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Saturday, November 7, 2009


I'm not really a fan of hotdogs for dinner.

It's good for breakfast with eggs, sinangag and coffee but I would never think of it as a FULL MEAL!! If ever I DO decide on eating a hotdog sandwich, it would be for merienda or as a side dish with spaghetti and chicken (see my appetite??) Ha ha ha!!! On Saturday date night with my "boyfriend", he declared that he wanted to eat some hotdogs. Since I got my way with the movie, I had no choice but to try WORLD BANGERS at Powerplant Mall. Even if I was I was like @#$%^ inside, I was TRYING to be a lady so I kept quiet.

LO and BEHOLD! I have finally met a hotdog sandwich that could fill up my tummy!!! The dogs were SOOO DAMN EFFIN BIG that I was about to have a locked jaw just by biting it. Their hotdogs are slightly expensive but believe me its worth it. When you decide to try their different toppings and side dishes, you'll leave the resto with a bulging tummy the size of a... hotdog? He he he he! 

Is that a world banger dog or are you just happy to see me??

Saturday night DATE NIGHT! We hold sacred this night and do not accept invites from friends. Just me and Yubhubs dinner and movie night! Yey!

(Even after 10 years of going out, Saturday night date night still excites me!)

... and THIS is what excited my husband that night. Why that grrrrrr!

I love the creative names WORLD BANGERS have come up with for their dogs that it made me extra curious to try out each one.

You could choose between the solo or meal WORLD BANGERS dogs. For meals, the hotdog sandwiches come with your choice of sides (such as fries) and drinks. 

Yub's order WORLD BANGERS Philly Cheesier Dog (P{190.00). Even if he HATES (or detests) vegetables, he ignored the onions but focused more on the meats, gooey cheese, and mushrooms. 

If he did not love me a bit, he would have given me a bonk already on the head since he was RARIN' to dig into this.

Muy order... WORLD BANGERS NY Classic (P160.00) with extra onions (P10.00) then topped with mustard and mayonnaise. YUM!

I may be TRYING to act like a lady but I already hooked the guy so ONION BREATH will strike you tonight Yubksers!!!!!!!! (Evil laugh)

Oops... As yub would answer "Two could play that game!" Ha ha ha ha!

But you know what, even if Yub was a REAL anti-veggie bill guy, he loved his WORLD BANGERS Philly Cheesier dog. He did not taste the onions at all since what partied inside his mouth was an explosion of cheese, meat, and mushrooms!

Yub : "Oh yeah that's my home dog!"

Yub : "Who's your daddy now??"

Me : "Yub, you are so disgusting...!!!"


My husband taking a swig of his sarsi before taking another huuuuge bite!

Their usual sides are fries but if you choose the more "special" offerings (like Caesar salad, Spaghetti, Mac and Cheese), there is an extra charge of P50.

I don't mind paying that small amount for the extra special sides... I always get WORLD BANGERS Caesar Salad because I love how it is actually better than what other restaurants offer... Veggies are crunchy with the right amount of great tasting dressing. I swear, if their Caesar Salad recipe was offered at another restaurant, I would order and pay for it.

You should also try their Spaghetti! Sometimes my dad purposely orders a WORLD BANGERS dog just to get an extra side of their meaty spaghetti! It tastes exactly like what Pancake House offers! Believe me!

My WORLD BANGERS NY Classic... Eeep! I think I'm going to have a lock jaw with this....

Man! That is EXTRA long! 

We love their fries! I suspect they cook it in hotdog oil for that extra flavor. We cannot help but shove these all into our mouths even if we were still munching on our hotdogs....

Like so....

When you eat at WORLD BANGERS you'll find your hotdogs to be this messy midway.... 

But you know what? IT MAKES IT MORE DAMN GOOD EATING experience!!!

And this is why I do this... GROOOOOOOOOOOOOWL!

... ain't that a huge bite?

(Lock jaw penetrating....)

Okay here is a more lady like version of my WORLD BANGERS bite to erase that above image which may have unfortunately implanted in your subconsciousness... 

See? I'm very concerned with my readers you know.

Whew... all that mouth exercise got me tired.

Happy problem! 

My husband as usual is already finished.

As for me, I'm still savoring every bite and morsel of that meaty, juicy, hotdog then crunching on my vegetables....

I can't wait for my husband to impose hotdogs on Saturday Night Date Night again..


World Bangers Haute Dog
T1 Concourse Lvl. Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell Drive, Estrella St, Makati City, Philippines‎
(02) 897 8344

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