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Monday, February 4, 2013


If you are one very unfortunate being who is close to TEAM YAP (oh poor poor you!) you would know that we just absolutely LOVE shabu shabu... Especially Healthy Shabu Shabu (see our meal there HERE!!!)

As much as we love that restaurant, we would like to try out other SHABU SHABU hubs. Besides having to eat there almost EVERY week (I kid you not), I only get to eat the leftover vegetables because the kids usually wipe out all the meats and I find it too much to order another set just for me. So yes, eating at a different SHABU SHABU restaurant is a welcome change for me because at least I would be able to eat something and not just a cupful of taiwan pechay! 

However, the 2 little lords "condemned" us to only eat at that restaurant FOREVER and would raise quite a ruckus worse than the Tasmanian devil on a warpath should we eat at SHABU SHABU without them.  
So on one particular date night, we escaped from  the kids' cuisine claws and decided to go SHABU SHABU but this time for the more adult palate with GANSO SHABUWAY. They don't have the usual squid balls and dipping sauces which Mati and Andrei are so used to... It was as if GANSO SHABUWAY was created with just me and Yub in mind without the rugrats for date night! he he he he!

It was such a good and liberating experience... HOWEVER... i do miss the old one (maybe it has something to do with the absence of the 2 little lords). Still, GANSO SHABUWAY is a good eat if you're looking for something beefy and want to try out something different on Shabu Shabu date night! 

Plus it would really be great to eat at someplace where I get to nibble on something more than leftover taiwan pechay! He he he!


Yub, who is such a finicky eater, was somehow concerned with the 2 broths (traditional seaweed broth or the spicy miso broth) offered by GANSO SHABUWAY. He was particularly suspicious with the one with chili.

Personally I prefer the spicy miso broth of GANSO SHABUWAY since it has a bit of flavor than the other one. Plus, I love everything hot!

THAT'S why I love looking at MYSELF in the mirror.

Tee hee!

Did I just make you block me for life????

Anywho, I was particularly excited to eat at GANSO SHABUWAY because I will be able to eat everything that we cooked. PLUS, they have a different variety of vegetables and sauces that we are used to!

I think this is the first time I did not miss the kids.

Oh I'm sorry, WHAT KIDS?

Kidding! Tee hee!


We ordered the GANSO SHABUWAY Meyer Natural Angus for us to share and it came with White Rice and Vegetable Plate A (Napa Cabbage, Spinach, Carrot, Enoki Mushrooms, and Tofu). 

I read in a blog before that it was FORBIDDEN to share set meals in GANSO SHABUWAY and you would be charged P250 should you decide to commit this foodie sin in the resto.

Good thing that GANSO SHABUWAY came to their senses and considered that not all men eat like Homer Simpson.

Some may smell like him and look like the person in front of me but that is beside the point!


Check me out so serious at GANSO SHABUWAY

You can't tell that I was doing the Irish dance step routine of RIVERDANCE under the table huh??

I proceeded to flavor my GANSHO SHABUWAY ponzu sauce with some leeks and kimchi radish!

Then added a big dose of crushed garlic to my GANSO SHABUWAY sesame sauce...

HA! Yub is NOT going to get lucky tonight!

.... or will I be the unlucky one?

"Should we stay... or Should we say GOODBYE"
(My Husband's Lover - Theme Song)

Har de har har!

Here's our wonderful thin slices of GANSO SHABUWAY angus meyer beef!!! Ain't it just a purty purty sight?

I am doing this post at August so I cannot really remember why I looked so serious while cooking my GANSO SHABUWAY dinner!

I thought of 3 possible reasons:

1) My husband and I are on LQ (lover's quarrel) that night...
2) I was slated to pay for dinner... 
3) My legs were tired from doing the riverdance...
4) I was not able to receive my latest poster of N' SYNC from Ebay...
5)  I wanted to go home early to watch VICE GANDA!

OH I am SOOOO kidding!

Especially on the 5th one. The thought of it just makes me want to bang my head on a hard place to get the image out of my pink brain!

Oh look! My pimple is about to go down already!

Maybe that is why! I guess I have separation anxiety from GIGI the PIMPLE which graced my face since December!!! 2 months!! WOW! That's a long time to have a GINORMOUS pimple! Hence the name, "GIGI!".

Check out the height of GIGI's fun at our meal in  SEOUL GARDEN HOT POT (HERE !!!)

Going back to our GANSO SHABUWAY dinner...


We decided to dip our GANSO SHABUWAY meats in the traditional seaweed broth for more taste!

My delicious GANSO SHABUWAY bowl! This really warmed my tummy!

Of course, my GANSO SHABUWAY meal is not complete without rice!

Adding more greens to my GANSO SHABUWAY ponzu sauce!

I guess the Chinese stalker took a back seat from his usual "modelling" duties for ERICJAZ FOODIES and took my pictures instead since this would be a momentous event for me. FINALLY getting to eat my fare share of a SHABU SHABU set. HALLELUJAH!

Seriously of course, I missed the 2 boys terribly while we enjoyed our meal at GANSO SHABUWAY since it was quite sacrilegious to eat anything "soupy" without them. But still, this was a welcome experience for us as I truly enjoyed boiling the fatty meats and dipping it in the flavorful sesame sauce loaded with garlic. I take in a chopstickful of rice then chug it down with some ice cold coke zero.

Aaaah... that was GO-OOD.

Mati and Andrei who?

Kidding! Kidding! :)

He he he!


GANSO SHABU WAY - Power Plant Mall
Concourse Level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center
Lopez Drive, Barangay Poblacion
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 2) 822-4864, (+63 917) 822-1400


  1. Replies
    1. Hiya Bap2! I forgot to take a picture of the bill but definitely less than P1,000 :) We're in tipid mode :)

  2. Should we cook the Angus beef? or eaten raw? thanks!

    1. Hiya Lalala!!! The Angus Beef should be cooked in the broth. When the soup is boiling you dip it in for only about 20 seconds (or just until it loses its pink color) and eat!!! Believe me, you will have such a tender and juicy beef shabu shabu experience!!! Do try it and tell me what you think! Sarap niyan! Thanks for stopping by!


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