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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


It may be "no more classes, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks" for the boys but Yub and I were also having a lot of fun during their summer vacation. Normally, we wouldn't go out during weekdays because we would stay at home and help the kids with their schoolwork. At the same time, we would like to get enough beauty rest since one of us take turns in waking up at 5:30am to get the boys ready for school. But ever since we tucked away their school bag and uniform out of sight for 2 months, Yub and I have been making the most of it and having date nights every single day! And on one particular night, we trooped over to MUNCHTOWN in Greenhills just because we felt like having burgers or dogs on a weekday and staying out late just because we wanted to.

Oh and by the way, Mati and Andrei were also having the time of their lives because no matter how hard we invite them, they said they need a "summer vacation" from us as well!

Why those little!!!

Kidding! Tee hee! 


MUNCHTOWN is located at the 2nd floor of the new Promenade Wing in Greenhills shopping center. It is actually near their new theaters making MUNCHTOWN grub to be THE snack to order on your movie!

There are actually 2 dining areas in MUNCHTOWN (should you decide to eat in) and beside the section near the open kitchen, you could also choose to enjoy your meal at this semi-"mezzanine". He he he he! 

We were pretty hungry so Yub, without uttering a single word, grabbed a menu by the counter and decided what to have for the night. 

MUNCHTOWN specialties!

MUNCHTOWN meynuh 1!!!

MUNCHTOWN meynuh 2!

Some more items from their black board...

... and drinks plus special deals in MUNCHTOWN!

Yub ordering at MUNCHTOWN!

My hub may get to my nerves sometimes but I have to admit that he's got a sexy butt... este... back! He he he he he!

MUNCHTOWN has an open kitchen where you could see your food to be cooked upon order!

You may also get your cinema snacks in MUNCHTOWN and have them deliver it to your seats! No need to put in extra time queuing up for your movie munchies! Now you could watch the trailers too! Yohoo!

Well at least WE do! Ha ha ha ha! 

You may also just grab your cool drinks from the MUNCHTOWN chiller!

MUNCHTOWN gave us a number for our order. And now we wait...

Hey! 25! That's my birth DAY! 

Our orders took a bit of time to arrive, maybe due to the volume of cinema deliveries. Then, I noticed my husband taking pictures and giggling by himself.

Yes. Giggling. 

Nothing to see here...  move along.
When I grabbed his camera phone, THIS is what I see.

HAY Yub! You little pervert! Mamili ka naman! HA HA HA HA HA!

Tsk tsk... Anyway, first to arrive on the table is my order of MUNCHTOWN's Chili and Cheese Fries (P165.00)!

My husband found the sauce too spicy for him but loved the gooey cheese. As for me, I loved it! These MUNCHTOWN fries could be messy to eat but the flavors are all there to rule our fries perfectly!

My husband eats peanuts with a wee teaspoon (because he did not want to get his hands dirty). So it's no wonder that he used a fork for the MUNCHTOWN chili and cheese fries!

When the KTG ate at MUNCHTOWN, I saw these curious looking dogs packed with small jalapeno peppers. Just one look and my mind was made up... "I am going to have THAT!"

Don't get too worried that this MUNCHTOWN hotdog is going to blast your brains out from the hotness. The chili's actually tasted more like pickles but with more kick in it. Very good!!!

My husband as usual requested for all of his vegetables to be put "on the side". Sometimes when I have my own burger, I would get his veggies and put it on my own sandwich.

The Chinese Adonis was able to finish his MUNCHTOWN burger and was too hungry (aka selfish) to share so I was not able to get a teensy weensy bite. 

Ha! You'll pay for that lack of generosity LATER. 

Ever since I got addicted to reading Archie comics (when I was a kid, duh), I would always have milkshakes with my burger. So when I saw that MUNCHTOWN had their own strawberry milkshake (P150.00), it became my drink for the night.

But since I want to be prepared just in case I choke on the thick milkshake, I ordered an ice cold bottle of Coke zero! Oh what a night to indulge!

Check out my husband still eating those fries with his fork! He he he he!

I shouldn't be too hard on him though because it was indeed better to eat these MUNCHTOWN cheese chili fries with something rather than my grubby fingers. 

The MUNCHTOWN hotdog was really delicious and juicy! It gave out such a spurt when I had a huge bite!

I also took out the peppers and bit on it like it were a tomato. And yes, the green chili was juicy and crunchy but had the extra hot factor that put my MUNCHTOWN dog on another level. 

My Chinese Adonis would have preferred to get a thicker beef patty but he was fine with the taste of the ground meat of his MUNCHTOWN burger.

He said it was real juicy too!


Almost done...


Awww the little utoy-good-boy finished his food...

Ha ha ha ha! Kididng! Love you Yub!

SELFIE! I am better doing it with a digicam than with a phone. I wonder how come the others are so good at it!


Yes, there are new munchies in town and they are GO-OOD! Now we could also have our burger, hotdog, or whatever fix while watching a movie in Greenhills Promenade. Either THAT or when you are just having one of those nights when you just have to have a burger and/or hotdog...

... with or without the kids... He he he he!


New Wing, Promenade, 
Greenhills Shopping Center, 
San Juan City
02 7856931

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