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Thursday, September 12, 2019


Believe it or not but between the two of us, it's the Yub whose food cravings we always follow.

Yep. You better believe it kapeng mainit.

The Yub kasi is a picky eater who has A MILLION specifications on the food that he'll eat (he's like Sally in When Harry Met Sally pero intsik... and a GUY!!!!). As for me, I'll eat anything that's why when we go on dates or making plans with friends, I'm always like "I'm fine wherever you guys like." Of course I have food cravings din but the Yub has MORE, and he's actually a bit annoying when he pushes for it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

One night, he was REALLY craving for Ippudo. As in REALLY. Whatever I say to him, he'll answer in the name of Ramen:

Me: "Yub, labas tayo mamaya nila Mariane."
Yub: "San tayo? Sa Ramen?"

Me: "Yub Greenbelt tayo mamaya ha? 8pm"
Yub: "Tamang tama, may Ramen sa Greenbelt."

Me: "Yub, ang init ngayon no?"
Yub: "Buti na lang may aircon sa Ippudo."


Hay naku sometimes I have these evil thoughts to intentionally go somewhere else just to spite him. Either that or sarap nya basta batukan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yup. Model wife di ba?


So one night, we'll be meeting with Manong Fred and the BGP Mariane. And, you guessed it, we went to IPPUDO RAMEN to answer Yub's insane craving. I know that normally, Ramen restaurants are not ideal when it comes to meeting up with friends because you have to eat and go. With IPPUDO however since they have many items in the menu, we were all able to join our cravings that night (ESPECIALLY THE YUB) and stay for more chika!


OMG ang cute ko dito. He he he he he!

IPPUDO in Greenbelt was not as big as its other "sister" restaurants. We were also able to get a table pronto!

ORDERING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wait... Nagtatago ka ha...


Huli ka balbon!!!!

ROLL CALL again!

Me and the Yub...

Manong Fred and BGP Mariane!

WOHOOO!!! Food is here!

First on the table is BGP Mariane's order of IPPUDO Ebi Tempura Roll (P299.00)!

The BGP did not feel like having ramen that night but she was happy that IPPUDO served other food items. 

IPPUDO Hakata Style Gyoza (P210.00)!

I love how the Gyoza of Ippudo has a thin but still firm wrapping. It gives that very light crunch before you get to savor the savory meat inside. 

IPPUDO Karaka Men (P400.00) for Manong Fred!

Slightly spicy miso based broth. 

For my order I tried out the healthy Mushroom Ramen (P420.00)!

Even if the broth was mushroom based and didn't have any meat in it, this bowl of noodles was mighty good!

I still pimped it up to make it more spicy though. He he he he he!

As for the Yub...


The Yub got the IPPUDO Shiro Ramen (P385.00) with ALL THE VEGETABLES on the side.

Yup! My guy doesn't eat vegetables and would always have strict specifications on how it should be on the side. He he he he...

Hay naku for somebody who was craving Ramen so much that night you wouldn't think his bowl would look this boring.

BUT, it was soooo yum pa din!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Team Mina in IPPUDO!!!!


And I'm done!!!


I forgot why I took this picture but I know that something's up here. I think it has something to do with the card that Manong Fred is holding.

Our bill!!!!

Afterwards we all had coffee and dessert in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!


Cravings satisfied! Was able to meet pa with our best friends! 

Swak na swak!!!!


Level 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, 
Greenbelt, Makati City
02 2392570



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