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Saturday, November 23, 2013


If there was one event which we do not celebrate in the Philippines that we are bummed about, it's THANKSGIVING. I mean sure, blah blah blah we could be thankful everyday but still, it wouldn't hurt having that special "give thanks" holiday meal where you slice into a juicy, plump, roasted turkey, stuffed with all the sinful trimmings, and pile your plate with all the buttery side dishes imaginable.

It's the only Thursday of the year wherein I fret the whole day of what we coulda, woulda, shoulda, EATEN!

I think it's also the only Thursday of the year where my husband is thankful that he has to go to work. Ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, once again the foodie gods heard the prayer of hungry people like me and present to us MARRIOT HOTEL MANILA's special THANKSGIVING SPREAD this November 28, 2013!

No need to fly out to the US or Canada to enjoy and authentic Thanksgiving Meal!

For only P2,100.00 MARRIOT CAFE will be serving, along the lines of its delectable buffet, a honey cinnamon glazed roast turkey!!!  See for yourself a fat, juicy, plump turkey and glorify it with MARRIOT cafe's delectable sidings such as their lentil salad with spinach and pecans, asparagus with spicy prawns, creamy chicken and grapes salad, plus the organic salad bar. 

Just in case you feel like engorging on red meat during this US holiday, then head over to MARRIOT CAFE's US choice prime rib-eye carving station but make sure to get separate plates to pile on the cranberry sauce, yorkshire pudding, corn muffins, and other scrumptious sauces! If you're also in the mood to be gluttonous then make a stop at their roasting station for some pork knuckles, soy chicken, and roast duck!!!


Sorry, I got ahead of myself. I shouldn't be thanking the lucky stars JUST YET.

I know that the Honey Roasted Turkey and US Prime Rib are the stars of this MARRIOT CAFE show but do not forget their long line of seafoods, and pasta. It is bad to waste food this good so you could still find space in  your tummy!

Of course, dessert is an utmost priority too with their home style pumpkin pie with caramel sauce, pumpkin cheesecake with cherry compote, pecan pie, cinnamon donuts with cherry jam, apple pie, and dark chocolate brownies and a chocolate fountain!

Just in case you opt to have your own special Thanksgiving celebration, you could order your own original roasted turkey (6 to 7 kilos) for only P7,500.00!!! This no fuss spread includes the cranberry sauce, lettuce salad with dressing, potato salad, a kilo of classic stuffing, pan gravy, buttered mashed potato, brussel sprouts with bacon baked pumpkin, baked pumpkin pie, and baked apple pie!!! This special steal of a deal is available from November 28 to December 25, just call in at 24 hours in advance so you could just sit back, relax, and just SHOP for the holidays! MARRIOT HOTEL MANILA has got you covered for the WHOLE season!

Now ain't that MORE reasons to be thankful for this Thanksgiving? 

You're so welcome hungry humanity!!!

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!!!!!

For more info, drop by or call 

Manila Marriot Hotel
Marriot Cafe
Newport City Complex, 10 Newport Blvd.
Domestic Airport, Pasay
(02) 988-9999

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