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Thursday, September 5, 2019


It was a very busy Saturday for us but even though our schedule was jampacked, we still have the eye on the prize.

Yup! We have a date with JOHN WICK!!!!

We have been following the series of this loner ex-assassin ever since his Baddie Buddies came out (Robert Mccall "The Equalizer, Jack Reacher, Bryan Mills "Taken", Frank Castle "The Punisher", etc). Though I personally feel that the others could take him, I would still go for John Wick more because, well, I love Keanu Reeves!

I'm happy too that Master Mati is also obsessed with JOHN WICK because movie nights are more enjoyable with him.

So for that night, we turned down invites from friends, we three have a date with JOHN WICK!

And it's surely going to be a WOOOAHHH night!!!!

We'll be watching JOHN WICK later and it's just fitting that before that epic movie, we'll be attending Master Mati's KALI practice.

KALI is Filipino martial arts and would you believe that Mati's instructor also taught some of the stuntmen for JOHN WICK 3? Yup! Whenever you see some knife scenes in JOHN WICK, that's Kali!!!!

Of course, it's not a full movie date without having dinner, and for that night, we decided to try out something new from our usuals....


UMA UMA! is this Ramen restaurant that serves bowls of not your usual Japanese noodles.

UMA UMA!! menu 1...

(See what I mean? They have HAKATA Ramen without soup! I wonder how that tastes like?)

UMA UMA! menu 2!




And JOHN WICK himself! Ha ha ha ha!

He he he he he!

If you're looking for the Androse, he's not yet old enough to watch it. He he he he!



UMA UMA! Tan Tan Mien (P390.00)!

I love my noodles spicy and ever since I tried out this nutty Ramen flavor, it has always been my favorite!!!

I wonder though how much I would enjoy it without the usual hot and creamy broth!

Yohoo.... Look at those flat and juicy noodles!!!

Master Mati got the UMA UMA! Mazesoba Chasiu (P390.00)!

It may look sloppy but it's actually a mouth watering full bowl of noodles, bamboo shoots, runny egg, and MEAT!!!!!!!

My big guy is happy!!!!

We also got the UMA UMA! One bite Gyoza (P190.00)!

These are Gyoza's that are made in bite-sized pieces.

As for the Yub, he got the UMA UMA! Karaage (P250.00)!

He's happy with his crunchy chicken pieces and ate it all without rice (UY DIET!!!)

Yihii! Hindi na siya kukuha sa Ramen ko!

(He usually shares with me....)

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Master Mati in UMA UMA!

This is what my Ramen looked like after I gave it a good mix. I also added some Chili Oil and Flakes to make it more exciting.

This is Master Mati's!

His Ramen was good too!



See my leftover meat and sauce? Some would order extra rice just to finish that up!

The UMA UMA bill!!!!!

Cool! We got an Eatigo discount.

Time for our movie!!!

Tee hee!!! The Yub and I decided to try out a different cinema for John Wick and since we haven't been to this mall for too long, we went for PODIUM.

Lo and behold, we thought there were still ordinary cinemas in PODIUM. They only have Directors Club pala! Haaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!! It's more pricey than our usual movie tickets! HALA!!!

Oh well... In the end we just decided to go for it since we've been downloading movies for so long. Tee hee!!!

The Yub loved the experience too!

At least even if it's more expensive, it was indeed a more comfortable movie experience for us and I'm glad Master Mati was able to join us on this!


Wow... We have special delivery pa for the drinks!

EAT ALL YOU CAN popcorn!! We also have a choice from original, butter, cheese, and barbecue flavors! Wohoo!

My big guy is so happy!

We really enjoyed the movie!!! Of course, the first will always be the best but I liked this one better than the second!

I could do away with Halle Berry and the finger cutting scene though.... He he he he he he!!!!


Delicious dinner and an accidental extra enjoyment for JOHN WICK!



Fifth Floor, The Podium, ADB Avenue, 
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
02 6383011



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