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Monday, November 11, 2019


One night, I had a sudden craving for some good old sizzling sisig that when I told my ugly husband, he was like "Sige... Dun tayo sa (ganito) and (ganito)." (Yup. Sisig is already a regular part of our dietary menu.)

MEH. I thought aloud. Why not try something new???

But where? We could try this restaurant and that restaurant but it just didn't appeal to me. Finally, while we were driving home, we passed by an old favorite which had been sitting atop the "mountains of Pasig for many years....

NIPA HUT!!!!!!

NIPA HUT is already a classic or what you may call a loving "old-timer" for the Manila diners. It has been atop Pasig hills drawing in crowds since the 90s (or 80s? I'm not so sure).

NIPA HUT has indoor dining but it is STRONGLY recommended that you go for their al fresco tables because of the breath taking view of the metro.

There were no available tables at their main dining area so the Yub and I just opted for the covered one on the side.

No problem. Baka mahamugan din ang beauty ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Besides, look at that view!!!!!

Sa ilalim ng puting ilawwwww.....

We had front row seats to the beautiful view of the Metro with the moon as lamp. Haaaay... I suddenly remember the days when we were just going out.

Teka... Going out pa din kami ah???

Yun lang as much as it was a romantic seat area for us, there were ants from the tree above us that wanted to join our dinner. Ha ha ha ha ha! They kept dropping in!!!!!

So we decided to switch tables. 

It may be a bit far from the view but at least we didn't have unwanted guests dropping onto our food! Ano sila sinuswerte?? He he he he he!

Time to order!!!

Hmmmmm.... Either the Yub is reciting a meaningful declamation piece or he's telling the waiter that he had a gf with these size D bewbies.


He he he he...



NIPA HUT Calamares (P295.00)!

Mati's love for these crunchy seafood thingies rubbed off on us. We now order this any chance we get.

We felt like living dangerously that night and have carbs on carbs.

We got the NIPA HUT Miki Bihon (P150.00) and as predicted, it was soooo flavorful and saucy that it was perfect with rice!!!!!

And of course, the reason for our insta-date that night -- SISIG!!!!!

NIPA HUT's Sisig (P250.00) was really good EXCEPT that they served it on an uber hot metal plate that the pork got burned later on. 

Sayang! The sisig was delicious but the burnt taste kinda took a toll on our enjoyment factor.  

My plate! My super full plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He he he he he! See? That's how much we love sisig. Even if it's burned up, we still managed to finish it.

The NIPA HUT bill!!!!!!!!

And since NIPA HUT is a drinking place, INUMAN NA!!!!!!

Like our San Miguel "bottle"?

He he he he he!

While the Yub and I were enjoying our dinner, a cutie pie tabby cat asked for food.

AWWWWWWW how could you resist that Puss n' Boots face?????

I gave her some of our pancit meat and she devoured it. When I tried giving her some of my sisig (not the burnt ones hellow), she just gave it a sniff.


While going home, the Yub and I saw some familiar street signs in Pasig. 

He he he he he!

Op... Op... Parang masarap magbiglang liko.... He he he he he he!

Ay mahal pala!


Sayang P595.00!!! He he he he he! CHE!!!

I'm glad we chose NIPA HUT that night because there's nothing like going back to the dating "classics."

Sarap pa the food!



Captain Henry Javier Street, 
Oranbo, Pasig City
02 86715354 / 02 86715550




  1. Nice one! I used to frequent the place too when I was still working in Ortigas area. Yeah, it's been a while Ms.Ericjaz! I'm still a silent reader of your blog and like I always mention, every time you have a new restaurant featured in your blog, I feel like part of the gang who tries the resto as well. Thanks!

    1. Uuuuuuy Dave!!!!!!!!! Long time no hear!!! Missed you!! How are you???

      I wonder if we're the same age? kasi parang generation natin ang mahilig sa mga ganyan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Yay!!! Thanks for always being there. And even if it's not really a new restaurant (but an important experience naks) I'm happy that you're a part of it. Saya sana kitakits nga minsan!!!!

      Take care always dear Dave! mwa h mwah mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice to know that you really take time to answer the comments in your blog despite your busy schedule! I guess I'm a bit older. I'm in my late 30s...last year, hahahaha. I just like reminiscing the old days every time you feature a restaurant that I used to visit often before. Thank you for bringing back the good old days. Yeah, I'm looking forward to meeting you soon. I wish you could also meet my wife, we're both foodies....hehehehee! All the best to your family!

    1. Hulooooo dear Dave! How are you???

      Of course!!! If you guys took the time to read and leave a comment then I should too! In fact, no bs, it's really an honor when you guys give nice reactions and appreciate the post. As in natutuwa ako. My blog kasi really is not for everyone. I put my personal humor and jokes that I know other people don't get. That's why when I receive comments from readers I know that it's from a kindred spirit. NAKASSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

      Sige I'm your ate. Ha ha ha ha ha! Di ba? It was the IN thing before? You're welcomes! In fact, yun ang mga gusto naming puntahan na.

      Yes please! Hope to meet up soon! Ay oo I'm sure it'll be a riot to meet you and the wife. Food tripping!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Take care and all the best to your fam as well!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwah mwah!


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