Thursday, November 27, 2014


Like any normal child, my little lords are very fond of playing with computer games such as Minecraft and NBA 2000-something. And, like any normal Mom, I want to be a KJ (kill joy) in what I feel is a "unnecessary activity" for them that causes extreme joy.  Bwa ha ha ha ha! So in order to balance out and instill discipline in the boys' PSP and gadget play time, I told them that they could only do so if they write 2 pages in their journal. Of course, this caused a lot of violent reactions from the little lords but I didn't care. If they wanted to use the internet or play computer games then they should write in their journal. If they don't feel like writing, then no dice. Besides, it served a double purpose of practicing their writing skills and lessening the time their faces are buried in front of their PSP.


I never noticed though that while Mati would have his "journal time", he would sneak in a few "naughty moves" to either show his rebellion or to just mark his territory. It was actually my sister who noticed it first as she got frustrated with how Mati made small graffiti marks on our walls using his new journal pens. As for me, I somehow found it cute. I'm not sure if I'm being normal or anything but I like that I have something sort of a hidden Mickey going on with my eldest son. While I'm doing something and I suddenly find his "Mati Mark", it actually gives me a smile knowing that his little being was there. Of course, I told him not to do it outside our home and he knows that it is actually a criminal offense to do so.

Being the sentimental schmuck that I always am, I know that these "Mati marks" may get erased in time that's why I already recorded it via this blog.  Of course, I am already daydreaming of the day when the boys are all grown up and I'm this very wrinkly old granny. Then, I'll accidentally find one of his kiddie graffitis in our home and I would just burst into tears. When the grown up Mati sees me doing so, he'll smile and then send me to a nursing home.

KIDDING! As usual I'm getting ahead of myself but really my imagination just goes wild with anything that my little lords' created. For now, I won't dwell on the drama of what will happen when they grow up as I will just value their beingness even with just a few scribbles on our walls.   It may be something small and meaningless to them but as parents I'm sure you would agree that anything that comes from our children is worth taking our mark for.


I never really took notice of it before even when my sister told me about it. But once in a while I would find it around our house. 

As I would go up and down the stairs, I began to notice this small marking on our walls.

MGY! That's his initials as Mati G. Yap!

One time when the Chinese Adonis was using Mati's makeshift table, I saw something that looked familiar. 

What is that behind the placemat?

Aha! Mati Yap made his mark again!

The boys recently moved into their own room and before the transfer, I had it repainted to a Martha Stewart yellow (or so I thought. He he he he he)

Anyway not a month has passed and they have already taped a lot of posters around their new room. I really did not mind because I love how they are expressing themselves from magazine clippings and drawings. Besides, it's their room anyway.

Of course, upon closer look I saw something familiar once again.

It's Mati's MGY!!!

Soon, I was able to see more of his markings sprouting out and about. He doesn't tell me about it. It's just something that pleasantly catches me off guard!

Beside one of our doors....

On top of our coffeetable... 

(Hmmm... somebody needs to use some coasters).

On my Dad's table....

On our computer table....

On our phone....

This was actually the last one I saw since it's almost undetectable with the color of the pen.

One time the kids were watching Spongebob and Squarepants....

When I returned the disc to the casing, I saw a "note" from Andrei.

"Yap. Do not toch! ONLY Yap for movie night"

And once again I saw the familiar initials.


With that, we have all accepted these little "markings" from Mati. In fact, I consider it a sweet  but unintended surprise from him. When he saw me going around taking pictures of the MGY's he was a bit confused but somewhat happy that I'm recording his scribbled souvenirs. When he asked why I was making a fuss over them, I simply told him that I love these markings because he made it. It may be weird or I may just be too imaginative but I somehow feel that these little MGY's are somewhat little ILY's (or I Love Yous) from him. And yes, I'm taking a picture of it because like all their little scribbles and drawings, it will be kept in our special "Mati and Andrei Memory Journal". 

By the way, master Mati is not just limited to leaving MGY's around the house. He has also practiced the fine art of little notes for me.

Most of the time I get home late from work. But if the boys need something to tell me real important, they make sure I know about it even if they're already tucked in bed.

This one is from Mati as his little brother did something naughty. Yes. Their psp is hidden in their Dad's cabinet and he was STILL able to find it! Hence, the letter.

After I took note of his markings on our computer table, I noticed there was another one too that has been there for quite a while.

I'm not sure if you count this as the same level of his MGY but it could be a picture of the culprit.

Come to think of it though I'm not sure if this mustached picture IS Mati or Andrei's because the text on it does say "Mati Poop". 

Like I said before, Andrei is a monkey see monkey do type of little brother and got cue from his Kuya that he could also write little notes around. 

These are the little reminders that Andrei taped onto the door of their room!

"No girs (girls) and no tineyger"
"Boys only"
"Years old no 20-40 year old"
"1-20 years old"
"Our crismas bed!"

Oh yes! I think Andrei is the one in charge of the over all "design" of the little lords door!

This was his answer to me when I told him that I cannot enter his room because I AM a girl between 20-40 years old.

I think the worst one that Andrei did though was his "got well" present for us on our flat screen tv! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Of course, this warranted a lot of reminders from us again that they shouldn't just write anywhere especially on things outside the house. He he he he he!


So there you go. I know this entry may not be about food nor about our travels. But it IS something about what the Chinese Adonis and I both love. And that is ANYTHING about our little boys. Maybe the reason why I'm all for documenting even these small trippings is because I know that someday my guys will be men and act all grown up that small markings or notes may be considered useless to them. OR, they may even be too busy making their own real "marks" in the world that they will forget their little old Mommy and Daddy whom they always used to bug for a game of PSP.

Oh well. At least I'll have their scrapbook, their scribblings, and this blog to comfort us.

Yeah I'm setting myself up for a heartbreak I know!



  1. kunsintidor na ina ka pala! hahaha...

    I really admire you for making them write in their journals. It may not be something they appreciate now, but I believe it will build in them multiple life skills that they'll find very useful in their grown up years.

    Makiki-culture na din ako at babatiin ko kayong lahat ng HAPPY THANKSGIVING! =)

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha aha!!! I guess YEAH! Medyo kunsintidora nga in terms of playtime and creative outlet. E naman... I know it's wrong but for some reason, those marks really made me smile. Yung tipong when you recount it to others matatawa ka? He he he he he he!!! Mati read this blog last night and he was smiling ear to ear. He felt so happy to make me happy with his little MGY's. He he he he he he!!!!

      Awww thank you Mr. Snuff!!! Growing up I always wrote on my diary. Sometimes I would even save a little something from the day to tape on that entry for memories. Once I even made a gratitude journal where I write 5 things I'm thankful for everyday (i really recommend this. It helped me to become always positive). Anyway, so it's no wonder I'm into blogging because besides my love to document and record everything that's happening in m y life, I HAVE A HORRENDOUS HANDWRITING THAT EVEN I CANT UNDERSTAND. Ha ha ha ha ah! Kaya type written na lang! So yes, I want to instill that to the kids. Your right inis sila ngayon but i'ms ure they'll be so happy to read it when they grow up......

      I'm so thankful that you are always there to make me laugh and feel so appreciated with your comments. Thank you sooo much! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TOO! San libre mo?

      bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. Jaz, ganyan din ako when I was a kid. Just like you, my parents didn't mind as long as it's done within our house. They said I might grow up to be a writer or a graffiti artist, so they let me be. Pinapagalitan lang ako pag lipstick ni mommy gamit ko pang sulat sa wall lol.

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Wow! And now you're such a great writer and blogger dear Yedy! That is such an encouragement for Mati to continue this little creative outlet of his. I'm going to tell him that but not really to make him write on the walls more (baka sumobra ha ha ha ha ha!) but to push him to let his curious mind rule. Yes! Like your parents I thought it was his way of expressing himself and making his mark. Good thing that he doesn't do it outside naman he he he he and not on expensive items (like what Andrei did he he he he). Thanks dear Yedy! Miss you! Sayang wala ka nung bday ni Bossman. See you on the 13th!!!! :)


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