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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TGIFRIDAYS (for my birthday)

For many days now I've been very crabby leading to my birthday. I don't know if I should charge it to impending menopause (eeep!) but I am just feeling pretty down that I'm turning a year older and I'm still the usual wacky old pathetic self. Oh woe is me.

Oh come on. Let me wallow in self pity for a while. It IS my "party" and i'll be crabby if I want to!

That is why I am SO thankful that God has blessed me with such loving people such as my Chinese Adonis, little lords, family, and friends, to cure me out of my "crabbiness". And one of 'em of course is my dearest BGP Marian who treated me to a pre-birthday dinner at TGIFRIDAYS!


TGI FRIDAYS has been my College barkada's favorite go-to place when we want to have good food and good times (SEE HERE!!!). It's actually been awhile since my last TGI FRIDAYS dinner that's why I was so happy that my BGP said she will be treating me here!

TGI FRIDAYS has a new branch in Greenbelt 3 and it is our first time to eat here!

This TGI FRIDAYS branch is brighter than its Glorietta and Fort counterpart. It easily gave that happy vibe for me! If I was with the little lords, I would rather bring them here because it looked more like a family place!

Oh yeah? We went on a Monday. What are you going to do about it? 

Sorry. I'm being crabby again. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Every corner of TGI FRIDAYShas an LCD tv to entertain the diners while chomping on their glorious food!

TGI FRIDAYS has special booths inside if you want a comfortable and cozy station.

You could also opt to eat al fresco if you don't wish to eat with the likes of ME. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Our TGI FRIDAYS server Roi was the best! He was so attentive and alert! We didn't need to ask for ANYTHING! Water, change of plate, EVEN tissue paper would magically appear at our table because of him.

He has ninja like skills I tells ya!

Me and Yub! Sorry for the blurred picture... My husband has "pasmado" (read: shaky) hands. HA HA HA HA! Don't ask me why!

My lovely BGP Marian from WAAAAAAY back! And her hub, Manong Fred (hiding as usual)

I started off my TGI FRIDAYSmeal with my favorite bottomless iced tea!


My husband felt like munching tonight and ordered the TGI FRIDAYS Ball Park Nachos (P545.00 to share). What we got is a big mound of THIS.


It was just a beautiful fiesta of nachos topped with cheese sauce, pica de gallo, pork and salsa!!! 

We all got so excited at the thought that this was OURS and we were going to EAT IT.

Oooh... yeah... baby.... 

These nachos deserve the DANCE OF JOY!

Almost done... 

My 3rd helping of these awesome TGI FRIDAYS nachos!


I was in the mood for a big @ss burger so I had the TGI FRIDAYS Bleu Cheese with bacon!


I requested the bacon to be fried extra crispy! WOW! Really worked well with my juicy burger and strong bleu cheese sauce! I should remember to order it like this the next time!


Manong Fred ordered the TGI FRIDAYS Cheeseburger (P395.00). Just from the looks of this, he was in for a very meaty and juicy dinner!

I wanted to have a taste of this but Manong Fred gave me THIS look.

Fine! I could take a hint!

KIDDING! ha ha ha ha ha!


BGP Marian ordered our TGI FRIDAYS staple, their best selling Chicken Fingers (P295.00)!


Still a favorite because it tasted so delicious after all these years!!! These tender strips of flavored chicken worked so well with TGI FRIDAYS honey mustard sauce!

TGI FRIDAYS smile! He he he he he!

As much as I wanted to take a huge bite out of my ginormous TGI FRIDAYS burger, my little dainty mouth does not have the "strength" (tee hee). So I just did the very horrible way of eating a burger with fork and knife. 


Not that... I have done that before. But you know what I mean (defensive mode). 


And then...

Awwww!!! Thanks BGP Marian! She arranged this with the TGI FRIDAYS servers! One can never be too old for a birthday song!

I wish to put a stop to my receding hairline....


I love TGI FRIDAYS' complimentary birthday sundae!!! 

The whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, fruitos, and chocolate fudge just made getting older WORTH it.

YOHOO! Thank you so much BGP! You made me less crabby today!!! 

And in a short jiffy... THIS happened.


You know what even after all that food, I am craving for that TGI FRIDAYS Bleu Cheese burger again!

Thanks to BGP Marian, Fred, Chinese Adonis, AND TGI FRIDAYS, I'm a LOT less crabby the night before I turn a year older.

Turning 29 (ahem) is not so bad as long as you're with the people you love!!! 


Greenbelt 3 Branch
3rd Level, Greenbelt 3
Esperanza St. corner Makati Ave., Ayala Center, Makati


Hmmm... Brokeback Mountain and Gelato ah?


  1. kakamiss un TGIFridays Ms. Jaz.. ang sarap sarap ng mga food nila. :)
    thank you again for your giveaway. hihihi.
    Happy Birthday Ms. Jaz and God bless you more!

    1. Naku please don't call me Ms. Ha ha ha ha! We're all foodie friends here! I agree! We love the food in TGIFRIDAYS! It has always been a favorite of me and my friends! I'm glad you enjoyed my prize for you. Tee hee! Thank you so much for all the support and liking our page. Take care!! :)


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