Tuesday, December 2, 2014


It was a Sunday and even if THE YAPPY BUNCH was invited by THE BP GROUP to have dinner in the newly opened RESTAURANT VERBENA in Tagaytay, we decided to heed the "pretty pleases" of our little lord to watch something that just had its grand opening...

The Greenhills COD Christmas show!

As we were now going to the very busy Greenhills Shopping Centre, we decided to do our groceries and dinner there as well. When I asked Andrei where he wanted to eat, I was taken aback when he shouted "TOKYO TOKYO! Because it's MY favorite!"

Hmmmm... We were all surprised. Either somebody switched somebody's kid on us or my little bunsoy suddenly forgot his obsession with HEALTHY SHABU SHABU or PEPPER LUNCH altogether! Not once have I heard him claim that TOKYO TOKYO is his favorite. So off we went to the Japanese casual restaurant which gave delicious memories when I was still in college (yup! It has been in the Philippine shores for so long already). It may be very crowded on a Sunday at Greenhills but it's all good with us: besides knowing that we'll soon eating Japanese grub with prices so affordable, we were all happy to discover that our finicky eater Andrei has a new restaurant to add to his favorites...

And that is, TOKYO TOKYO!


It was a very jampacked Sunday in Greenhills shopping centre but we were still very lucky to get a table.

I stayed behind with Andrei to reserve our table while Yub and Mati ordered at the counter. We're training Mati to be his Daddy's assistant that he should accompany Yub for these tasks. My master Mati has been very dependable too when it comes to ordering or when Yub needs to ask something and our table is far away.

grabbed from www.openrice.com

After getting my quick picture of Yub and Mati ordering, I went back to a very behaved Andrei sitting still at where I left him.

Wow! That's a mirakol! He he he he he!

We were able to get seats by the window of TOKYO TOKYO.

Wait a minute...

So THAT'S why TOKYO TOKYO in Greenhills suddenly became Andrei's favorite. He could watch the Christmas COD show while we eat!

Why you sneaky little cutie!

It's okay. Afterwards, we transferred to another table that's more spacious for us and had a better view of the Greenhills Christmas COD show for him.

For now, let's EAT!

Mati ordered the TOKYO TOKYO Honey Chicken Teriyaki (P115.00) which came with unlimited rice!

As for Andrei he ordered his usual Japanese grub, prawn tempura (P145.00)

I loved TOKYO TOKYO's Tuna Misono but unfortunately they don't carry it anymore so I just ordered their beef version (P135.00). 

And like our other orders, my meal came with TOKYO TOKYO's unli rice!

If you're wondering what Yub is going to eat, he'll be getting the TOKYO TOKYO buffet.

What's the TOKYO TOKYO buffet you say?

He'll just get bit by bit from our plates. That is, if we'll still have leftovers!

Leftovers? I don't think so. MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Kidding! I'll be sharing with him some of my beef since I'm more focusing on vegetables now and there's a good chance too that Andrei might only eat 1 tempura. 

Besides, I also ordered some TOKYO TOKYO Kani Salad for me. This was supposed to be my favorite but TOKYO TOKYO put way too much dressing on my salad that I was almost gagging after I finished it. 

Also,  it had more mayo in it rather than the usual Japanese mayonnaise so it was cloying to the maximum level.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in TOKYO TOKYO!

Mati enjoyed the sweet and tangy sauce of his honey chicken. But he did let us have a taste or two.

As for me, I was devouring my TOKYO TOKYO beef misono way too fast that my husband was only able to get a teeny weeny piece. Oh well. Serves him right for leeching off us! Tee hee! Kidding!

As for Andrei, he really ate his TOKYO TOKYO tempura with gusto! Not only was he excited to finish so he could watch the show asap but he really enjoyed his Japanese grub!

Yes I could tell from the way he shoveled his rice into his mouth. Yep! He was like one of those digging machines in high speed.

When he finished, he rushed to sit beside me so that he could watch the Greenhills Christmas COD show while we were eating. Yep! For the first time, he was the first one to be done!

Finally we're finished! Andrei was overjoyed that we could already watch the Christmas show!

This was much better than last year! Blog post coming soon!

My little happy Andrei and our perfect Sunday night. Not only was the YAPPY BUNCH together to celebrate OUR commemoration of Christmas (yep! It starts for us with the COD show) but it's always a great night when Andrei is stuffed with food! He he he he he he!!!

Let's EAT!

Greenhills Shopping Center Branch
Ground Level, Lifestyle Center, Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan
Metro Manila, Philippines 
(+63 2) 570-9479


  1. - wow! I remember we used to watch that puppet show when we were kids, dun pa talaga kme sa COD mismo sa Cubao nagpupunta nun. Afterwards, our parents would buy us candycane from a nearby store. Wala pang ali mall noon, hahaha #alamna #thundersna
    - tokyo tokyo???? eeeeeekkk! ah well, anything to gat Andrei to eat, hahaha
    - awwwwww, I'm sure the little foodie Mati makes a very capable assistant for Eric when ordering food
    - ang mahal!!!! di ko kinaya presyo!!!! HAHAHAHAHA...
    - well-behaved si Andrei... baka pinainom mo ng tranquilizer, hahaha
    - hahaha... akala ko may buffet talaga sa tokyo tokyo =)
    - ay chaka naman that they put too much mayo there... mahilig pa naman ako sa kani salad
    - yey! buti maganang kumain si Andrei!

    Enjoy your day Jaz! Mwah!

    1. Hello Mr. Snuff!!!! How are you this wacky Wednesday?

      1) Yes! Same as you, our family would brave the crowds at COD and watch in awe the moving puppet show. The one most memorable was Cinderella for me because we were so close to the stage! He he he he he he!!!! I don't remember getting candy canes though ha ha ha ha! Pang sosy lang yon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      2) Grabe ka naman! Masarap naman ang Tokyo Tokyo! You're so sosy ha!!! He he he he!


      4) Hindi! Nanonood pala ng Christmas show already while on his seat. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      5) Thats what you call our TIR TIR buffet... tira tira buffet! No it's his choice really since he's on a diet and surely the kids don't always finish their food. Sya ang tanging tagaubos kasi lagi before. He he he he he!

      6) Oo nga e! I wouldn't mind if its all Japanese Mayo pero it's also a mix of plain mayo.Ewwwy....

      7) I know!!! He really wanted to watch the show asap and ate everything in sight! I'm so happy!!!!

      Thanks dear Mr. Snuff! Mwahness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. - anovey! piso lang yung candycane na yun noon ano, hahaha... baka nga kayo talking view master ang peg, hahaha
    - sori ha, isa sa peborit ko kse japanese food kaya medyo pihikan ako pag ganyan, and tokyo2x just doesn't hit the mark, hahaha... buti ka nga nabigyan ka na ng sushi cake ni boss albert e, ako kaya kaila? hahaha... #feelingclose #feelingero

    1. Ha ha ha ha ah! Sorry di talaga kami bumibili ng candy canes afterwards kasi hindi namin alam yon since isteytside lang! KIDDING!!! But seriously though that's a great tradition. Sayang we were not able to do it. I'm sure the taste of candy canes add a special memory to you. Kami yata we eat in Jollibee or Kowloon house afterwards... :)

      1) Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I understand. Ako naman I love Japanese food so much kaya I would eat it just about anywhere ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kahit mumurahin feel ko siya! SEE??? ALTA LEVEL ka kasi! Ayan na ang proof mo!!! Yung sushi cake na yon hindi na mauulit. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Kung if ever man, sana madamay ako!


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