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Monday, December 7, 2009


Even before I stepped in the heaven I know that is called ROME, I have been such a pasta fan. When I was a kid my favorite has always been spaghetti with sweet tomato sauce. 

The same goes for my husband Eric. He loves Pinoy style spaghetti.

As I grew up I favored the wondrous creamy Alfredo sauces. I was even able to master a great recipe for carbonara that garnered much demand from my college barkada.

As for my husband Eric, I understand he still loved Pinoy style spaghetti.

Now that I'm older, and watching my 10liter coke figure (he he he)I am more craving for a more variety of pasta sauces. From the very simple garlic with butter and olive oil to the more extra-ordinary ones with peanuts, scallions, picante..... YUM!!!!

As for my husband Eric, he will STILL and FOREVER love Pinoy style spaghetti and would not even dare touch anything else. :)

Ha ha ha ha!

AMICI is such a great pasta and pizza place because not only  does it serve authentic Italian food, but the restaurant setting reminds me of our chilly stopovers in Rome, such as Autogrill!! I love that while munching on my crusty pizza, i would always reminisce of the wonderful days we were roaming around Rome and rave about it to my husband.

My guy however would only fake listen to my tales on the romantic museums and ruins by just munching on his pizza.  I do not mind because lo and behold, he is loving something that I thought to be authentic Italian food even if he is a forever fan of the sweet Pinoy tomato sauce!

It is great that our tastes are something that AMICI was able to cater to: When I eat here, I get to be transported to the taste of (thick accent) tutti bella! While my Yub is still able to enjoy the sauce he is used to!

Have I mentioned their price is not something to compare euros over? It is very reasonable as well!

When you are craving for some italian that would also be enjoyed by a finicky sauce guy, go to Amici... Truly delicious italian goodies that will make you go back again and again! Delicioso!


This wonderful restaurant was created by the Salesians of Don Bosco (Hail Don Bosco!) but was later on bought by the former owners of Red Ribbon.  I haven't eaten at AMICI when it was still under its old management and I heard that they changed the menu a bit.

I'm sure old patrons miss some of the old dishes but I am more than happy to welcome the new plates on the block! 

After one Sunday mass, we went to AMICI for a light snack.

AMICI is always well lit and ready to serve!

My Mom sat with my Dad's sisters,Tita Melda and Tita Carol, who flew in from somewhere he he he he. They remembered that the last time they were here, they had such a great meal at AMICI they requested to have a snack here again.

My little Andrei was already hungry so he digged in to some Mcdonald's pancakes -- the only food he wants to eat that morning :)

AMICI is semi-self service. You order at the counter and they'll serve it at your table. If you want water with ice, like what we experienced at Autogrill, you go to this corner like this and fill your trays.

(Jaz of 2013 - Amici now offers full service to their customers for their comfort... I just wanted to share the drink counter they had before... ha ha ha ha!)

Rub a dub dub... HERE COMES THE GRUB!

AMICI'S Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Pepperoncino (P195.00)! This pasta dish may be as simple as it could be having only Olive oil, anchovies, and LOADS of garlic. But it is very delicious and flavorful that I sometimes mop up the leftover garlic infused olive oil with my extra foccacia bread!

Come to mama....

An idea also is to order AMICI's  Spaghetti White Vongole E Gamberetti Pasta (P295.00) and mix it with your Aglio Olio since the ingredients are the same save for the seafoods. At least you'll get more servings for more people!!

Although the reason why that works very well for me is because I love carbs more than protein.... Tee hee!!!

AMICI's Tutta Carne pizza (P340.00) hot and bubbly from their big brick fire oven! This glorious circle of awesomeness is all meat, no veggies! Just the way my husband likes it!  We love the crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside crust. Yub Eric can't get enough of this since the sauce is sweet enough for his toast.

And let me add too that it has LOTS of gooey, yummy mozzarella cheese!!!

AMICI's  Spaghetti Alla Carbonara Pasta (P240.00)  is very creamy but won't give you that cloying ("umay") effect. There is an abundance of bacon, mushrooms, and garlic (YEY!) which makes for a very scrumptious pasta dish for you to slurp on!

(Thanks to the PICKIEST EATER for sharing the proper english word for "umay" he he he! I am CLOYED of using the usual "fed up or tired of", that's why. Ha ha ha ha!)

Let's EAT!

Hey Dad and company! Look at the camera! Come on! Sayang ang film! :)

Mati chewed contentedly on many slices of AMICI pizza!

The face that launched a thousand ships....

to Smokey Mountain. 

Kidding! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Andrei saw how much we were all eating with gusto that he deserted his pancakes and asked if he could try some AMICI pizza and pasta.

Awww... I wish my Andrei will stay a baby forever.... 

Little Mati on his nth slice of AMICI pizza! I lost track!

Of course as I love everything spicy....

 ...I dashed lots of chili pepper flakes on my AMICI pasta!

Open wiiiiide!

Leftover AMICI carbonara... MINE!

Leftover AMICI Aglio Oli... and it's MINE as well!

As for the leftover pizza, Mati was shouting MINE as well! Poor Andrei! No matter how much he begged and cried and threw a tantrum, his Kuya did not budge. I guess somebody inherited my "generosity"... He he he he!

It's okay. With that, Yub ordered another of AMICI's crusty and cheesy pizza!!!

Although I'm not sure if he'll give some to Andrei as well. :P


3/F, 101 Missouri Square, 
Missouri St. cor Connecticut
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 724-4804


  1. I love Amici! I'm not a big fan of Pinoy-style spaghetti, so the more different the pasta is from our Pinoy version, the more interested I am to try it :D It's been quite a while since I've eaten at Amici though. Time na ata to return once more and also have a gelato cake from Cara Mia :D

    1. Hiya Sumi! I agree with you! I outgrew my taste for it years ago but it is something nice to go back to from time to time. But like you, I also want to try out different pasta toppings. The more diverse the better!! The last time I ate at Amici was last year and the only change I noted was that they have full service now. The food is still amazing. I'm craving tuloy ulit he he he he he! Thanks for reading!!


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