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Thursday, December 19, 2013


I know, I know, it may not look like it but I just graduated from College about 2 years ago....

I'm sorry did I make you all fall off your chairs?

Kidding. Okay fine! Fine! I graduated school about (bleep) years ago and though I had a lot of crazy fun in my College years, one of the things I do not miss about life in the uniform is the cafeteria food! Don't get me wrong, our school served decent and nutritious grub, but when you're in class the whole day struggling to understand the the many theories of life (yup, I still don't get it) but will be confined with gnawing on food from a tray for 4 years (or is it 5??), you would like to break free and never to return again.

AND THAT is the reason why after about (BLEEEP BLEEEP) years from our graduation, my college bud BGP Marian (best gal pal) and I would always try out new restaurants at our regular meet up dates with the ugly hubs (tee hee)!  If we liked the place, we would return for another visit or two, but if we find something that leaves a bad taste in our mouths (pun intended) then we will banish the place from our memory.

It goes without saying that we were particularly excited for our meet up at SIKLAB, the newest baby of THE BISTRO GROUP, which offers Filipino food that is proud enough to rival the best out there in the Metro. BGP Marian and her husband are regular diners of Bistro Group restaurants (heck they even had their son's first birthday party at TGIFRIDAYS) that I thought they were the best companions for ERICJAZ FOODIES friends' invite at SIKLAB.

We were happy to affirm that like their name, SIKLAB has awesome Filipino food that will just make you burst out in happiness.... (sort of the same feeling I get when classes are suspended back in College.... he he he he). For every dish served, we were just exclaiming our deep appreciation and gusto. It may be possible though that we were saying or thinking out all kinds of BLEEPS while enjoying the delicious food!

Well even if it has been (BLEEEP) years from College graduation and I haven't really understood the REAL meaning of life, I am sure of one thing right now and that is we will DEFINITELY go back to SIKLAB!

Yup, the meaning of life is at par with our love for food. HA HA HA HA HA! 


SIKLAB is located at the 3rd level of Greenbelt 3 where FISH and CO used to be. The fires were burned at the end of October year 2013 and it has not stopped flaming since. When we got there, there was a long line of hungry diners (like us) waiting patiently for their turn. 

The restaurant was also jampacked on a typical Friday night!

But still, SIKLAB tables are spaced suitably so that diners won't bump into each other. No hustle and bustle here!

It's me and BGP Marian!

Manong (tee hee) Fred and my ugly Yub!

We're hungry! Let's order up!




SIKLAB meynuh 4....

We were joined by The BISTRO GROUP's Digital Marketing Manager, Kate de Castro for dinner and she was able to tell us interesting trivias about SIKLAB which just made us hungrier by the minute. 

Good thing that the chef of SIKLAB felt the vibe because in a short second, FOOD WAS HERE!

SIKLAB's Kuhol sa Gata (snails in coconut milk P215.00)!

The aroma of this appetizer was just insane that I was controlling myself from scooping the whole thing onto my plate. 

I loved the snails AND the coconut milk! SIKLAB sealed the deal for me with this dish at the START of dinner! I know this was listed as an appetizer but I could just imagine ordering a cup of garlic rice to go with this!


("One more snail to revolution, we will nip it the bud, I will join those little schoolboys, they will wet themselves with blood.... ")

Sorry, a little Les Miserables action going on there... He he he he!

An instant favorite for us was SIKLAB's Crispy Bacon Belly (P255.00)! It was crunchy and very tasty! Don't mind the cholesterol that goes with it, you should try this munchy goodness at least once in  your lifetime!

This SIKLAB local bacon version comes with chili flakes for those who want their bite to come with an extra kick!

If dear Kate was not with us, we would have fought like vikings to get our share. But since we had "company" we behaved with all our might.

I think I got my serving with my pinky raised though.

And in no time... 

Yup. There's ALWAYS a shy piece waiting to be conquered!

SIKLAB Inihaw na Liempo (Grilled Pork P260.00) was juicy and tender with a sweet marinade bursting from the meat!

BGP Marian ordered this and loved it!!

SIKLAB is particularly proud of their BarBQ chicken (4 pieces for P455.00) which has been marinated for 6 hours.  You could really savor the seasonings in the very tender meat!  

You could get this SIKLAB deeelicious chicken in 2's (P235.00 ), 6's (P680.00), and 8's (P895.00). This chicken may be a bit pricier than your usual barbecue but parts are fatter and meatier! It is also the healthier grilled chicken option since they do not use msg.

SIKLAB is mighty proud of their chicken that they would always declare "Wala kayo sa chicken namin (You got nothing on our chicken)". 

Try it and tell us what you think of their barbecued bird!

If you are one of those parents who are so worried that their kids do not eat vegetables, have no fear. I DETESTED veggies when I was a little girl but now I cannot NOT have a meal without it. Weird as it may seem, I love vegetables more than fruits! Its value in my meal is in the same stock market as rice! Ha ha ha!

That's why I just have to try SIKLAB's Pinakbet (vegetables in shrimp paste P175.00)!

I am not kidding that I instantly fell in love with this SIKLAB dish! The vegetables were still crunchy and seasoned perfectly by the shrimp paste! It is not too salty or too overpowering... VERY perfect with your grilled meats in SIKLAB!!

To accompany our very rich viands from SIKLAB we ordered the Sisig Rice (P195.00).

The SIKLAB sisig rice was already a dish on its own! After taking in a spoonful of the sticky rice, I was an instant fan of the succulent "malinamnam" flavors with the crunchy sisig. This was so perfect with the Pinakbet and the Kuhol! Omigerrd I'm already drooling just thinking of it!!!

The rice may get a bit oily though so you may want to spoon out the excess drippings at the bottom of the bowl. 

If you ask my BGP Marian, I helped myself to this and the pinakbet many times!!! Hay! Eating is really my waterloo!

BGP Marian in the meantime liked the SIKLAB Aligue Rice more (Rice in crab fat P315.00) because of its subtle but appetizing flavors! 

Yes this is a close second for me after the SIKLAB sisig rice! Every spoonful was just addicting! Think of it as a more savory yet sinful java rice! We also loved how they used the sticky type of rice for this dish. It's almost like a paella!

Don't let the pictures fool you though... the SIKLAB rice is good for 2 to 3 people. It's like 3 cups of rice jampacked into a shiny coconut bowl. Even though both dishes were delicious, we were not able to finish it so we had to take it home (yipeee!).

We were already having a grand time shoveling all those delicious SIKLAB food into our mouths but the enjoyment level was amped up our drinks on the side!

SIKLAB premium iced tea (P95.00 -- refillable)

SIKLAB Mango Shake (P110.00)!

My order was the SIKLAB Cucumber Breeze (P110.00) and I found it to be very refreshing! The drink came across to me as a mint soda, orange juice, and a hint of cucumber. Don't be disgusted by having a bit of cucumber in your drink. You won't even know it's there until you concentrate hard on it.

But then why would you do that for a measly cucumber right? What kind of a loser are you?

KIDDING! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Our table filled with SIKLAB gloriousness!!

My chinese stalker was loving his Filipino food!

My very full plate of delicious SIKLAB grub! Ain't that just carbo loading at its finest??

Now you see it.... 

Now you don't! YUM!

For dessert we went for SIKLAB's sweet recommendation, the Turon 2.0 (P236.00) which was enough for 5 people burping from all the delicious Filipino food!

Get ready for a crunchy caramel cone encasing sweet banana compote, gooey macapuno, and delectable langka. 

I loved this perfect ending of sweet, creamy, and crunchy altogether. Truly satisfying especially with a cup of coffee!

My husband excitedly picked up the warm wooden bamboo and wanted to give one cone a good licking.

After taking pictures, I forgot which SIKLAB turon he actually "victimized" so, to BGP Marian, Manong Fred, and Ms. Kate, if you have a sudden unexplainable liking to Eric, NOW you know why. Ha ha ha ha ha!


We had such an amazing dinner at SIKLAB that we were already making plans on which balikbayan friend or relative we will be treating here.  Judging alone from the crowds who are enjoying their Filipino grub and the lines outside who are raring to get a taste of it, we know that we are not alone in declaring that SIKLAB serves not just delicious authentic Filipino cuisine but it further strengthens their claim that OUR food is WORTH DINING for. 

Thank you so much to Ms. Kate de Castro, Digital Marketing Manager of SIKLAB for having ERICJAZ FOODIES and joining us for a great dinner!

Special thanks also goes out to Ms. Lisa Ronquillo,  AVP- Marketing / Bistro Group, for inviting us and my friends who are Bistro Group restaurant regulars! 

What are you waiting for?


3rd Level Greenbelt 3 , 1228 Makati
(02) 729 7431

Check them out in FACEBOOK!

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