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Saturday, February 9, 2013


We are now at the point in our lives where we are focusing on this single most important thing....

No it's not the prevention of  the 10 year itch (yes we extended it har de har har!), having more kids, or getting a boob job or hair implants (guess which is for which). It is discovering ANOTHER great Ramen restaurant for TEAM YAP.

Yup, we truly know our priorities. 

So when we saw AJI SEN while cruising the road of Connective Avenue in Greenhills, we stepped on the breaks, got our foreheads bumped at the front (like what you see in movies), and trooped inside to try their noodles!

And what a happy discovery it was!


The meynuh!!!

The noodle busters in AJI SEN RAMEN!!!

There was one party pooper though in the group who ordered just a cup of AJI SEN RAMEN's chahan fried rice (P98.00). Good thing it was delicious or else we would have kicked him out of the resto!

The culprit!!! We would asked him to leave but we just remembered 4 important things:

a.  He is the other half of this silly little foodie blog...
b.  He is going to pay for this meal...
c. He is our ride home.
d. He is SOOO handsome! Mark Anthony F eat your heart out! NAKS!

Lucky for you Mister. Lucky for YOU.

Mati, the ramen connoisseur, ordered the AJI SEN Ramen  (P235.00) which had BBQ pork, leek, boiled egg, cabbage and fungus. Master Mati requested to have everything on the side so he would just have a big bowl of noodles, corn, and soup!

I ordered the same in AJI SEN RAMEN and got extra load of toppings from little Mati. It must be my lucky day! Yohoo!

My AJI SEN RAMEN looked like this after I jammed all of the extra toppings from Mati! Noodles are you still there??? :P


He he! Little Mati cannot wait to eat his AJI SEN RAMEN!

I'm so proud of my little foodie boy! He is very adventurous with his food and was excited to try AJI SEN RAMEN!

The same goes for me and that was just after one whiff of this steaming hot bowl of  deliciousness magnified! According to the menu, AJI SEN RAMEN puts special flavorings cannot be found in other ramen houses... I can't wait to dive my chopsticks into the noodles!

Of course! Selfie selfie muna pag may time!!!

(Oh I HATE that expression! Ha ha ha ha ha!)

My husband took the series of pictures because he said and I quote "Ang sarap pagumpugin ng ulo nyo" ("It would be nice to bonk your heads together"). He was so amused at the sight of Mommy and Mati slurping in unison in AJI SEN RAMEN!

Ready... set... GO!


I detected a paparazzi in AJI SEN RAMEN!

I asked Mati if he could finish his bowl of AJI SEN RAMEN because if not, I will take home the other half... He confidently said that he will be able to finish it and even dashed generous helpings of chili powder on his soup.

My boy! My awesome boy!!!

And I don't blame him. The AJI SEN broth was just overflowing with flavors. Every slurp was so tasty and lip-smacking that the only way to calm your inner foodie down was to get a chopstickful of...

... noodles!! AJI SEN RAMEN's were perfectly al dente or katame! It did not get mushy at all even with the very hot broth!

The perfect combination in AJI SEN RAMEN!

And it went to my imperfect mouth in no time!

For the first time I finished first in the family!!

We watched on as Mati took his sweet time slurping at his own perfect pace at AJI SEN RAMEN!

You could imagine how long it took him as he ate his noodles per strand. Ha ha ha ha! Good thing AJI SEN RAMEN closed a little bit later than other restaurants. 

Come on Mati... eat a little bit faster...

(or else I'll grab that bowl of AJI SEN RAMEN and finish it myself....)

In 5 minutes....

And just in case you're wondering, I did NOT inhale Mati's soup. He finished it himself! What do you think of me? Thinking of you???

That's my boy! It wouldn't hurt though to give me a little bit more of his AJI SEN RAMEN.

Ha ha ha! Kidding!


2/F North Square Bldg, 47 Connecticut St
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 477-6490


  1. Ate per strand? Buti di nagka kabag...LOL!

    1. Hiya Bap2!!! At first he slurped mouthfuls of ramen with gusto but later on (I guess when he was getting full), it became per strand until he finished everything. Me thinks he really forced himself just so that we won't take home his noodles and (probably) give it to somebody else. Or get eaten by... ME! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. We tried ajisen ramen at robinsons place a few years back and the quality of both the broth and the noodles are forgettable so we never came back. =(

    1. Hiya Stacy! Awww sorry to hear that. In the Connecticut Branch their noodles were good naman and broth was quite tasty :) Sabagay restaurants din would have hits and misses from time to time :)


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