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Friday, November 20, 2009


My husband and I LOVE burgers!!! Unlike yub though, I like em with ALLLLL the trimmings and veggies (tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles... growl!). When I'm in the mood for some "light" eating, I invite yub to take me out on a burger date and he would easily oblige since burgers gets him all mesmerized and hypnotized. I always like my burger with BLEU CHEESE dressing and after dating THE BROTHERS over and over again, I wanted to try something new. Yub suggested we go to WHAMS for our burger fix. I tried it and saw the burgers we huuge!!! I have eaten other better tasting burgers though... but for the speed and my need, WHAM was just right for me and my bleu cheese burger craving!

Wake me up before you GO GO!!!

Wow! Everybody is out on a date tonight! :)

Though the WHAM! BURGERS were filled with customers, the place was still spacious and cool!

Ericjaz however decided to get a table outside!

Because that is just how we roll!

In a jiffy, our food came!

WHAM! BURGERS' Onion rings reminded me of those once popular mini donuts...

But we just love them! Even my husband who does not eat vegetables! He did not mind crunching into these babies....

We loved how it has just the right amount of breading and flavor to the rings!

Now who does not love WHAM! BURGERS Criss cut fries? We munched on these fried flavorful carbs while stuffing ourselves silly with the burgers!

My husband, the carnivore, requested his veggies to be on a separate plate and gave it to me. 

No it's not romantic... He just did not like the greens touching his meats. I am not kidding.

He's cutely weird that way.

He ordered the plain WHAM! BURGER (P131.00) and this is how it looked like without the vegetables and other trimmings.

Oooh it just looks so naked!

My husband happily took a huge bite from his burger and started to think about what I earlier said about it. Winkity wink!

I ordered their WHAM! BURGER with cheese (P160.00) and requested for some creamy blue cheese topping (P40.00). 

I am such a sucker for bleu cheese or anything that smells stinky but flavorful!

And THAT is why I love my husband!

Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

Open up my dear baby!

Thats me taking a huge beefy bite!

See how wonderful it is? The ground meat was so juicy and so tasty to the bite. I also loved the crunch the veggies gave to my WHAM! BURGER.

If the bun was not encasing the wonderful fillings of the burger, I swear that I would have used it mop all the meat drippings on my plate!

Struggling with my chewing everything but I still wanted to shove an onion ring into it!

Then wash everything down with an ice cold can of Sarshi!

Once you have gulped all of that scrumptious juicy ground beef slathered with mayo, you take a huge bite again from your WHAM! BURGER!

Like so....


Wham! Burgers
Katipunan Ave.
Katipunan Ave.
Milagrosa, Quezon City
(02) 912-9426

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