and was fine on its own.


I zoinked one piece from Mati and even the chicken was already very flavorful. But, unhealthy me would still want to dip it in the ranch dressing provided.



FINALLY the moment of truth...

THE NEST'S Chicken Mushroom and Boursin Pasta (P430.00)!

To be honest I was a bit disappointed with the serving size. Mareng Gail told me that it was a platterful of pasta and was enough to feed 3 hungry people.

So imagine my surprise when we were given a WEE wawa plate.




Even though the serving of this pasta from THE NEST was not what I expected, the aroma that this rich creamy dish brought upon us instantly made my mouth drool. With just one sniff I know that it is going to be very cheesy, creamy, and ooooh lala, the type of carbonara I've been dreaming about.


I'm not very partial to fettuccine but when I got a forkful of the glorious Chicken mushroom carbonara, I lovingly looked it. The fragrant cream infused with the boursin cheese, white wine, and herbs clung to the al dente flat noodles that I was almost tempted to lick it off my fork!


Oh it's so beautiful!!

The Chicken, Mushroom, and Boursin pasta I mean. 

As for me, I'm voluptous.


I pleasantly discovered that the NEST pasta was jampacked into the plate that it could be good for 2 diners. I gave my half to Mati and he was so willing to wolf it down with his chicken and bread.


Mareng Gail also ordered one to share with pareng Jun and she immediately wanted to know how I found this much revered pasta.


How did I find it?

I absolutely LOVED it!!! The Chicken, Mushroom, and Boursin had the strong cheesy taste that I loved and was made more appetizing by the silky cream. The tender mushrooms gave the whole dish a woodsy flavor similar to what gets me addicted with truffle pastas but with added freshness from the herbs.

So this pasta from THE NEST may be all creamy, rich, and hearty but it was not cloying at all! The grilled chicken, mushrooms, plus herbs did its job in complementing each other that what I got is a very unforgettable and delicious pasta dish that deserved all of that rave!!!

 This would be so perfect with a goblet of chilled white wine which I plan to have the next time I go here for it.

Oh I cannot wait to force Yub the Hub to take me here again!!!!!!!!!!


And in no time, we're done!


Our NEST bill!!!!


We may have only gotten a wee bite from our dinner at THE NEST but it already made a strong impression with us. Besides the great service, breath-taking view, and delicious food, we all had a grand time chatting and eating the night away.

Oh and yes, that Chicken, Mushroom, and Boursin pasta were GOOO-OOOD!!! It was definitely worth that long trip!

Although, I might still fake my love for it so that I could ask mareng Gail to pay for our gas. 

Tee hee!!!!!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and the Campos in NEST!!!

Let's EAT!

Vivere Hotel, 5102 Bridgeway Avenue 
Corner Asean Drive, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City
02 2469069 ext:181

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  1. The carbonara looks so yummy!:) I'm craving! tsk.tsk. By the way, have you try to stay at Go Hotels Mandaluyong? Thanks!


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