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This entry is definitely out of the ERICJAZ FOODIES "character" but it is one I surely want to share for all my imaginary readers out there. You see, all my life I have gotten a lot of flak, not for being superkaduper hot (tee hee) but because I always seem to pack an extra bag more than what an ordinary person brings.

With that, you could just imagine the MILLIONS of bags that I would pack for the little lords once I became a Mom.

You see my favorite saying of all when it comes to packing is "I'd rather have one and not need it, than need it and not have one". I got that from the classical movie, "Aliens Vs. Predator" and yes, it does explain in a gist my views on bringing our "stuff". I may pack more than what is needed for a weekend but at least the boys get to pick what they want to wear depending on their mood, OR, they are assured of extra clothes just in case they spill soda on their clothes twice, AND, they have something if we decide to stay an extra day.

For some reason too and many people could attest to this (especially my office mates), that I am such a slob with my things. But when it comes to the little lords, I want everything to be organized as chiclets in a box. Of course, packing for 2 boys could get nerve wracking but I have devised these methods so that I am assured not to forget anything when we go away for a trip. At the same time, I don't find it difficult when it's time to unpack when we go home.

Now I'm sure you have all your own ways and habits of how you pack things because this post certainly is not meant to undermine them. Most definitely, how you do it with your family is the best method that you have come with. This is just me sharing how I could get "carried away" when fixing our stuff for a getaway and maybe you could get a tip or two.

Of course, in the near future I will pass on this packing "knowledge" to the little lords. I know they should be starting to do it themselves next year but the OC in me is not yet ready to let them do that. Well maybe because, boys being sloppy boys, if it were up to them they'll only pack 1 set of clothing and not change into anything at all! You've heard about ac-dc underpants right?  Well I guess it's what they see from the Chinese Adonis that's why! BWA HA HA HA HA!

Anywho, at the end of the day, what matters is that when the little lords ask for something, at least in an instant we are able to give it to them. Nothing is more sweeter than hearing a very sweet "Thank you" after all that packing ordeal. He he he he he he!

And yes, I know you might come up with more severe words after reading this entry. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ze bags!

To be sure that I won't forget anything, I have my own PACKING list!

I have been using this list since Andrei was a baby and have not bothered editing some items. So if you catch a reminder to bring a "bib" or "Lactum", just ignore it.

Of course, ignore all the wrong grammar as well.

Told you I was too lazy to change anything. Ha ha ha ha ha!

First off, I start PACKING the bags of the little lords. One bag is for their house clothes and the other is for their "going out" clothes.

Seems simple you say? Don't worry... You'll be snorting in disbelief later. 

For the "house" bag, I already have the little lords TRAVEL slippers ready. I got an extra pair for Mati since one time he thought his lost his slippers only to find it under the bed. I kept it anyway for something extra.

I put these TRAVEL slippers in small drawstring bags. This one is from Andrei's birthday souvenir from last year.

Afterwards I double check the content of the little lords TRAVEL toiletries bag.

The TRAVEL toiletries bag would have the little lords wash cloth, toothpaste, toothbrush, bath soap, cologne, powder, gel, lotion, and sunblock. We also got some semi-first aid items such as petroleum jelly and Vicks vaporub. I included a small plastic bag just in case we need to throw something and there's no trash can around.

Of course, somebody sneaked in his razor and cream in the children's TRAVEL toiletries bag. I don't know who. 

Up next for our PACKING, I get the clothes that we will be needing for the weekend stay.

THIS is what I got for the little lords. Is it too much? Well like I said, I love PACKING a little extra for them and the boys would usually use up a lot of shirts since they could get so active and sweaty.

Again, I wonder who put that horrendous undergarment there??? I just saw this now and I am outraged!!! For one,  those are not mine. And obviously, a 36D (like me) does NOT need any sort of padding! Jeez! Que horror!!!!!!!!!

Every time I get something from the PACKING list, I cross it out so that it won't double up.

Goodness knows I don't want to OVERPACK. :P

I love duffel bags when I PACK especially when it has a lot of pockets. It's plus points in organizing the little lords things!

On one side of the TRAVEL bag, I put all of their underwear.

The other pocket of TRAVEL bag 2 is filled with small towels, handkerchiefs, and socks.

I also PACK some extra plastic bags and zip locks just in case we need to put something separately from the other stuff.

This goes to the pocket of TRAVEL bag number 2.

Now, would you believe that my electric water heater was a gift for our wedding? Yep! I have kept it working for already 11 years!!! Since the little lords were babies, I always brought this with us so that I would have boiling or hot water anytime we need it. 

Now, I also bring this trusted electric water heater with us so that I'll always have instant hot water for my coffee. Tee hee!

In the TRAVEL bag for home, I put their pajamas for night and for naptime, plus shorts.

On top of that I PACK their white shirts.

It is in this TRAVEL bag where I put the trusted electric water heater. Don't worry. The plastic bag is clean when I put it in.

I then top this TRAVEL bag off with the little lords' towels for extra cushion.

Finished on TRAVEL home bag!

For the TRAVEL bag B, I put in 2 pairs of pants each for the little lords.

Then the polo or nice shirts go there so that it would pressed and not wrinkly.

Up next is the going out shirts with collar.

Then 2 pairs of undershirts for each boy to match with their TRAVEL polos.

On the other side goes the going out casual shirts.

Then the TRAVEL slippers go in (since the boys immediately change into slippers when they get to Yub's house in Lucena).

And the little lords' TRAVEL toiletries bag!

Yahoo! Finished with TRAVEL bags number 1 and 2!

When we go out with the little lords, we always have a small Benten bag for their towels, extra shirts, jackets, etc. Of course, when we go out of town, we bring a different bag so that it will be ready and on standby till the day of the trip.

For this, we bring our Cars TRAVEL mini-bag! We've had this for about 5 years already and still bring it every time we have special trips!

Here's what goes inside the Car's mini TRAVEL bag!

Jackets (yup! I always pack the EB jackets always!).

Mati always chooses the extra shirts that we pack for this bag and he always get his favorites.

An extra towel to wipe off their sweat!

I PACK one of their old "lampins" or cloth diapers to wipe away their snot since this is softer than ordinary towels or tissue paper. Now that they're older though, they have handkerchiefs in their pants. Still, I pack these just in case they forget to bring one. 

8 pieces of "sapin sa likod" (in english it's.... *help* HA HA HA!)

Yes! They could get really sweaty! And you know us moms don't want our boys' sweat to dry up on their backs right?

I top the inside of my Cars mini TRAVEL bag with a packet of wipes! So useful for everything!

Take note of the extra face towels on the side. He he he he he!

If you think that's done, then you don't know me that well... He he he he he he!

Here's what we pack on the side of the Cars mini TRAVEL bag: caps, plastics, small water jug, and EB SOS lacetags that has whistles and flashlights (when we go exploring these are pretty useful!)

I always bring mosquito sprays because the last thing we want is to have the little lords get a lot of bites from these bugs!

For the Cars mini TRAVEL bag I also packed some cologne, powder, comb, chapstick, and petroleum jelly.

I got the little lords' some alcospray and covered it with masking tape. I then wrote that it was "Mati and Andrei's SECRET POTION". This always get a few chuckles from them every time I bring it out. 

In you all go at the TRAVEL bag side!

Done with this!

If you noticed from my list, I highlighted the little lords TRAVEL swimming attire because supposedly I'll only bring it when we have plans to do so. But lately, I still pack it with us because sometimes we'd have impromptu swimming trips when we go out of town!

This is our TRAVEL swimming backpack!

Inside I have included our swimsuits just in case the Chinese Adonis and I would feel like swimming too.

For the little lords TRAVEL swimming backpack, we have their swimsuits, extra shirts, robes, and underwear that go into that pink bag.

We have a separate yellow bag for their swimming toys and inflatables!

Of course, the TRAVEL swimming back pack has its own soap and sunblock lotion.

Plus a lot of extra plastics for the wet clothes!

Of course when you have kiddies, you cannot just pack and NOT bring anything to eat right? I know that we could always buy food for take out but all Moms want something that is always ready just in case the boys get hungry.

So we have this TRAVEL coleman!

And yes. This was also a wedding gift that we've been using ever since!!! :) If you look closely I even wrote there "Eric, Jaz, and Mati" since we started bringing it after he was born. :) 

Inside the TRAVEL Coleman are some of my trusted lock and lock containers.

In it we pack the little lords powdered milk and Milo, plus oatmeal and Coco Crunch just in case we need an instant breakfast.

The green milk container originally belongs to Mati for his infant milk. But when he grew up and got promoted to Nido, the container went to baby Andrei and we put his Enfapro in it. We then labelled it with his name tag to avoid confusion.

And yes. Lazy me hasn't removed it since then even if they're both drinking Nido and fresh milk now.

In you go! 

This TRAVEL Coleman is so handy for us too because we also use it to put in take home lucban longganiza's or other foodie goodies. I just put the lock and lock containers in a plastic bag and seal it.

Of course for the little lords' milk we pack these plastic tumblers to be sure that they have something clean to drink it from.

I remove all the covers and put one inside the bigger tumbler.

Then it all goes into my black handy TRAVEL bag.

Besides the drinks we also PACK some extra grub for instant snacks!

The Chinese Adonis and the little lords usually request for juice, iced tea, instant noodles, and swiss miss with extra marshmallows.

I PACK it all up in this TRAVEL plastic box!

I always bring an extra box of instant pancakes just in case the little lords crave some of it for breakfast or snacks!

I have this sturdy plastic bag which I got from Minnesotta about 7 years ago and it's still fit to use!!!!

The TRAVEL plastic box goes there along with the 2 liter Nestea plastic pitcher for our juices and iced teas!

I also put there the TRAVEL plastic tumblers inside the black bag and the metal Coke water jug so that we have something cold to drink in the car. 

For MY TRAVEL bag I wouldn't go into details TOO much but here are my essentials!

My carpet TRAVEL bag! Yup! I feel like I'm Mary Poppins!

Did you say "Practically Perfect in Every Way?" Oh you little tease you... 

Again with my own TRAVEL bag, I have a lot of pouches that organize my clothes and other necessities.

Most definitely, my yellow hampy goes wherever I go!

Yup! My yellow hampy has become such a TRAVEL essential for me. It goes with us EVERYWHERE! When we're in a hotel or in Yub's family home for that matter, I don't like the dirty clothes to be mixed or scattered along with the clean ones. So this yellow hampy definitely makes everything easier for us as the boys just toss their used shirts or whatevers in it!

My clothes in my TRAVEL carpet bag...

I have packed and used these TRAVEL slippers ever since Mati was born and yep, I still have them!

MY TRAVEL toiletries bags that have EVERYTHING...

Yep! It even has a container for mouthwash.

My shoes for the weekend trip!

All of these items go in a bag that also goes into this striped duffel bag. 

I also bring me with this little TRAVEL vanity bag just in case somebody needs to groom their nails, shave their 5 oclock shadow, and clear the odor in the restroom (that's the matchbox's job.. he he he he!).

On the day of the TRIP...

Whenever we go for long drives I ALWAYS bring with me my favorite Mickey Millennium pillow. 

Why is it my favorite?

Well it's the Chinese Adonis' first Valentine gift to me when we started going out! Yep! This Millenium pillow has been with me since 2000 and I have been sleeping with it ever since (you could actually see some of my drool marks here and there... He he he he he!) So yes, I always have it with me when we have to travel far by car. I love just having it on my lap.

Now, Andrei uses it when he falls asleep during the drive. Isn't that just sweet?

Yep! I'm a sentimental schmuck I know. I don't throw away anything and keep everything that has a special memory to it.

When we have a long drive, like when we go home to Quezon Province, THIS is the usual attire of the little lords... 

I felt that jeans are not something the boys would be comfortable in for 5 hours sitting down so they usually wear jogging pants for the long drive. 

When we go to Quezon Province, we usually drive out by 5:00am in order avoid the weekend traffic. With that, the boys wear long sleeved shirts so that they won't be so cold in the car while they sleep. They prefer this too even if I pack extra jackets and blankets for them.

For the long drive they always wear their TRAVEL crocs and socks so that they could just easily take it out when they want to lie down and sleep.

Besides the grub I packed in their TRAVEL plastic box, we also have some drinks and munchies for the long drive.

At the bottom I put their cartons of milk and chocolait...

I then freeze up some Orange and Apple Juice until they're hard as ice. I wrap them in clear plastic then tape the straws onto it for easy drinking when the little lords get thirsty. 

(a demonstration pic done 2 nights before the trip... He he he he he!)
The frozen drinks goes on top of the milk cartons so as to keep them cold and fresh as well.

Then on top goes the boys favorite TRAVEL snacks such as Oreos, Fudgee bars, Wafers, etc that are also kept cold by the icy juice packs!

We always pack extra tissues and plastic (for trash) inside the TRAVEL insulated snack bag.


Obviously, this is Andrei's old recess bag. Ha ha ha ha ha!


And we're ready to go!

Check out the Chinese Adonis' small black bag near the TRAVEL coleman. He prefers to pack himself because he only brings one set of clothing each.

Told yah... H aha ha ha ha ha!

Kidding. Well this was for our Quezon Province trip and he already had clothes there that's why.

And so we all went to Lucena with our many many bags. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Another item I forgot to mention for our PACKING (probably because it's already in the car) is our TRAVEL box containing our neck pillows and blankets. 

Yes. ANYTHING to have a comfortable trip with the boys!

And so we had such a fun time spending All Soul's weekend in Yub's hometown in Lucena, Quezon Province.

After a 5 hour drive going back to Manila, I was faced with THIS to unpack.

Would you believe that because of its assigned boxes and bags, I was able to fix everything before going to sleep that night? Yessireee! It may look a lot but everything was a cinch really especially that I have already mastered MY system of packing in unpacking. 

Just in case you're curious how I unload our many bags when we have a hotel staycation or whenever there are extra cabinets or drawers available for us.

Yup! I do THIS. 

This OC habit may be weird to some but it's really easier for me to keep track and look for the clothes/items we need when it's all arranged in the cabinets instead of just having it bunched up inside the bag. Also when it's time to go home, I just get everything and put it inside our luggages. At least when I double check on the drawers and nothing is there, I'm assured that I was able to pack everything. I haven't left anything ever since! 

He he he he he he!

I hope you guys didn't find me too weird on how I pack and unpack our things. Oh well. At least when we travel together, you'll be assured that I won't be borrowing anything from you because we have all that we need with much to spare.

Of course, we won't share with you either. Tee Hee!

SO. There. :)


  1. Grabe! Nakakahawa yata ang pagkawala ng internet niyo... kami naman kasi ang walang internet dito ngayon! Waaaahhhh...

    Heniways, just two thoughts kse busy-busihan din kami ngayon due to my inaanak's debut later:

    a. nightS????? Really? May S? hahahaha.....
    b. sorang ObC mo pala pag-dating sa damit niyo! Pareho tayo! hahahaha...

    Have a great weekend Jaz!!! Mwah

    1. Bw ha ha ha ha ha! Alam mo Mr. Snuff kanina pa ako tingin ng tingin kung meron ka comment... Tapos sad ako nung 5am and 9am wala pa. Then finally, TING! Meron na! YEHEEEES!!!!!!!

      1) Wag na nga pansinin ang grammar! HA HA HA HA HA! What happened there was originally the list was for 2 NIGHTS ANDREI... tapos I just copy pasted and edited it. O di ba. Yung kay Mati lang nacorrect ko, yung kay Andrei di ko nagalaw. If you noticed, may BIB pa nga sa list niya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hence, the 1 NIGHTS!!!!

      2) Di ba??? I'm very makalat talaga and doing this helps me to keep everything in track AND I get to bring home everything and make ligpit fast. Tee Heee!!!!

      You too dear Snuff!!! Have fun with your inaanaks debut!!! Post pics on Instagram! YOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OH my!!!! I can't help but laugh at the title of your post! I remember Rex Navarrete ... and his genius SBC PACKERS comedy skit.. anyway.. these are awesome tips on how to PACK :D

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry for my late reply Mr. Jeng as I usually take a break from blogging during weekends to spend time with my family... But he he he he he! I'm glad you found something to laugh at in my blog. Although when I typed it, the song ringing in my head was that techno sound "This is how we do it any way you choose it...." from the 90s ata. Ha ha ha ha ha! Mas cool yung sayo though! Although I'm sure pareng Rex was referring to something bastus? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Thanks for the kind words dear Mr. Jeng! I'm glad you got some tips! I hope to see you soon!!!!

  3. You're so cute ms. Jaz. :D I always find myself reading your blogs for hours. Haha very interesting, useful and entertaining. Thank you for sharing these! :D ericjaz and the little lords fan over here!

    1. Wow... You don't know how much you made me so happy with your comment. Promise!!! I saw this last night and I told it to Yub with excitement like I just won the jackpot. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! There's really nothing like getting appreciated for something you do with love. I'm so glad that you find my little chikas interesting, useful, and entertaining. I don't really expect to win a blogger award (not by a long shot) or get tons of invites. I'm just happy to be able to document these special events in our lives and that wonderful people like you are reading it. MAJOR kilig!!! Awww I'm extra happy that you included the little lords!! :)

      However, I have a request though... If it's okay...

      1) Please don't call me Ms. Jaz... Ha ha ha ha! Ano ba! Believe me hindi bagay sa akin. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Jaz is more than fine... or Jazmin. Wag lang "HASMIN" like what some of my friends call me panginis. Ha ha ha ha! (cough cough bgp Marian) Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      2) Hope you could write your name para I'll know also how properly address you. Would really want us to be friends! :)

      Take care and hope to hear more from you soon!!!! Thank you so much for the comment and reading my silly posts.

  4. We're same!! I also pack waaaaaaaay too organized and used gazillion of bags. XD My friends would tease me like "besh dun ka na titira?" (╥﹏╥)

    I really think now you're my long lost mom. (*/ω\) or sister. XD
    We both love spicy food! Love Ramen! both pretty and sexy and 36D!! :D ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌

    ~Heya Momzy Jaz! your cute anonymous daughter here. ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

    1. Why hello there my cutie patootie daughter!!!! How are you dear Anny?

      Anny? Get it? BWA HA HA HA! :)

      Di baaaaaa???? I always go by the saying, it's better to have it then don't need it than need it and don't have it. Hay many times my overpacking have saved us. And nakakainis lang when others would borrow from me (ha ha ha ha ha!)

      Awwww! That's so sweet! Would really love to meet you. Yes! Spicy food rules... Packing rules....Ramen rules.... WE RULE!!!!!!!!!!!

      Take care my dearest!!! Mmmwaaaaah!

    2. mwehehee. the funny thing is, Ann is my 3rd name. lolol.

      I would love to meet you too but I'm okay admiring your family from afar. Fans are contented that way. XD ~~~~ Yaaay! We Rule! ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊

      (◕‿◕✿)cuteboopboop :P

    3. Wow really??? I love the name ANN because it reminds me of my best friend from College and also it's my favorite character -- Anne of Green Gables. :)

      You're not my fan... You're my eldest daughter! I don't think I'm going to have a daughter anyway, so ikaw na lang. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Yes we rule! Cuteness rules too! Mwaaaah!


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