Thursday, November 5, 2015


When my BP Group went to the house to celebrate my Dad's birthday, we had so much fun playing TABOO that I decided to organize a game night for us. Of course, we want to have complete attendance because it will be more fun when everybody is there contributing personal quirkiness. Bawal ang absent, or else, paguusapan! Har de har har!

Finally after much deliberation, we all agreed on a definite date, venue, and assignments on the food. We ended up in the top floor of Mareng Gail's building because it was spacious, cool, and available for her purrrrty friends (us!)

As expected, it was another night to remember with long chikas, hysterical laughter, and never ending things to do with great friends. It never fails! Nights with the BP Group are always bitin and never enough! Hopefully we could set up another getogether very soon amidst our busy schedules so that we'll be complete again.

Oh well! I believe that if we really want something, we will make time for it NO MATTER how busy we are. So I guess if it's the BP Group, we'll always be there for each other to volt in!

And that is what we all felt that night.

Let the games begin!


Venue for our game night was at the top floor of Mareng Gail's building. 

This used to be empty but ever since Mareng Gail's lola passed, they transferred some of her old furniture here to preserve it. Now it looks like a mini-museum of vintage items. 

You'll see what I mean!

Round table with furry chairs.

A Sony Betamax.

Kids... This is what we had to endure before.

An old narra wooden cabinet!

Inside are her grandmother's collections of little trinkets.

Old style sofa set.

Back to the future overload!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woah! A radio circa 1950s!!!!

Another familiar sala set we often see in our lolas homes!

We were received by my lovely kumareng Gail all fresh and purrty in her long dress.

As always, we are the first since we just love being on time. Ha ha ha ha!

That was so fine with the kiddies because it gave them a head start on the play time!

Later on, everyone arrived!

Abel and Chel!

Pareng Jun and Mareng Gail!

Jojie and Gem!

Jonahs and Aning!


And upon their arrival, the food came as well!

Pizza from Chel!

S & R chicken from Gem!

Chips from Aning!

Aning also bought chickenjoy! Yum!

Wanton tacos from Mareng Gail! Best Friends pansit from US!

I also brought a small carton of steamed rice just for the little lords (since in our chats everybody said they won't eat rice). Later on, everybody asked for some since it went so good with the chicken joy and pansit!!!

Yes! We're pinoy all the way! We need our rice! He he he he he!

Of course, count on my cutie pie husband to eat up!


Not our boys ha... The food!

My plate!!! My disorganized-but-I-don't-care-plate!

After eating, we sang to little Sky because it was also her 3rd birthday. 

Of course, the always ready Ninang that I am, I brought extra sparkling candles!

Happy Birthday Sky!

When our BP family is complete, it's already an instant kiddie party!

And the time has come for us to play!

It's time for the BP of the round table!!

As usual we cannot start immediately because there's last minute kwentuhan.

Huy Gail and Gem! Pay attention!

As for the kiddies, mareng Gail provided these toys to play with.

We started first with one of our new favorites, TABOO!!!

Of course, to ensure our victory, it's GIRLS VS. BOYS!

Gem and Jojie were first to go against each other.

Jojie was making the boys guess the word by describing it.

Gem is watching out that Jojie might say some of the TABOO words to describe what they should be guessing. 

Go Gem!!! Win for the ladies!

The bigger kids wanted to join our game and they are so welcome to do so!

My Mati joined in on the fun too!


While we were busy playing, mareng Gail was drinking coffee!

Yep from a mug that had her face on it. Ha ha ha!

As for the little BPs, they had several rounds of UNO!

After the girls beat the boys (AGAIN), we switched over to do some killer videoke!

Pogi Jonahs is always the first when it comes to videoke!

And he always sings BE MY LADY for Aning!

After Jonahs, I'm always the next. Ha ha ha ha!

I plan to give my moving rendition of "ALWAYS BE MY BABY!"

HUWAW! I got 96???? That's amazing!

And much deserved. HA!

After me, Yub grabbed the mike and made "birit" with all his might!

Could you guess what song he's singing?


Ha ha ha ha ha!

While Jonahs, the Chinese Adonis, and I were belting it out at the videoke, the others were as usual chatting!

As for the little kiddies, they were running around!

I'm really thankful that the little kiddies are getting along so well too and don't get bored when we have BP getogethers.

The little lords love going with us because they'll see their Best Buds!

And after we have played, ate, and chatted until the wee small hours of the morning, it's time to say good bye!

But before we do, we took a lot of pictures first!

He he he he he! Maybe that's why we call ourselves the BP -- Basta Peeektyur Group!

Ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding.

As long as there's still film or battery, we would always have pictures!

We're so thankful our husbands love doing it for us.

Oh well. They don't really have a choice anyway.

From the many pictures that they took of us, we give them one in return.

Okay. One more na wacky.

Yub, you are super exaggerating getting something in your eye.

Okay fine. With the kiddies also since you guys have been very good to us.

HUWEYTAMINUTE! You all have more pictures than us!

I'll say it once and I'll say it again. We always love spending time with our BP Group! Now the Yub and I may have our own schedules and we are also busy with work. But we always make sure to give time for these great families who will forever have a part in our lives. 

It's just a matter of priorities right?

And most definitely this wacky group of people has a high spot in our list!



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