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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Have you ever had that feeling where you are the last person in the world who has not tried this or that? Well we do! My husband and I get that everytime! Everyone has been to Boracay except us.... Everyone has seen the movie "The Godfather" except us... Everyone has had his and hers spa sessions except us.... Everyone has had their hair straightened except us....

Now the last, would seem gross for Eric... BUT STILL.

Anyway, one new factor that might make us feel to be in this imaginary caste system is that we are positive EVERYBODY has been to PINO except us. I really don't know why we haven't been to the famed Filipino restaurant of Chef Ed Bugia of BRGR: The Burger Project and Breakfast and Pis fame. I mean, it IS near our base camp and I have heard nothing but raves about the restaurant. So I guess, it just wasn't meant to be. And I was pressuring myself already to schedule a foodie date there just in case there would be a zombie invasion and PINO would be the "one that got away"

BUT, I was wrong.....

Dan dan DANNNNN!

Or is it... HALLELUJAH?

Tee hee!

The famous PINO RESTO BAR was already serving top of the notch Filipino food. But Christmas came early for ERICJAZ FOODIES because our first meal in the popular resto was to try out their new items in the menu!!

What have we done to deserve this awesomeness??? 

The casual but chic vibe of PINO was very inviting. But of course, we wouldn't mind even if this was a dingy eatery if it meant getting a taste of the food which won the approval of all the foodies I know!

But how would the new menu of PINO fare up?

Would it be "ignorance is bliss" if we did not like the food at PINO or will it be "the start of a beautiful friendship" for us?

PINO's Isol Popcorn (P205.00) was the first grub on the table and I was really raring to try it. The aroma of  fried chicken in soy miso sauce was so inviting that I wanted to zoink one piece out before everyone did!

I got a piece, took a dainty bite, then I swear, I popped the whole PINO chicken inside my mouth! It was SO delicious! The breading with glaze was very lipsmackingly tasty while the meat was so juicy and tender.

Up next was some PINO Bagnet Spring Rolls (P235.00)!

Don't be scared off by the word Bagnet in this PINO appetizer. I found these spring rolls very light and suitable to prepare my tummy for the meal ahead. Give it a good dip into the calamansi vinaigrette and enjo the ride!

I'm sure, you cannot stop at just one. 

A must try is also the PINO Nilasing na Tahong (P245.00)! 

Don't forget to get a good slurp from the beer and lime sauce with your mussels!! It truly complemented the sweet meat of the seafood and makes it an overall "you should order" appetizer!

PINO's Bagnet Ribs lechon Paksiw (P245.00) made everyone's mouth water at just the sight of it.

Now I'm not really a fan of paksiw but this new item in PINO's menu made me reach out for a fork to try it. And I could imagine ordering this the next time we're here!

The same goes for PINO Pochero (P385.00)!!!!

This big tub of Filipino stew was different from the pochero I was used to since it had more of a soury taste to it. Nevertheless, this goes so well with plain rice or a deep fried dish!!!

Sorry for the poor pic... My husband was nowhere to be found at this point... I think he was stuffing himself silly with the Isol popcorn again....

Perhaps my instant favorite in PINO was the Bagnet Bicol Express (P295.00)!

Imagine the crispiest bagnet there is and munching it with creamy yet very spicy bicol express! WOW! I think I was the one who finished this dish from our table! Its was SOOOO delicious!! I remember that I had a diet of no rice from Mondays to Thursdays but I was only human and was not able to resist the powers of a spicy and very flavorful Bicol Express!!! 

Now this is THE dish I will go back to PINO for AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!

I was already full beyond words at this point but the colorful PINO Steamed Lapu Lapu (P495.00) tempted me once more to just open up and say AAAAH....

Toppings for the steamed fish were a level higher than the usual fiesta version I'm used to After one taste, you could judge this PINO dish by its "cover" as it certainly lived up to its "look"!

Ain't it just loverly? If I had this just for myself, I would give it a loooong scoop to get all of the delectable toppings!

A long table filled with great PINO food!

On my own.... pretending my hub's beside me.....
Certainly did not make me mind that I'm just by my lonesome  to enjoy all of this.....  I think I drove everyone away with my vibe to have everything from the new menu of PINO! H aha ha ha ha ha ha!

Thank you so much to Chef Ed Bugia for having ERICJAZ FOODIES and finally getting us to break our PINO bucket list! He he he he!

Of course, muchos thanks to Mr. Spanky Enriquez (THE DAILY SPANKS) for inviting us!!! 


38 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

: Ground Floor, 39 Malingap Street, 
Teachers Village, Quezon City
02 4411773

Check out their FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!


  1. You should try their tofu cheeseballs and tuna pasta next time. They're great!

    1. Hiya Karen!! Will do thanks!!! I'm sure that will go perfect too with my new favorites Bagnet with Bicol Express and Isol Popcorn.... OH WOW! Thanks again!


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