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I have heard about DYCE N' DYNE from my foodie friends as a very fun place to go to that I have mentally blocked a date day there with THE YAPPY BUNCH.

However, many things came up in our mundane lives that our supposed to be gaming Saturday there would be cancelled:

Make up classes for the boys... meh!
More school commitment for the boys... meh!
Going to my husband's hometown... meh!
Planning my sister's bridal shower... meh!
My sister's shower... meh!My sister' wedding... meh!

Tee hee! Kidding!

My husband and I had so many "trivial" commitments that came up which barred our DYCE N' DYNE day. And, the next thing we knew, it's already November!!!! Oh the humanity!

I'm kidding of course as obviously those above were such important weekends of our lives. But do understand that when the day came when we actually spent our night at DYCE N' DYNE with the little lords, I immediately thought: "Why the heck didn't we come here sooner???" Yep! It was THAT awesome!!!!

And for a second I really questioned our priorities!

Don't worry. It was just for a second though. Tee hee!

You'll definitely get me when you are grabbing the next board game to crush your companions with.




Yep! We're finally here!

THE YAPPY BUNCH visited DYCE N' DYNE on a Sunday and we saw that the place was jampacked!

Woah! This must be good!

DYCE N' DYNE is a 2 storey restaurant with a casual, fun, and energetic vibe going on.

Looking around, we were greeted by this industrial type squid structure by the stairs. According to Jeeves the materials used for our sea creature friend here are the same ones that formed their signage outside!

Wherever you look, diners are busying themselves up with colorful game boards with an air of a stockbroker who is serious about taking over Wall Street.

You would think that these DYCE N' DYNE customers are having a serious examination of some sort but then a sudden guffaw of laughter will assure you that they are all having a blast with their games.

And a promise of great time it is! With over 300 board games (yes  OVER THREE EFFIN HUNDRED) you'll be sure to get one that will get your group going to the kingdom come of fun!

Oh and if you feel like surfing the net when you're at DYCE N' DYNE.... DON'T!

You'll be wasting precious minutes BELIEVE ME.

We were welcomed by our KTG mate, Jeeves de Veyra, one of DYCE N' DYNE's owners, and he really took care of us all throughout the night.

While there, we also met When in Manila's Vince Golangco, a co-owner of DYCE N' DYNE as well!

I remember after our great night that I wanted to give these two a hug for coming up with such a fun and addicting concept that will get us believing again in the power of board games!

BUT, that may be something for when we get back.


Kidding! Ha ha ha ha ha!

While waiting for our table to get ready, he took out a deck of special cards to play UGLY DOLL with the boys.

The little lords certainly had a great time waiting!!!!

When we got settled, it's time to enjoy what we initially came for in DYCE N' DYNE....


Now it's time to order!

DYCE N' DYNE menu!

DYCE N' DYNE menu 1...

DYCE N' DYNE menu 2...

DYCE N' DYNE menu 3...

DYCE N' DYNE menu 4...

DYCE N' DYNE menu 5..

DYCE N' DYNE menu 7...

First on the table was a plate of piping hot Legendary Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P150.00)!

This was a creamy mess of 2 kinds of melted cheese then mushed together with a panini pressed bread. Crunchy and gooey at the same time!

When you're at DYCE N' DYNE with friends, do not forget to order a tubful of their Truffle-Estration (P200.00)!!

Freshly popped corn drizzled with melted butter and truffle oils. Seriously addicting to chomp on while you're holding the card against humanity! He he he he he he!

One of my most memorable dishes for our night in DYCE N' DYNE was the Bora Bora Bacon Tempura (P330.00)!

Crispy bites of bacon dipped in light batter then fried to a golden brown! To add a different level of flavor, give it a generous dip in the spiced honey sauce. You might be surprised to find yourself wolfing down these babies with rice!

Since my man Mati was in the mood for something spicy that night, he got DYCE N' DYNE's Tok Tok Sausage (P150.00). He got excited upon seeing the fat Hungarian sausages that were pan seared and simmered into the spicy marinara sauce. Such a winner with his garlic rice!

Andrei wanted some pasta so we got him the Dix It Spaghetti (P200.00) that was perfect for kiddies especially with its sweet sauce. Initially, Andrei was hesitant to eat it because of the carrots but after giving it a good mix, he was able to finish everything in his bowl.


A surpise favorite of the group was the DYCE N' DYCE Code Name Pulled Beef BBQ Burger (P200.00)!

Tender Beef brisket cooked in barbecue sauce and pulled apart into shreds on a hamburger bun!

You could enjoy these savory strips of meat with rice, OR give it a monstrous bite along with the creamy coleslaw. Either way, it's delicious!!!

If you want something heavier for your dinner, go for DYCE N' DYNE's King of Kare Kare (P300.00)!

Each order could satisfy about 2 or 3 people!

Don't forget to pair this with a cup of fluffy rice!!!

The Chinese Adonis surprisingly loved the King of New York (P200.00) hot dog sandwich even if it had  bits of vegetables!

Juicy hungarian sausage smothered in cheese and jalapeno. It will surely thrill you at every bite!

My instant favorite that night was the DYCE N' DYNE Quirkle Chicken Salpicao!

Crispy and juicy chicken strips glazed with hoisin sauce and served over a bed of SPICY aglio olio pasta!

So yummers! I can't wait to slurp on this again on my next visit!!!!

For our drinks, we got the DYCE N' DYNE T-Rex which is like the Milo Dinosaur but with coffee in it!

Super refreshing iced tea in a flask!

Root beer float!

And a lovely cappuccino for dessert!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords, THE MOMMIST, and BY JEEVES in DYCE N' DYNE!!!

My little Andrei is such a finicky eater. But I was so happy that he immediately reached for the Grilled Cheese Sandwich and the sweet spaghetti! Though I had to remind him to eat his food from time to time (because he was busy playing), he was able to finish everything!

As for Mati it was no surpise that he wiped out all his food and even tried out the other dishes! Based on his happy munching, I'm sure he found his spicy sausages superkalifragalisticespialidociously good!

As for me, I had a great time chatting up with THE MOMMIST! Too bad that her gentlemanly boys were out of town because we were really looking forward to chat up a storm with them about Marvel and Star Wars! He he he he he he!


And as promised, in DYCE N' DYNE there will be eating and A LOT of playing!

First up for us is the game where we had to arrange our colorful shot glasses the same way as the cards!

It's a race of who gets it right and to hit the bell!!!!!

The next game became the little lords' favorite in DYCE N' DYNE...

Exploding Kittens!

According to Jeeves there are many GRO's or GAME RELATION OFFICERS (tee hee) in DYCE N' DYNE who will explain how a game is played. At least, you don't have to trouble yourself with reading the manual.  You're just there to have fun!!!!!

We're so grateful that Jeeves was so accommodating in teaching us how DYCE N' DYNE games are played. All my life I was only exposed to Monopoly, Mad Game, Clue, and Uno!

Who would have thought there are hundreds of possibilities that you could play in DYCE N' DYNE? And the great thing here is that playing board games is FREE OF CHARGE and you could stay AS LONG AS YOU LIKE!!!!!

Jeeves said as long as the customers are having a roaring great time, they will be so satisfied for the night as well!!!!

Up next for the little lords is the game Animal Upon Animal!

Wait a minute... This is for General Patronage right????

Tee to the Hee!

Animal Upon Animal is very similar to Jenga!

But here, you will be stacking wooden animals!

Concentration is the key!

And hands that are not "pasmado". Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Tee hee!

It may seem simple but it could get nerve wracking!

Especially if the stacks of animals are getting higher!

Go on Andrei you could do it!

Yes he pulled out the animal block that made everything go down. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The little Androse redeemed himself with another DYCE N' DYNE game similar to Jenga!

But instead of pulling out the plastic blocks, you will have to hammer it out!

What do you want next Andrei?

Like I said, there is no charge and there is no time limit to your playtime in DYCE N' DYNE!!!! So you could stay here as long as you like and get your fill of the food and board games!

Just don't stay to study or do seminars on pyramid scan. You're fine! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Next up for us in DYCE N' DYNE is Celestia!

This was a bit confusing but once you get the hang of it, it's a great game for the group!

Guess which color I am???

It's great that Jeeves is so game in DYCE N' DYNE (pun sort of intended!) I'm sure that if all the Game Guys are as energetic and eager as he is, then surely the diners/gamers will have an awesome time!

Later on, we had another round of Exploding Cats!

The little lords were so in the zone that they don't want any pauses for pictures!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Afterwards, we had another round of the match the colors game! Tee hee!

Obviously, Mati won this round!

While we were exploding some of the kittens, Jeeves was starting up with the popular board game Time Stories! He said this was like a movie and playing could go on for several hours!


Our last game for the night in DYCE N' DYNE was Incan Gold!

There are cards, there are jewels!

And zombie characters that look like Andrei!

Tee hee!!!


This could be the Chinese Adonis' favorite game because he won everything!

Fine Yub... Rub it in!

The little Andrei was curious about one more game but it was really time for us to go. Would you believe that we stayed for 4 and a half hours in DYCE N' DYNE??? We didn't notice the time because we were all so busy with the board games! It was already late and we still had work the next day! Ha ha ha ha ha!

DYCE N' DYNE closes at 12:00am on weekdays and 2:00am on weekends. Wohoo! More hours for us when we return!

When you go to DYCE N' DYNE don't forget to check out their merchandise and board games for sale at the second floor!

Winter... este... Christmas is coming. So you may want to get these as "Santa's gifts"! He he he he he!

Mati loved Lego and was so curious with the DYCE N' DYNE replica by the counter. Tee hee!

Yup! Anywhere we look, there was something to entertain us!

THAT'S WHY it was also hard for us to leave!!!

Imagine.... we arrived at 5:30pm and stayed until 10:00pm??? WOAH!

Time Space Warp, NGAYON DIN!

Before leaving, we met Mr. Hans Fernandez, the owner of Gaming Library. DYCE N' DYNE got all of its games from him. 

I'm really wondering how he could comprehend and remember all of those games? To think that DYCE N' DYNE may be opening another branch soon since they were running out of cabinet space for the games! Ha ha ha ha ha!!


Thank you soooo much to Jeeves for showing us another way to have great fun in the Metro! Malls and arcades may be nice but believe me DYCE N' DYNE is AWESOME! There is nothing like actual interaction and fun with your companions without the use of gadgets!


If you're looking for a more energetic good time with your friends, office mates, or family, GO FOR DYCE N' DYNE! Gamers of all ages are more than welcome... They will rule!!!!


Unit #3 Rosemarie Elements building 
Pasig Blvd Pasig City, (across SeaOil), 
Pasig, Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 706 4889

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