Wednesday, May 16, 2018


The YAPPY BUNCH are in Yub's hometown in Lucena City spending time with his family for the Chinese New Year. Normally, we would be in the streets of Binondo stuffing ourselves silly with Chinese food. But this time, he decided to spend it instead with his Yap family.

Tonight though we agreed to try out anything that the family craved because we were still full from our Palaisdaan lunch. It was suggested that we go for this new cafe that also had live music and platters of food....


And no, this is not the Ramen hub that's popular in Quezon City.

RYU had a sleek wooden design that's reminiscent of cafes in the Metro.

Inside you'll see greenery on their walls and colorful roving lights adding a lively vibe to the place.

RYU is a nice spot to hang out with people you just want to chill with.

Do they still use that expression? Chill? He he he he he!

RYU may be place for barkada but of course, every spot is better with the family.

AND, people who love to eat!

Time to check out the menu then.

RYU menu 1...

RYU menu 2...

RYU menu 3

RYU menu 4


Isha and Andrei!

Hennie, Hiley, and Syoti!

Ivy, Allan, and Master Mati!

Mama and Aaren!

The Yub and me!!

First on the table were RYU potato wedges (P145.00) coated lightly with fried batter and dusted with chopped parsley.

RYU Cream of Mushroom Soup (P115.00)!

This was actually quite good and so comforting. If I'm going to order this next time though I'll have the croutons on the side. Personally, I don't like it when I have mushy bread on my soup. 

RYU Calamari (P230.00)!

RYU Alfredo Chicken Pizza (P225.00)!

The Yub and I shared the RYU Garlic Rosemary Pork Steak and we're so happy with our order.

The pork was thick yet very tender. The garlic and herby flavors were complemented with the by the rich gravy. So appetizing with the garlic rice!!!!

Master Mati got the RYU Chili Squid Rings with Rice.

Based on how he was happily chomping on his food, I'm sure he liked it. He he he he he!

Somebody ordered some RYU Fish and Chips (P220.00)!

RYU Buffalo Wings (P185.00)!

Bunsoy Andrei had the RYU White Truffle Pasta (P230.00).

Whenever there's Carbonara on the menu, bunsoy Andrei is sure to get it!

Since I felt something was lacking in the nutritional balance of my dish (NUTRITIONAL BALANCE DAW O!!!), I ordered a plate of Corn and Carrots (P65.00). The carrots were quite good because it was buttery and crunchy. Syempre Master Mati zoinked it asap. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And as usual, I got me a small plate of side salad. I always get more ganado when I have greens with cream dressing. He he he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Yub's Yap family!

My bunsoy loves going to Lucena because he always has the best of times with his smart cousin Isha!

Everybody is concentrated with eating. He he he he! Nom... nom...

When they finished eating, the bunsoy Andrei immediately played with his cutie favorite cousins Isha and Hiley!!!!!

And of course, every good dinner ends with coffee. He he he he he he!

I enjoyed my Pork Steak, Salad, Soup, and etc in RYU. Would love to go back here again and try out the other dishes. He he he he he!

Syempre the real clincher for me was that my boys had fun. Pag ganun masaya na akows.




Arenal Building, Granja Street, 
Baranggay Uno, Lucena City



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